[Male Idol 2016] Liked Uta no Prince-sama? Watch this!

Music is all around us. It’s another way for us to express ourselves through combining sounds and tunes to create a harmony. It’s entirely a different kind of art that helps depict different kinds of emotions while giving entertainment as well.

This summer anime is halfway done but that won’t stop Honey’s Anime from giving you recommendations that you might possibly enjoy. In this Liked this? Watch this! segment, we would like to suggest male idol anime that will surely heat up your summer even more. If you have watched Uta no Prince-sama, then why not consider picking up these two shows that are airing now. As Shining Saotome said, "The beating of a heart is the first source of music!" and indeed it is! Your hearts will, without a doubt, skip a beat with these hot and handsome male idols around. Read away and let them enchant you with their alluring music!

About Uta no Prince-sama

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul. 2011-Sept. 2011

Uta no Prince-sama was originally a visual novel published by Broccoli. Due to its success, it garnered sequels, spin-offs, and an anime. Currently, the anime has 3 seasons already aired with an upcoming 4th season being released this Fall 2016.

Nanami Haruka has always admired and idolized the well-known superstar HAYATO. She dreams of one day creating music that will touch people’s hearts, just like how HAYATO touched hers, and to compose a song for her favorite Idol. In order to fulfill her dreams through, she enters a prestigious music school filled with talented students, famous idols for its teachers, and an unpredictable principal to boot. As the graduation nears, she faces six stunning princes that will change her and their lives forever!

Liked Uta no Prince-sama? Watch B-PROJECT!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2016- Currently Airing

From the same makers of Uta no Prince-sama comes another male idol anime, B-PROJECT, also widely known simply as B-PRO. Sumisora Tsubasa who has formerly worked at a CD shop was suddenly recruited in the A&R Department as a trainee under Gandala Music. She is assigned to be the manager of B-Project, which consists of 3 different units: Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. Join Tsubasa as she explores the world of dazzling male idols!

3 Major similarities shared by Uta no Prince-sama and B-Project

1. A Supportive Heroine

Nanami Haruka and Sumisora Tsubasa have a lot in common. From being surrounded by dashing male idols to having a unique talent when it comes to music, these two heroines are almost one and the same with only the appearance and the voice being different. The heroines of both shows are shy and a bit jittery at first, but as the show progresses, they become more open to the people around them. Nanami and Sumisora are also naive and clumsy girls! They are both sweet, modest, optimistic, and honest characters.

Just like Nanami, who uses her great talent of composing amazing music, Sumisora, has a keen hearing ability that can detect any subtle sounds or tunes around her. Along with using their talents to support the male idols around them, Nanami and Sumisora also provide insights and reflective messages to the boys when they feel backed into a corner.

2. Quest for Stardom

Being an Idol who is loved by many is very hard to achieve. One has to work hard again and again to be recognized by a lot of people. UtaPri and B-PRO definitely show to viewers that stardom isn’t only gained by simply dreaming and believing. It takes time and effort to give a near perfect performance.

In UtaPri, students who are enrolled at Saotome Academy are trained to be future superstars. From acting to singing, to dancing, to writing songs, everything is in this academy is in here if one wants to be in the entertainment industry. In B-PRO, however, each unit -Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs- are already well-known on their own. But there is a catch, B-PRO as a whole isn’t doing quite well for the fans, hence the reason why they try to improve themselves more. As they harness their talents and skills, they also grow as characters. It does take time to see the results of their hard efforts, whether big or small, but once you get a glimpse of it, it’s worth it!

3. Lots of Diverse Male Idol Characters and Male Idol Groups to choose from!

One obvious similarity of UtaPri and B-PRO is their huge array of male idol characters. Each character has their own exceptional trait and flaws that set them apart from other male characters. If you want the playboy type, the serious type, the adorable type, the prince type and so on and so forth. Then not to worry because almost every personality type you could want is in these two shows.

Of course, with a wide variety of male idol characters, it’s expected that there will also be a wide variety of male idol groups. Just like UtaPri who has male idol groups like ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT, and HE★VENS, B-PRO also has its very own male idol group that is Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. All groups have their own distinctive music that will surely melt the viewer’s hearts.

Liked Uta no Prince-sama? Watch Tsukiuta. The Animation!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul. 2016- Currently Airing

Tsukiuta started off as an original drama CD series that features the music produced by different famous Vocaloid producers and sung by highly acclaimed Seiyuus. Each song is themed by the twelve months of the year and is represented by two idols (one male and one female) that will perform the song. Because of its success, Tsukiuta. The Animation was made which mainly focuses on the two male idol groups in the Drama CDs, Six Gravity and Procellarum with only the female idol groups, Eluna and Seleas making a cameo appearance in the show. Same as the Drama CDs, each episode features a different character.

3 Major similarities shared by Uta no Prince-sama and Tsukiuta. The Animation

1. The Story behind the Shining Stars

Although Idols are widely well-known, they are still humans which have their very own stories to tell. Much like how UtaPri uses Nanami as a way to know the backstories of its male idol characters, Tsukiuta uses the same approach by featuring a character one episode at a time.

Though as the show goes on, other members of the group start to join in, making who is the currently featured character a bit vague. Because of this, we only get a little glimpse of who they really are. (But hey, we get to see more funny interactions between the characters.) Nonetheless, viewers are given the chance to see why these characters choose to be idols. Viewers get to know their dreams, aspirations, struggles, and how they’ve come to be as they are.

2. Passion, Drive, Dedication, and Life of a Male Idol

If you think trying to start as an idol is the hardest part, wait till you already get famous. Mostly, people assume that once an idol is already famous, they already have it easy. Well, it’s not. Being at the top and maintaining that status is difficult. One has to have the passion, drive, and dedication to move even higher, especially in this kind of industry where the competition is high. Idols must constantly show something new and extraordinary to keep their fans continuously entertained.

Much like the later parts of UtaPri, Tsukiuta’s Six Gravity and Procellarum only get better and better at what they are doing. None of the members ever forget to develop and enhance their talents and skills to give the best performance. They also somehow find a way to show and express themselves to their fans in every different way possible, making the fans love them even more. It also shows to viewers the hectic but fun life of a male idol. They don’t simply sing and dance, they also do T.V. dramas, commercials, photo shoots, interviews, and other different entertainment skits that Idols usually do. Sometimes, they also face hurdles in their careers which they face head on with the help of the other members of the group.

3. Bizzare Adventures and Interaction between Characters

If you expecting something normal with Tsukiuta, then don’t bother as it has the same bizarre scenarios as UtaPri. Although it has a more realistic take on idols in general than UtaPri, from time to time, it deviates from this. From ghosts to goddesses, to being trapped on an island because of lighting, to solving who broke the glasses, Tsukiuta’s story becomes weirder with each episode.

Of course, bizarre scenarios come with silly interactions between characters as well. As mentioned earlier regarding Tsukiuta, as the show progresses, different characters interact more often. It ranges from funny ones to touching ones. Like for instance, in UtaPri, ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT have a degree of that friendly rivalry. But since QUARTET NIGHT are the senpai of ST☆RISH, they still teach their kouhai necessary things in order for them to become successful idols. In Tsukiuta, despite Six Gravity and Procellarum being rivals, they practically act together as one big family that helps one another.


So there you have it. That’s it for another Like this? Watch this! segment. Even though Uta no Prince-sama wasn’t the very 1st male idol anime to come out, it still managed to pave the way for male idol anime to be more recognized by the anime community. It gave us good music to listen to, intriguing characters and a story to keep our attention. Just like Uta no Prince-sama, B-PROJECT and Tsukiuta showcase great music and a large talented seiyuu cast. Well? Did we manage to convince you to watch these two airing shows? They surely will not disappoint, especially if you really loved Uta no Prince-sama.

I bid farewell for now and as always, now signing off~

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