Redo Of Healer's Latest Episodes Prove Its Fan Service Is Unneeded

Redo-of-Healer-Season-2-release-date-Kaifuku-Jutsushi-no-Yarinaoshi-Season-2-Kaiyari-Anime-560x315 Redo Of Healer's Latest Episodes Prove Its Fan Service Is Unneeded

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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Redo of Healer) has been gaining a lot of traction recently thanks to its raunchy scenes. That said, it has caused several controversies and even managed to get itself banned in different countries. It also aroused multiple debates among fans and casual anime watchers. After all, rape isn’t something to be romanticized. That’s what we normally thought, at least. It turns out that people actually are into that kind of thing and primarily consume Redo of Healer because it’s borderline hentai.

The series’ recent updates, however, prove that all this smutty fanservice is actually unneeded. Redo of Healer (minus the hentai) itself has the potential to make it big. Here’s why.

Interesting Enough Premise

Redo of Healer follows Keyaru, the betrayed Hero of Recovery. He has been badly done in by Flare, the Hero of Magic and the princess of the Jioral Kingdom. First and foremost, the sexual assault on Keyaru could have been entirely omitted. Physically torturing him and making him drug dependent are more than enough reasons to justify his desire for revenge. What confuses us more is the sheer fact that everybody is somehow attracted to the idea of abusing Keyaru, and it seems like this world is created from filth.

Now, to our second point. Keyaru is undeniably overpowered. The series even shows him one-upping the kingdom’s strongest soldier, Kureha Clyret. This just proves how strong and how big of a threat Keyaru really is. Even without his horniness, he is interesting and shrewd enough of a character to carry the show to popularity.

Intense Action Scenes

Being absolutely honest, the sex scenes in the two latest episodes are uncalled for. The plot is progressing smoothly, and Keyaru having sex with his harem isn’t even integral to the plot. In fact, Keyaru and Kureha’s battle, as well as Keyaru’s war declaration against the Jioral Kingdom are on par with popular shonen anime in terms of epicness. It’s actually better than some smaller series out there. The blood, the aura, and even the strategy in Redo of Healer aren’t half-bad. Even if all the sex scenes are replaced by blood-curdling action, the series will still gather a good amount of fans, and this time, the fans probably won’t have questionable morals.

It’s Just… Unnecessary

If you’re thinking we’re just blabbering against the fan service, you’re only partly correct. We have no qualms about sex scenes as long as they are somewhat necessary for the story. A prime example of this is how Goblin Slayer used rape to depict how despicable goblins are. It’s in the nature of goblins to rape humans, because that’s their only means of reproduction. On the other hand, Redo of Healer uses sex to attract more fans, which disturbingly works extremely well.

Most of the sex scenes in Redo of Healer are put there just for the sake of showing boobs and sex. For example, Keyaru having sex with his harem on a regular basis does not progress the plot by any means. The moment he brainwashed his harem and knowing his libido, we’re already sure that he will be copulating with them regularly. That being said, most of the sex scenes are purely to feed the thirsty fans and are unnecessary for the plot.

Final Thoughts

Redo of Healer is controversial for the right reasons. The series is filled with sex scenes, most of which could have been omitted without affecting the plot. We are sure that some will argue that the sex is what makes the series interesting, but if so, it should’ve just been a hentai series rather than a series for general consumption. On that note, we stand with our opinion.

Redo-of-Healer-Season-2-release-date-Kaifuku-Jutsushi-no-Yarinaoshi-Season-2-Kaiyari-Anime-560x315 Redo Of Healer's Latest Episodes Prove Its Fan Service Is Unneeded


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