Most Overpowered/OP Isekai Manga MCs

Isekai has positively exploded over the past few years and we can guess why. Stories of transferring to another world—be it via death, summoning, or sheer dumb luck—give us the opportunity to see second chances. These characters can avoid making the same mistakes as in their former lives and become heroes, unlike they were previously. And to put it plainly, they often have the power to kick some serious ass. In isekai manga, there are those that do it better than anyone else and these are the most overpowered among them.

3. Rou - Re:Monster

Tomokui Kanata was reincarnated into a fantasy world but unfortunately, it was as the lowliest of creatures, a common goblin. This doesn’t deter him as he still retains all his memories and knowledge from his previous life. Quickly taking control of his tribe, he evolves from the weakest race of goblin to one of the mightiest beings in the world. Turning his defeated foes into food to fuel his advancement is just one of his quirks, and the allies and foes he meets along the way quickly learn their place.

2. Shin Walford - Kenja no Mago

Reincarnated as an orphaned baby abandoned in the wilderness, Shin Walford is found and raised by the strongest magician couple in the world. Raised in seclusion, he has no idea that his “grandparents” are such powerful individuals and that the feats he can do are out of the ordinary, even compared to them. When he is sent to the Earlshide Kingdom to experience the real world, his peers quickly learn just how powerful and special he truly is. As the demon race that his grandparents suppressed slowly makes its resurgence, he is called upon to defend humanity from a threat many believe impossible to defeat.

1. Misumi Makoto - Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

While Makoto himself is your typical high schooler, his family has ties to another world. When a goddess calls upon him to be a hero to save it, he doesn’t meet her beauty standards so she decides to abandon him where the ugly creatures like monsters live. Outraged by this, another god takes pity on him and decides to impart all of his power to Makoto as his last act before a long slumber. Now it’s up to Makoto to right the wrongs of this world in his stead.

Thanks to the god, Makoto’s innate abilities and magic are amplified by an almost infinite amount. He makes short work of the two most powerful beings of destruction he comes across, and beats them so badly that they become his indentured servants. His powers also create another dimension where those who choose to follow him begin to live, and soon he has a whole host of fantasy creatures calling him “Young Master”. His powers are becoming so great that if he ever runs into that haughty goddess again she’d better beg for mercy!

Final Thoughts

We love overpowered protagonists, and it just makes it all the more special when we can compare them to how different they are from when they started through an isekai setting. There are so many MCs that could have made this list but we felt these were the strongest. Have your own opinions? If so, let us know in the comments!

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Author: Hercule SSJ

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