OP Main Characters from Spring 2020 That Could Easily Destroy the World

Spring 2020 showed us that power can come in all shapes and forms. From magic or authority to brute strength or knowledge. But just how much power is considered too much power? While we might not have an exact way to measure this, once seeing the amount of power these characters have, we can assume that they’ve just been given way too much of it! You definitely know it’s too much power when they barely have to put up a fight to defeat their enemies. There will always be more than one overpowered character so who is the strongest? Join us as we rank the most overpowered main characters of this spring 2020 season.

5. Daisuke Kanbe from Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited (The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED)

While Daisuke doesn’t have any actual powers, there’s nothing more powerful in this world than money. And Daisuke Kanbe has more money than anyone can comprehend. He’s a millionaire detective that uses his unlimited balance to solve crimes in a somewhat unconventional way. However unconventional his methods might be, people just turn a blind eye due to any damages or inconveniences being payed for before too much of a ruckus can be started. Daisuke definitely uses the phrase “there’s nothing in the world that money can’t buy” to his advantage. As of right now, only 2 episodes have been released but we can expect a lot more from this extraordinarily powerful man of wealth.

4. Shuuichi Kagaya from Gleipnir

Shuuichi Kagaya is your average high school student. Good grades, good at sports, and not socially awkward. The only difference between him and the other students is that he turns into a giant mascot-looking monster. In this form, he has enhanced physical strength and sense of smell. This might not seem like much but in this form, he’s pretty untouchable. To add to this strength, someone who shares the same goals as he can climb into the mascot and fuse with him to become even more powerful. Although Shuuichi is super powerful physically, mentally, he’s extremely depressed due to the struggles of trying to hold onto his human morals while being a monster. It’s a messed up situation of one day possibly having to pick between his power or his humanity.

3. Shirou Ogami from BNA

Shirou Ogami already has a huge advantage in this ranking being that he isn’t human and never was. He was an ordinary overpowered beast man who can transform into the even more overpowered beast Ginrou. With enhanced strength, speed, resilience, and even immortality, he might as well be Superman! Except Shirou can tell you all about yourself and your past with his keen sense of smell. While his hate for humans isn’t necessarily an ability, it definitely puts him more into beast mode once his emotions get going. Making him all the more unstoppable. Lucky for Anima City, they have him as an ally to protect the city instead of a villain who could definitely destroy it.

2. Shingo Ichinomiya from Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! (The 8th son? Are you kidding me?)

When Shingo Ichinomiya falls asleep after a stressful day of adulting, he wakes up in a new world in the body of 5-year old Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister. He is the 8th son of a poor noble family. With the help of a mentor, Wendelin learns magic and sets off at the age of 12 to try to improve his social and financial status. The ability to use magic is rare but Wendelin is rare himself in that his magic capacity far exceeds even his own mentor who was one of the top 5 mages in the kingdom. He’s so powerful that the kids in his class don’t feel worthy enough to join a party with him. He’s even recognized by the king and given the church’s “saint” Elise’s hand in marriage. After seeing him defeat 2 powerful dragons and an entire monster army with ease, you might think that there’s no way he can get any more powerful. Well, continue watching and prepare for your minds to be blown.

1. Bam from Kami no Tou (Tower of God)

With no recollection of who he is, Bam meets Rachel and wants nothing more than to always be by her side. But her only goal is to climb the tower and reach the top where all of her deepest desires can be achieved. After she leaves Bam behind to climb the tower, he unknowingly opens a door to the tower to follow her.

People who aren’t invited into the tower but instead open the door on their own are called irregulars. These irregulars are known to have immense power. As one of these irregulars, it doesn’t take long to see how much power Bam has. His power is so great that after accidentally unleashing a destructive power during one of the tests, a test administrator has taken notice of him as someone who could potentially be a threat to the tower. He easily learns how to control Shinsu (flows through the tower and can act as a liquid or gas depending on density) and is able to release some of his true power to destroy the powerful bull. And he can’t even control his power yet so we can only assume that we’ve only seen a portion of what he’s capable of.

Final Thoughts

As many powerful characters that have come around this spring 2020, these characters have just been blessed with way more power than any person’s body should be able to handle. Well in Daisuke Kanbe’s case, way more power than anyone’s bank account should be able to handle. With extreme power comes more problems so these characters aren’t invincible, but they’re pretty darn close to it. Do you agree with this ranking? Who would you say is the most overpowered character? Let us know in the comments and thank you for your support!

by Animegoddess