The Demons of Paradis Island Are Prepared - Attack on Titan: The Final Season

After almost 8 years of waiting and anticipation about the wonderful epic that is Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin, the series has reached its peak where our favorite characters get to finally get their revenge at the citizens of Marley. Yes, we’re talking about the two recent episodes of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Episode 6 and 7.

~~Spoilers ahead~~

While Marleyans infiltrated Paradis Island with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie, the Survey Corps infiltrated Marleyan Empire with Eren. The fact that the battlefield this time was not on Paradis Island, where the people behind the walls would become casualties, but on Marleyan Empire, especially the Eldian part of it, was significant because it was the Marleyans and Eldians to suffer a little bit of the same trauma they suffered for so long.
Our characters have been waiting for a long time indeed to finally get their revenge and pursue their freedom but…wait, is this what they truly wanted?

As viewers and characters of the anime alike are troubled with many questions with no answers, Attack on Titan has exceeded our hopes at Honey’s Anime yet again and we’re excited to discuss these two episodes with you. Read on to find out what we think!

The Warhammer Titan is Broken

Okay, we love the Warhammer Titan who has such potential to shift the odds. The ability to create weapons from its imagination and the ability to store one’s conscience safely somewhere else is so broken that the fact that Eren took the titan down showed his true and improved strength. We knew nothing about the Warhammer Titan or which member of the Tyber family had it, yet it was able to create a jaw-dropping impression with its abilities and sheer presence on the battlefield, making us sometimes overlook even the Beast Titan. Eren is now in possession of the Warhammer Titan and it’s going to be such a vital gamechanger.

Wait…Who’s the enemy again?

While watching this season, almost every viewer found themselves conflicted over who truly the enemy is. With the mere four episodes that explained the situation at Marley, the shift between who was truly Humanity’s Enemy was brought out. This strikes against reality because, during war, each side has its own reasons for inflicting pain on others. As spectators of war, we often feel conflicted on who truly is in the wrong and Isayama brought this reality out exceptionally well. But despite that confusion, for us at Honey’s Anime, we couldn’t help but resonate and be on the side of the Survey Corps by the end of it all, wishing for the justice that the walled cities deserved.

Hurt Me Once, Shame on You. Hurt Me Twice, Shame on Me.

Four years have passed in the anime timeline and that means changes. These two episodes highlighted the changes, the character development, the new strategies employed by the Survey Corps. It shows that the Survey Corps are prepared. They are ready to take down anyone in their way.

In the previous arcs, Eren’s character and drive were rather questionable because he kept making mistakes by acting impulsively which cost him very dearly. However, in four years and with all the previous mistakes he has made, Eren has learned to be better, to become someone who can fight skillfully and shrewdly, minimizing casualties for his own people. Hajime Isayama and Studio MAPPA showed the character development of Eren, one of the cliched yet impactful elements of every shounen series we love, very skillfully. Attack on Titan’s take on this element should be appreciated because we didn’t really see Eren training to become better; all we had was a gap of four years. However, the point is driven home much more impactfully because of this.

We see that Eren is ready for war with his sharp observation of the situation at hand and to skillfully plot the way to victory “Eren’s style”. The use of the Jaw Titan as a nutcracker to get through the hardened crystal showed his experiences against so many titans. His immediate reaction to not be intimidated by the Warhammer Titan but crush her before fully formed was fascinating to watch because it showed his development as a character.

The Demons of Paradis Island

Speaking of Eren’s character development, the character development of all other characters is just as important. From Mikasa’s ever-scary ruthlessness to provide support for Eren to Levi’s preparedness to take out the Beast Titan as soon as possible. Porco’s astonishment when the Survey Corps charged at him, a titan, with the intent to kill and absolutely no hesitation showed how much the Survey Corps has improved in four years.

Zeke taunting Levi, calling him out, showed the pride of Marleyans, honorary or not. However, with one swift motion, Levi completely obliterated the Beast Titan without hesitating a single second showing that some characters have reached their peak already. On the other hand, we had Armin who scorched a part of the world with his transformation yet had such conflicting feelings about the morality of this war. Armin has become the voice of our viewers. He feels the same confusion and doubt as we do and yet if it came down to it, he did not abandon the side of the Survey Corps.

Final Thoughts

Watching the last two episodes made all of us question the moralities of our beloved characters while we were conflicted by our own impressions of who is truly Humanity’s Enemy. But regardless of which side you weigh on, it is undoubtable that Attack on Titan is reaching its peak in the final season and we cannot wait to see more. Stay tuned with Honey’s Anime as we review the episodes to come!

Who do you think Humanity’s Enemy is? What did you think of the character development? Did you enjoy the recent episodes or do you think we missed something in our analysis? Let us know in the comments below!

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