Myne’s Most Supportive Allies in Ascendance of a Bookworm

Despite being fortunate enough to be transported to another world after meeting her untimely end, Ascendance of a Bookworm’s lovable main character lucks out on receiving a sickly child as her host. To make matters worse, she also loses access to the only thing she prioritizes above all else — books. Only those of nobility can access books, which is interestingly considered a luxury. That being said, commoners, which include Myne, can only dream of reading or even seeing one.

However, Myne won’t let fate hinder her from getting her hands on some glorious pieces of bundled paper. Given her weak constitution, Myne can’t achieve that on her own. She has to rely on some notable companions. Here are the best characters who have helped and are still helping our beloved bookworm.

Myne’s Family

Through thick and thin, Myne’s family has always supported her. They’ve provided for her every need, and they’ve also made sure to keep her safe at all times. That being said, it is only proper to give them the first mention in this article. Myne’s family is one of the scarce proper main character families in the world of anime. Myne’s father has always been her most excellent protector. He may not offer the best advice or even physical assistance, but he undeniably is willing to lay down his life for his daughter.

Both Myne’s mother and sister have been Myne’s pillar of emotional support. They’re the first ones to comfort her during her trying times, and they also give Myne assistance with her interesting projects. In fact, they cave in on Myne’s demands so often that it can be regarded as them spoiling our adorable bookworm. Even though Myne may be separated from them after a while, the kid still holds them in very high regard. And we do, too!

Benno and Lutz

Myne may have books as her highest priority, but she has a lot of other stuff to bring to life using her previous knowledge of Earthly creations. However, Myne can’t do all that herself. Her physical limitations don’t even allow her to work for an entire day without getting sick. Lutz is the first character to offer Myne his services. He even promised the young girl that he will create everything she wants to invent. That remains true up to the present. The only difference is that their relationship has escalated to more than just friends.

Similar to Lutz, Benno provides Myne with both manpower and support. He is like an adult, greedy version of Lutz. He supervises and ensures the smooth sailing of Myne’s project, and he also makes sure that the young girl receives her due compensation for them. Needless to say, both Benno and Lutz are important connections of Myne in the capitalistic world.


Ferdinand is undeniably one, if not the most, important supporter of Myne. Myne’s life literally depends on Ferdinand’s actions, and he has saved the young girl from imminent peril on more than one occasion. He is also Myne’s greatest connection to the nobility. The nobility in Ascendance of a Bookworm embodies what fans hate about nobility in anime, and Ferdinand is somewhat like Myne’s shield. Even though he can be unagreeable at times, he has proven that he has Myne’s best interest in mind.

Final Thoughts

Even if our beloved bookworm technically has the intelligence of a full-grown adult, she certainly fails to show that at times. There is also her physical wellness that just makes us, fans, worry for her. That being said, it is comforting to know that she has a trustworthy entourage that has her best interest. We are also certain that she will be gaining more allies as the series progresses. But for now, that’s it for our article. Do you think we gave it justice? Let us know in the comment section below!

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