[Honey Crush Wednesday] 5 Shiraishi Yoshitake Highlights from Golden Kamuy

Maybe I Should Escape While You Are On Duty

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Shounen, Action, Historical
  • Airing Date: April 2018 - June 2018
  • Studio: Geno Studio

Golden Kamuy Preview (No Spoilers)

Long ago, a large amount of gold was stolen from the indigenous people of Japan, the Ainu. It was stolen and hidden by a criminal who ended up getting captured later and thrown into prison. There, this criminal tattooed, a giant map leading to the treasure on 28 different prisoners. You need all 28 to decipher where the treasure is hidden. After all of the men managed to escape, they went on to hide among the general population. Others joined the army, and others went on to lead a life of crime. Sugimoto the Immortal searches in the north for clues to lead him to the gold that is rumored to exist. He does so due to a dying wish he agreed to grant after his war buddy was killed. After the harsh climate and harsher realities get him, Sugimoto is rescued by a beautiful young Ainu girl named Asirpa. She nurses him back to health and he offers to work with her after realizing that Asirpa has a connection to the stolen gold. Thus, the two set out looking for treasure during a harsh winter in Hokkaido. Soon though, a monster known as Lt. Tsurumi is hot on their tails and they take in another ally, Yoshitake Shiraishi.

Shiraishi Yoshitake Character Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. Yoshitake is Based on a Real Character

If you know anything about Golden Kamuy, then you know that a lot of it is based on real events, locations, and people. Yoshitake is one such character. While he appears to be almost a caricature of a person in the series, he is based on Yoshie Shiratori who was a famous prisoner known for how frequently he would escape prison. Thus, that is why Yoshitake is so good at escaping.

2. Contortionist

Yoshitake is a fantastic contortionist. Most fans may not know this, but on the Japanese site, and featured here on Honey’s Anime, it was revealed that he is an excellent contortionist able to dislocate any joints whatsoever in order to help him escape. This is also helpful since he can hide just about anything on his body and set it free when he needs to get away.

3. Datsugoku-Ou

While Asirpa may tease him as the poop king, Yoshitake is the king of getting away. He is able to pull off so many escapes and so many escapades that it’s a bit ridiculous. Just like the character he is based on though, both are able to dislocate their joints allowing them to get away. He can also regurgitate things, which he does often, to allow him to escape. He’s regurgitated things like matches, blades, and more.

4. Hilarious

You would think for someone who was in Abashiri Prison, he would be more terrifying, but Yoshitake is rather goofy and tends to play around more than he should. We see this when he is trying to land the hotel owner Ienaga in the weird manor that they stay in at the end of the series and when Inkarmat takes him for a ride with the ponies. Whenever he has the upper hand, Yoshitake’s antics are sure to make you burst into laughter. Though his moping is funny as well.

5. Keeps Secrets

Yoshitake is oddly good at keeping secrets. He lies straight to Hijikata’s face and Ushiyama, too. In fact, the reverse is also true where Sugimoto and Asirpa have no idea what he is doing or going on about at all behind their backs. If they do, they have not let on yet. Rather, for someone who is supposedly good at escaping and slithering away from things, he manages to hold onto information well and put on a good front.

Final Thoughts

Golden Kamuy was an enjoyable anime for Spring 2018, and the best part, too, is that it is coming back for Fall 2018! We are definitely looking forward to the antics of these three along with whatever Ogata and Tanigaki are going to be doing. We also cannot wait to see what Tsurumi gets into as well as what Hijikata has up his sleeve in the second season. Are there other characters that you loved from Golden Kamuy? Be sure to let us know down below. Till next time!

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