Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) 2nd Season Review - Even Better Than Last Time

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) Season 2 has been a treat for fans in the summer season. Two years since the first season, the second season has come to answer questions, give us more wacky adventures at Babylys and develop the evil that bubbles under the surface. Since last season’s various escapades, this season has come back to give us an even better time at demon school in the new semester! What did this season of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) have in store? Let’s get into it!


Remember how the first season ended with Iruma waking up and acting all weird? The second season began with an annoying nod towards that cliffhanger last season, but didn’t pick up from where we left off. It eventually came back to the situation which came to be known as Iruma’s Evil Cycle, a period in a demon’s life where their true demonic instincts take over and they become more ferocious, ambitious, and murderous than they usually are. During the Evil Cycle, Iruma becomes a more confident version of himself and more in line with what you’d expect from a demon despite being human. He even goes as far as scoring his Misfit Class a permanent position in the Royal One classroom, a facility that had only been used by one individual—the previous Demon King, Derkila.

This arc was important for establishing Iruma’s character even further, and developing the aspect that the show is trying to keep under wraps, which is Iruma’s likelihood of becoming the Demon Lord in the future. When Iruma walks up to the throne in the Royal One classroom and takes a seat, the entire class goes quiet and they behold him. Asmodeus notes that, at that moment, he thought he caught a glimpse of Derkila himself. Later in the season, Iruma asks Sullivan what it takes for one to become the Demon Lord, which reminds Sullivan of his former leader. In his Evil Cycle, Iruma’s hair colour went from its usual cobalt blue to a shade of royal purple that turns out to be exactly the same color as that of the previous Demon Lord. We’re clearly meant to make the connection that Sullivan went to Earth to find himself a successor, but perhaps he didn’t account for that human being a very possible Demon Lord Candidate! This adds a shroud of mystery around Iruma and his borrowed, yet developing powers.

What was disappointing about this season is that like the first season, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun focused a lot on the school aspects of Iruma’s journey, while only touching subtly upon the developments of the overarching antagonist, Amy Kiriwo. Even after 21 episodes in this season, we still know very little about what the demons who believe in bringing back the old age of demons have in store. The pacing was similar to season 1 in that the conflict between Iruma and his friends against the growing evil of Kiriwo only had a few episodes of focus on it, which was the Walter Park arc. This show could do with a little more conflict and higher stakes, but it seems to be building its antagonists very slowly, contrasted with the amount of attention members of the Misfit Class have gotten this season.


This season builds a little bit of tension in Iruma’s close relationship with Ameri, who soon comes to realise that she has feelings for him. They even go on a date after the events of the Walter Park fiasco, but we also know that Clara has had a crush on him from the first season too! Evil Cycle Iruma also managed to turn a few heads as even the resident succubus in the Misfit Class, Ix, saw his attractiveness, particularly in his campaign to get them the Royal One classroom. While it’s there, the romance in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is never quite the main event, and with the way it is paced, there isn’t much room for heavy development in that department just yet, but we’ll see what season 3 has in store! The date with Ameri was refreshingly just about the two of them, and while she thought it was a bust, Iruma himself begins to acknowledge something stir within him when he looks at her. This is going to get interesting!

Evil on a Class Field Trip

Last season’s bad guy was Iruma’s senior in the Magical Apparatus Battler, Amy Kiriwo. He’s shaping up to be quite the menace as he plots a successful escape from his prison underneath the popular amusement park known as Walter Park. The park is powered by the magical energy of the prisoners kept five floors below. The Walter Park trip is supposed to be a moment for Iruma and his friends to have fun and bond at the most popular park in the Demon World. However, Amy Kiriwo’s connections extend to the staff members of Walter Park. Amongst the staff is a terrorist group known as the Six Fingers.

Their goal is to free Amy Kiriwo from the park, which they do by causing havoc in the park and unleashing multiple magical beasts onto the unsuspecting visitors of the park. This arc establishes Kiriwo as one of the main antagonists of the overarching story, and while he is still moving around in the shadows, we can speculate that there will be a major arc in which the brewing evil in the world of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun will be in full force. He’s depicted as even more depraved as he was last season, feeling nothing about betraying his fellow prisoners by using them for his escape and condemning them to continued imprisonment.

Iruma, his classmates and teachers have their hands full dealing with the highly destructive magical beasts. The battle climaxes when the largest of the three beasts charges up an attack powerful enough to annihilate the entire park and all its visitors. Since the park is owned by Ronove Romiere’s father, Roosevelt, Romiere feels a duty to protect it and uses his Inherited Magic, Charisma, to draw the attention of the magical beast as it is about to fire its beam upon Iruma, Asmodeus, Clara and others. Iruma’s heroic nature is shown again this season as he jumps into an incredibly dangerous situation and puts himself on the line to protect everybody else. However, he learns that it’s not always wise to put oneself in danger as he has allies that can help. Since his Evil Cycle and the battle at Walter Park, Iruma is growing to become more confident in his ability to coexist with demons.

The Jig is Up!

One of the biggest conflicts in this show is the fact that Iruma is a human amongst demons who’d probably eat him; however, some of the characters already know about Iruma’s secret! Ameri’s dad works for the Border Police and he tells Iruma that he needs to go back to the human world because otherwise, he’s in immense danger. At some point this season, Iruma actually tells the teacher, Balam-sensei, about his secret! Iruma’s lucky because he has managed to trust the right people, and impress them too, showing a slow and steady climb towards the Demon Lord status the show keeps implying he might be next in line for. This is expected since Iruma only managed to maintain his secret this long because of handy gadgets, luck, his inherent charisma, and the various ways his “fellow” demons tried to make sense of his many quirks. This aspect was fun at first, but it only makes sense that the secret would come out, what we’re really waiting for is for Iruma to tell his friends the truth!

Final Thoughts

This season of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun has been great fun and even better than the last. We had some incredible moments for some of the characters, especially Iruma, and there is also word of a third season coming out! This season has also had slow developments in terms of an overarching plotline, villains and the like; however, it has had some really good moments, surprising ones and even more outlandish adventures for Iruma and his friends. We’re looking forward to the third season, are you? Drop a comment below and tell us what you thought!

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