Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 1 Review - A Masterpiece in the Making?

Well...we all thought that Attack on Titan was ending this year and we at Honey’s Anime were especially preparing ourselves for the sadness and emptiness once the anime ended but Attack on Titan is still not quite done with entertaining us just yet so there’s still hope for humanity (maybe)! As we wait for another season filled with the nail-biting tension that the anime is famously known for, let’s take a minute to look at how this anime’s final season part 1 was this Winter 2021!

Team Alliance or Team Yeagerists

Okay, this is where the anime divides its audience through the plot. Most people either resonate with the reasoning behind Team Yeagerists or Team Alliance because right now, in the anime, these two oppositions are against each other. This divide was done fantastically because even we at Honey’s Anime are conflicted on which side to really lean on because the reasons and the members of both the teams are very interesting and thought-provoking to really pick a side.

Is Eren A Bad Guy?

One of the biggest twists of this season was how Eren did a complete 180 as he sided with Zeke Yeager in order to euthanize Eldians to give peace to the world. Whether you are in support of that or not, the fact that Eren, a main character that we have known for 3 seasons, suddenly changes in a way that no one expected is definitely one of the best plot points of the season. It makes us, anime watchers, wonder whether we really know the main character we have seen throughout this anime and we are confronted with two choices: either to trust him to pull through till the very end or accept that he has changed for the worse.

The Fantastic Plot Progression

The story’s plot progressed to great lengths and every episode, we learned so much yet nothing was really rushed as we only wanted more as the episode ended. The difference in plot progression compared to Season 3 Part 2 and Final Season is striking as the anime seamlessly takes a full 360 turn that was simple Isayama goodness. One of the highlights of the season was how the quote of “Shinzou Sasageyo”, one that everyone in the anime and even us as anime watchers took great pride in, turned into something so horrifying and dehumanizing that it was chilling.

While everyone had conflicted feelings about the studio change, in terms of animation, MAPPA pulled through with its fantastic directing of the goodness of Isayama’s story regardless. The way the plot progressed after where we left off was almost seamless and MAPPA simply added the extra oomph needed to fully make Isayama’s work closer than ever to being a masterpiece in anime history.

Character Development

There were so many new characters introduced in this season which is rather late in the game but nobody was disappointed in its execution. We saw various characters that are potentially good like Falco and Niccolo and potentially bad like Gabi and Pieck on both Marley and Eldia’s side which was very fascinating. A strong change of the season was the friendship between Armin and Mikasa who developed as characters of their own without depending on Eren, truly fleshing them out as individuals of their own who care about Eren but do not particularly follow his ways.

The Lie of A Final Season

One of the biggest (if not the only) disappointment of the Final Season is that MAPPA did not officially announce that there would be a Part 2 of the Final Season until just before it ended. While this was likely a marketing strategy to get more viewers, it is a little disheartening for anime watchers to be click-baited like this since everyone really thought that the anime was going to end along with the manga’s finale which would’ve made a perfect wrap up of the manga. But we at Honey’s Anime aren’t losing hope because if the studio simply needs more time to deliver the full goodness of Attack on Titan, we’re ready to wait and feel completely satisfied with the series rather than ending this journey with a disappointing and messy wrap-up.

Final Thoughts

While it was disappointing that it wasn’t revealed till the very end that there would be a Part 2 of the Season Finale, Attack on Titan is almost impeccable this Winter 2021 and we cannot wait to see how the series will end next year.

What a time to be alive! There is no doubt that Attack on Titan is well on its way to being a masterpiece in the history of anime and we at Honey’s Anime are excited to see it come to fruition as we wait for the true season finale! Did you enjoy the final season part 1 of Attack on Titan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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