Piano no Mori (Forest of Piano) 2nd Season Review – Encore or Final Curtain Call?

Piano-no-Mori-Wallpaper-500x500 Piano no Mori (Forest of Piano) 2nd Season Review – Encore or Final Curtain Call?

Encore or Final Curtain Call?

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Music, Comedy, Drama, School, Seinen
  • Airing Date : January 2019 – April 2019
  • Producers : Gaina

Contains Spoilers

Piano no Mori 2nd Season Introduction and Story

The story of Piano no Mori 2nd Season continues the journey of Shuuhei Amamiya and Kai Ichinose. A little older, a little more seasoned, the boys are in Poland competing in the Chopin Competition, where they play a wide range of his most famous works. Many of the top pianists from across the globe have gathered to give their best performance.

The competitors all have different reasons for playing and demonstrate their own particular style and technique that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the musical circuit. The audience has their favorite and viewers anticipate who will come out on the top.

In Piano no Mori 2nd Season, Shuuhei and Kai demonstrate which quality is most valued when it comes to playing an instrument: skills or soul?

Why You Should Watch Piano no Mori 2nd Season

1. The Music!

Someone who admires the piano will definitely enjoy listening to the beautiful, fluid sounds of Chopin. It is intriguing to see each pianist perform their interpretation of the myriad of pieces featured in every episode. Classical music is timeless and it is pleasing to see that Chopin’s work reaches out to all generations.

2. They Came to Win

Aside from the music, the Chopin Competition spans out for several days before the judges determine who is the best pianist that can deliver the pieces of Poland’s greatest composer. The story emphasizes the intensity and passion behind each pianist and it is important that they highlighted the various styles of the competitors. Every contestant is unique, showcasing their arrangements as they see fit. It’s hard to determine who will be the winner because they all play so beautifully.

Why You Should Skip Piano no Mori 2nd Season

1. Lullaby and Good Night

Chopin is recognized for his serene and delicate piano compositions. As he is one of many nocturne composers, a lot of his works are romantic or dreamy in theme, suggestive of night. They may perhaps be something you’d play to tuck yourself to sleep. The music is so graceful and angelic that the audience in an episode imagined the fields of Poland. Essentially, it’ll take you to a place where you forget about everything else and just listen to the music.

2. Help, I’m a Little Lost

There’s a lot of musical terminology in the dialogue, and that is a good and bad thing. Good because the writers took the time to research the topic, and bad for anyone who doesn’t know music. Additionally, Piano no Mori 2nd Season continues the story from the 1st season. So in order to understand this story, you’d have to watch the series before this one.

Final Thoughts

So what do you guys think? Is Piano no Mori 2nd Season worth watching or a series to pass on? We at Honey’s highly recommend you watch this anime if you really enjoy music, drama, and competition. Let us know what you all think by leaving your suggestions and comments! Thanks, and see ya!

Piano-no-Mori-Wallpaper-500x500 Piano no Mori (Forest of Piano) 2nd Season Review – Encore or Final Curtain Call?


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