[Hollywood to Anime] Like Ready Player One? Watch These Anime!

Ready Player One caters to people young and old with tons of modern pop culture and video game references and the story doesn’t portray young people, especially gamers, as stereotypes like in other teen-oriented films. Ready Player One also offers a glimpse of the future of virtual interactive entertainment and what a connected society is like. Anime has already made similar stories to Ready Player One, so if you want to experience another virtual action adventure in anime form, Honey’s Anime has got you covered.

Liked Ready Player One? Watch Overlord!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2015-September 2015

Momonga is a high-level spellcaster in a Dive Massively Multiplayer Online RPG called Yggdrasil and he’s waiting for the popular online virtual reality game to finally shut down its servers. To his surprise, Yggdrasil remains online after the expiry date and he’s now stuck inside the game, unable to log out. Momonga, now known as Ainz Ooal Gown, and his army of now-sentient NPCs and undead summons march across this unknown world, conquering towns and kingdoms in hopes of finding other players who may be stuck in the simulation like him.

Major Similarities Between Ready Player One and Overlord

1. Being overpowered

Parzival, Art3mis, Aech, and the rest of the Gunters are up against the mega-corporation IOI—Innovative Online Industries—and its army of faceless Sixers in a race to find the easter egg left by OASIS founder James Halliday. Equipped with the most exotic gear and abilities, Parzival and the Gunters can put up a good fight against the infinitely respawning Sixer army. The biggest obstacle, however, is IOI’s head honcho Nolan Sorrento, who has possession of the most powerful items in all of OASIS.

In Overlord, Momonga’s avatar, before getting trapped in an unknown simulation, was at max level with the most powerful spells available in Yggdrasil. Momonga also inherited equally powerful items, spells, NPCs, and a treasury of gold from his former guildmates, making him the most powerful final boss-class character.

2. Living, breathing virtual worlds

The OASIS is a living,breathing universe filled with millions of players, even though everything is a simulation. Players can go on dates with other players, play sports, travel to various places, fight other players, or even create various things using virtual parts, like a custom vehicle or a weapon. And with the X1 Haptic Bootsuit, players can feel every touch and feel pain for every hit they recieve. And at the end of the film, it’s hinted at that it is possible for a human soul to live in a virtual world. So there’s something else Halliday is hiding.

The same goes for the huge cast of characters in Overlord—NPCs, even the ones created by Momonga, gained sentience and they move, act, and react in a way that goes beyond their programming. Ever since Momonga got stranded in this unknown virtual simulation, he can feel, smell things, and he can move, command minions and use spells without a user interface.

Like Ready Player One? Watch Summer Wars!

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: August 1, 2009

Koiso Kenji is a moderator in the massive interactive virtual world OZ, a place where people around the world can interact, play, shop, and work. On one summer trip evening, Kenji receives a mysterious text message containing a coded message and he decodes it in just one night. The next day, Kenji realizes the code he cracked was the encryption key of OZ and has allowed a virus to enter its systems and cause havoc.

Major Similarities Between Ready Player One and Summer Wars

1. A truly diverse virtual ecosystem

Both Ready Player One and Summer Wars have virtual worlds where the only limit is the creativity of the individual person. Avatar customization in OZ and in the OASIS are so full of options that you can create your own unique avatar if you so wish. Be a slime, be an anthropomorphic animal, be a robot, be a ghost, be anything you want.

2. People banded together to fight a common foe

The rogue AI Love Machine was specifically programmed to disrupt the virtual world OZ where people interact, do business, and manage computer systems in the real world like traffic control, communications, and military defense. Love Machine devours so many avatars that it grows in size and power, making it an unstoppable virus that not only affects the livelihood of people online, but also in the real world. Kenji, Kazuma, Natsuki, Natsuki’s extended family, and the surviving avatars of people around the world banded together to jump into OZ once again to put a stop to this viral menace.

The OASIS is a product of love made by two passionate men, and this love is the reason why the OASIS is successful and thrives with millions of people populating its servers. Nolan Sorrento plans to change all of that by turning the OASIS into one soulless money-making machine, and Parzival and the Gunters will do whatever it takes to stop him and corporate greed.

Final Thoughts

Isekai anime, especially about virtual worlds are a dime in a dozen nowadays, but if you squint your eyes and take a second look, there are stories that are fun, intriguing, and unique. Ready Player One is an example of a generic setting molded into something entertaining.

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