Piano no Mori Review – An Enchanting Performance That’s Music to Our Ears!

An Enchanting Performance That’s Music to Our Ears!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Music, School, Seinen
  • Airing Date : April 2018 – July 2018
  • Studios : Fukushima Gainax

Contains Spoilers

Piano no Mori Introduction and Story (Spoilers)

The story of Piano no Mori captures the tale of a group of outstanding individuals. Introducing, a young boy named Shuuhei Amamiya who moves to the countryside from Tokyo due to his ailing grandmother. Shuuhei’s father is a famous pianist, and with talent just like his father, Shuuhei has trained immensely to follow in his footsteps. Shuuhei is having some difficulty transitioning, as his classmates continuously pick on him. One day, when the kids dare him to play the cursed piano in the forest, Kai Ichinose accompanies him. The story surrounding the cursed piano in the forest says that if played, no sound will emerge from it. So as Shuuhei proceeds to play, he fails. However, when Kai starts to play, a beautiful sound emerges.

So, by reading our review, we hope you decide that Piano no Mori is an exciting series worth giving a shot.

What We Liked About Piano no Mori

Highlighting both the natural abilities and technical training of Shuuhei and Kai, Piano no Mori is an adventurous and musical delight that is visually and melodiously stimulating. The sound is vital in this series, as it captures the beauty of the classical piano. Friendship and rivalry are also a significant element of this story, as any musician can point out that there must be something or someone to compete against to progress and develop as an artist. The curiosity and the wonders of the world display the strength of the human heart and the value of meaningful relationships as our two young boys are committed to keep up with the piano and one another. Music finds a way back into their loving arms in the most creative and unlikely way.

Piano no Mori presents to viewers an elementary theme: the notion of just how far friends will commit to one another when there is a goal in sight. As they are still very young, they are bound to make a ton of mistakes and learn very much along the way. Having said that, what we truly enjoy about Piano no Mori is Shuuhei and Kai’s genuine friendship and gratitude for life.

Discussion Time

As we break down Piano no Mori, we will discuss all that it has to offer. In its entirety, music can be found throughout every culture in history to convey such things as emotion, speech, and customs. Musical education is also unlimited; proliferating as technology gives aspiring artists easily accessible outlets. Anyone can have the skill and talent to play an instrument, and all one needs is the drive. Piano no Mori provides us with a realistic representation of daily experiences.

Why You Should Watch Piano no Mori

1. Music Heals All Kinds of Wounds

On the surface, our characters are thrust into circumstances out of their control and must figure out how to deal with the situation positively. Shuuhei comes from a very privileged background, but the pressure of being a great pianist like his father is making him wish he was never born into this status. Kai, on the other hand, struggles with his single mother in a rough neighborhood. Taking out his frustrations on many targets, both Shuuhei and Kai find peace with each other and the piano.

2. A Music Anime That All Will Enjoy

Piano no Mori is a unique series, expressing an array of emotions and attitudes towards various situations and life events. The beautiful thing about Piano no Mori is that it sends an uplifting message: when you’re unable to convey a thought or feelings at the moment, music can articulate your entire state of mind without judgment or undesired assessments. It can say so much without saying any words at all. Piano no Mori is excellent for anyone who appreciates the sound of music, a meaningful story and a simple art style.

Why You Should Skip Piano no Mori

1. Same Song and Dance

Piano no Mori’s overall story gives us time to reflect. As some of us may have experienced being relocated to a new place unexpectedly, the unsettling feeling washes away over time, providing countless experiences and room to grow. Watching their stories unfold, Piano no Mori hums a similar melody as the manga and movie under the same name. With the series, there is no need to watch the film just to be fully caught up on everything. The storyline remains unchanged, but sound and animation are fine-tuned to 2018 standards. A decade of advancements is something worth looking into.

2. This Instrument Needs Tuning

Piano no Mori touches on Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Music, School, and Seinen elements. With any anime series, we enjoy as many details as can be supplied, reaching various genres to keep things interesting. However, in this series, the minimal detail supplied left a tremendous empty feeling in our stomach when it was all said and done. It would have been awesome if the story went more in-depth with events such as Kai continuing to practice the piano, Shuuhei’s journey towards becoming a world-class pianist, and ultimately, if these two guys ever reconnect and compete against each other in the future.

Final Thoughts

Piano no Mori is an anime that possesses an imaginative, endearing, and adventurous story; definitely, one worth giving a try. We highly recommend you watch Piano no Mori, letting us know if this series matches up to all the hype! Overall, let us know if you agree with one, a few, all, or none of our key points! Feel free to leave your suggestions and comments below! Thanks, and enjoy!

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