Sasha Blouse: Friend, Potato Queen, and Honorable Cadet – Attack on Titan: The Final Season

If you haven’t caught up on the recent Attack on Titan Episode, you’re in for a…rude shock, to say the least. **Spoilers from here on!** Episode 8 of the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) saw the sad demise of Sasha Blouse when Gabi shot her down as she infiltrated the airship that the Survey Corps was escaping in. We at Honey’s Anime were shocked to the core to lose someone this late in the game, despite knowing deep inside that we would lose more people in the war. It was a very frustrating and sad death that left a hole in our heart, watching Sasha slowly die and the Survey Corps were unable to do anything to help her. We also lowkey resented Gabi for not understanding the reality behind the war but we’re hopeful that she will realize soon.

As our Potato Queen passed away, we’re here to look back at her character to see her growth, what made us fall in love with her character and thank her for being a cheerful source of light in the grim world that is Attack on Titan.

Last Words from Our Beloved Potato Queen

As we watched Sasha bleed to death, we at Honey’s Anime witnessed her last words unwilling to see her die. She said, “Is the food ready?” followed by saying, “Meat…” This moment really made all of us cry as we knew we just lost a very good character. Throughout the anime, Sasha was more hopeful than anyone else, hopeful that they would see the end of the war and reclaim their land from the titans to live a peaceful life. Yet she was unable to really see the end of the war as we would’ve hoped to.

Her last words just symbolize the true nature of Sasha Blouse: a country girl who loves her food and always tries to share it with her friends, despite that intense love. It just shows how kindhearted and genuine Sasha really was to her friends and to everyone who has been with her on this journey.

Goofy Country Girl to Serious Cadet of Survey Corps

In terms of character development, Sasha Blouse was developed pretty well, despite not playing a central role in the overarching plotline. We were introduced to her as a ditzy character who only cared about her food and was impossibly polite to everyone, much to Ymir’s annoyance. She learned from her father that if she is not there for people, people will not be there for her. We see that development as she rescued the little girl from that titan in her most hopeless moment. She was there for someone when no one else was.

But by Season 4, we see how serious she had become. Humanity was losing hope in senseless killing and the Survey Corps had to retrieve Eren from the hands of the Marley, no matter what the cost. When Sasha fought against the Marleyans, she was precise without hesitating. This showed that she wanted to protect her friends above all else but it did not kill her good nature. In fact, she retained it till the very end when she was relieved to know that Jean and Connie were alive for now.

Sasha is who Sasha wants to be

Sasha learned to be whoever she wants to be at the Survey Corps. She was afraid of the way her people sounded to others but eventually with the help of her friends, she was able to depend on them to accept her the way she was. She was the closest to Jean and Connie and their friendship was beautiful as they survived together, making sure to be there for each other when they needed it the most. Sasha’s friendship with Connie as her teammate showed how much they enjoyed each other’s company and he was the most affected by her death. Connie was relieved mere moments before Sasha’s death that she survived with him and Jean. It just made her death so tragic, like Humanity’s light went out with her death.

Final Thoughts

Watching Sasha’s death was heart-wrenching to watch. No words could do justice to the sadness we felt at Honey’s Anime as we watched the last episode. Seeing the Survey Corps mourn her death just made it all too real. When Eren heard her last words, he starts laughing humorlessly. He remembered the days in their youth that were simple and almost joyful compared to where they were. Eren longs for that simplicity of life they had enjoyed when they joined the Survey Corps. He knows how joyful Sasha was before and how she always strived to make the people around her have hope along with her that better days will come. Eren’s humorless laugh shows that with Sasha’s death, there might be no hope for them after all.

Sasha Blouse was a beloved character and it’s going to be hard to not see her presence in the episodes to come. But we at Honey’s Anime choose to remain hopeful and root for the Survey Corps’ success in the future. Sasha Blouse, you will be missed dearly but we hope that you rest in peace, in a world that is much better than the one you left behind.

Attack-on-Titan-Wallpaper-2-500x279 Sasha Blouse: Friend, Potato Queen, and Honorable Cadet – Attack on Titan: The Final Season


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