Revisions Review - "Mechs, Time Travel, and Man-eating Monsters"

Mechs, Time Travel, and Man-eating Monsters

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha
  • Airing Date : January 2019
  • Producers : Shirogumi

Contains Spoilers

Revisions Introduction and Story

As a kid, Daisuke Toujima and his friends were involved in a kidnapping incident. Ever since that day, Daisuke has focused on preparing his body and mind for any situation that may come his way. Finally, after years of training, Daisuke has an opportunity to put his skills to the test when his entire school is transported 300 years into the future. In this future world, there are monsters called Revisions begin killing Daisuke's classmates. In order to stop the carnage, Daisuke gets in a mech provided by a mysterious woman named Milo and starts to fight back. Together with Milo and his friends Gai, Ru, Marimari, and Keisaku, Daisuke begins his fight against the revisions as he tries to find a way to return home.

Why You Should Watch Revisions

1. The Story

Revisions has an interesting story that you can really get into. Although everything it tries to doesn't hit the mark and doesn't make use of some of the anime’s cooler plot points and themes, you can still appreciate what the anime attempts to do. The story also isn't afraid to kill off some characters which is always nice to see in an action-oriented anime.

2. The Visual

One of the strongest aspects of revisions are its visuals. Everything looks great from the characters to the backgrounds. The mechs and the Revisions also have a unique style to them that make the action and visuals just that much better. The CGI is impressive and looks good in both the action scenes and when the characters are just hanging out.

3. Action Scenes

The action is not only great from a visual standpoint, but it is also the most interesting part of the anime. There is a wide variety of action scenes both inside and outside of the mechs with each one being more exciting than the last. Whenever the story slows down or is lacking in some drama, there is always an action scene to pull it out of its slump.

Why You Should Skip Revisions

1. The Characters

While some of the characters are interesting in regards to their personality and role in the story, most of the characters are fairly onenote and have no subtlety. Characters like Keisuke and Nicholas show off some of the poor decisions that were made with Revisions characters. With a little more work and development the characters could have been a lot deeper and interesting.

2. Daisuke

Daisuke is an interesting character, to say the least. Everything Daisuke does is self-centered and ends up harming the people around him. Daisuke is such an unlikeable main character. While this is also what makes his character unique it is just so hard to feel for him when bad things happen.

3. The Ending

Revision's ending is a little infuriating. The conflict only gets partially resolved and then the anime sets itself up for a second season. While this may not be an issue if a second season does get made, for now, this just leaves the story feeling unfinished and leaves a sour taste in your mouth as the series comes to an end.

Final Thoughts

Coming out in a season filled with multiple mech anime, it is hard to stand out amongst the crowd. However, Revisions has plenty of unique things that separate it from some of those other anime. What do you think of Revisions? Do you think it is worth watching? Let us know in the comments below.

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