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Welcome to the list of all slice of life anime coming out this summer! What we have done here at Honey's Anime is prepared a preview of these shows for you, the readers, and if you want to know more about the show, then be sure to check out the database page listed beneath each show. Note: The order is a ranking of the order in which we here at Honey's Anime want to watch these shows starting from the one we want to see the most at #1.

If you would prefer to see them in no specific order, please check out the summer chart here

1. Centaur no Nayami (Centaur's Worries)

  • Genres: Supernatural, Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Air Date: July 9, 2017

Hime, known as Himeno Kimihara, lives an extremely ordinary life as a high school student when it comes to love, club activities, and her studies. But, what is different about her, is that she is part-centaur.

Nozomi is part dragon, Kyouko has horns, the class representative is winged, and Sasusasu-chan is part snake. These classmates of various forms enjoy their high school lives together. Saying “I am human, but I am not”, these girls go on to compose their cute days.♪

Centaur no Nayami PV

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2. New Game!! (2nd Season(

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: July 11, 2017

(This is the 2nd Season of NEW GAME! It was announced at the fan event "NEW GAME! Fan Kansha Event ~Next Level~" More details will be coming soon!)

After graduating from high school, Aoba Suzukaze starts her career at Eagle Jump, a gaming company. Surrounded by her kind seniors in the graphics team, including her boss, who made the game that Aoba has adored since she was little, Aoba takes her first steps into becoming a fully-fledged member of society.

New Game!! PV

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3. Sakura Quest

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Air Date: April 5, 2017

In order to revitalize the "mini independent nation" that was completely abandoned after creating a movement during the Bubble Economy, five girls, by a stroke of luck, become our main characters. They go from nothing, to being inaugurated as the Queens (Angels of Sightseeing), and will have to spend the next year working their butts off.

Sakura Quest PV

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4. Action Heroine Cheer Fruits

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Idol
  • Air Date: July 7, 2017

In a certain city, the local heroine fighters became popular to the point that they became stars known by the whole country. This then lead to the birth of local heroines all over the county. The most popular content of these extremely popular heroines is considered to be the “action live shows” that they put on.

Hinano City, which produces fruit, was late to the party and missed out. Misaki Shirogane is a high school girl who loves this town and is stirred up upon seeing her aunt’s, the prefectural governor, impending sense of doom. Misaki decides to produce an action live group for Hinano City.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits PV

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5. Nana Maru San Batsu (-7o3x-)

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Seinen, Game
  • Air Date: July 5, 2017

Soon after entering into into high school, First year student Shiki Koshiyama was invited to join the Quiz Research Club by an extremely suspicious upperclassmen, who is actually also the president of the club! Bringing along Mari, a classmate, Shiki is trying to figure out what the dazzling world of the Quiz Club is!

Nana Maru San Batsu PV

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6. Tenshi no 3P (Here Comes the Three Angels)

  • Genres: Music, Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Air Date: July 10, 2017

Kyou Nukui, due to a past trauma, is now a truant. He does not go to school, however, he has currently taken up songwriting using music software in secret. One day, he receives an email from three girls who have just become 5th graders in elementary school. There’s the crybaby Jun Gotou, nickname: Jun-tan, the confident Nozomi Momijidani, nickname: Zomi, and the sleepy-looking, does everything at her own speed Sora Kaneshiro, nickname: Kuu.

These three girls have been raised together like sisters since they were little and it seems that they all share a worry about working with Kyou...

Tenshi no 3P PV

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7. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko (Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat)

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Ecchi, Harem
  • Air Date: July 12, 2017

Hades: the world of those who are no longer with us.

With all of the confidence that Princess Patricia has in her tremendous powers, she is sent to Earth to destroy it per her mother’s orders. While she has been sent to eradicate all living things on heart, what is her true intention?

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko PV

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8. Konbini Kareshi

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Romance
  • Air Date: July 7, 2017

Haruki Mishima and his best friend Touwa Honda have just entered into Aokisora High School as first year students. They each have a girl that they are interested in, but for some reason, there is no indication that feelings of romance are starting.

While living out their clumsy days, they meet their classmate Nasa Sanagi as well as their upperclassmen Natsu Asumi, Mikado Nakajima, and Masamune Sakurakouji. Slowly, their feelings and thoughts all become intertwined.

It is the road that everyone walks down once: In that moment, a tale of gentle, pure love passes through your mind.

Your everyday train.

Your everyday road to school.

Your everyday convenience store.

Your everyday scenery that never changes, could possibly, as of tomorrow, be viewed differently.

Konbini Kareshi PV

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9. Clione no Akari

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: July 12, 2017

Minori has always been labeled as a child who is bullied. Takashi and Kyouko wish to see Minori’s smile. So, one afternoon on a rainy day, they call out to her with all of their might. However, not only are they unable to see her true smile, her health deteriorates and she stops coming to school.

Two months have passed and one day, a mysterious letter is delivered to Takashi and Kyouko. With no returnee address and no way to respond, the letter invites them to a summer festival in the next town over…

Clione no Akari PV

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10. Hinaroji ~from Luck & Logic~

  • Genres: Fantasy, School, Slice of Life
  • Air Date: July 1, 2017

A spring day comes when the cherry blossoms have begun to fall. A naïve and innocent princess, Liones, has been sent to attend a school in Hokkaidou. ALCA manages this special educational system that is designed to raise logicalists with the capabilities to protect the peace of the world.

Liones joins Year-1, Class-S where she meets various people with different personalities including Nina, a logicalist. The girls will start their lively and cute days together as logicalists.

Trance! Start!

Hinaroji ~from Luck & Logic~ PV

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11. Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru Koi

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Air Date: July 12, 2017

My name is Sasuke.

I was a graduate student, but one day, I time slipped back to the Sengoku (Warring States) Era. Not to mention too, the Sengoku Era that I was transported to was nothing like what I learned in my textbooks....

12. Yume Oukoku to Nemuru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama Short Stories

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Adventure, Magic
  • Air Date: March 2017

Work, friends, everyday mundane things; these are the motions that the main character goes through until one day when she is suddenly invited into another world.
There, in "The Land of Dreams" the people have a living power through their dreams. It is then said that the main character is a princess of this land. However, in this world are dreameaters called "Yumekui" who terrorize the land by eating the dreams of the people. With their dreams stolen, the people of this world wander aimlessly in a sleeplike state. Not only do the people of this world, sleep robbed of their dreams, but also many princes as well sleep in this world on the path to ruin.

Disheartened by what has happened and feeling lost at sea, the main character must now wake up the princes of this word and band together with them to take back the dreams! Forgotten dreams... Lost Dreams... Dreams hidden in one's heart... These must belong to someone and become their power.

Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-Nin no Ouji-Sama Short tells the stories of the easygoing, everyday lives of these princes - you might even see a side of them you don’t yet know. Every month various different princes will make an appearance!

Yume Oukoku to Nemuru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama Short Stories PV

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13. Piko Taro no Lullaby Lullaby

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Air Date: July 17 2017

This script-less story is something unthinkable in the anime world. Pico Taro was inspired to make this impromptu 3-minute anime by seeing just one illustration that director Taniguchi drew. Pico Taro will visit beloved stories that have been continued to be loved throughout history such as The Little Match Girl and Red Riding Hood. This genius who has made the world dance will now bring bedtimes stories creating chaotic sleep.

Piko Taro no Lullaby Lullaby PV

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14. Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Idol, Music
  • Air Date: Summer 2017

We will tickle your feelings.
Can these two become idols!?

In the first ever live anime documentary variety show, these two virtual idols are going to challenge themselves to show us just how far can they grow!!!

Because it is a live broadcast, we don’t know what is going to happen!
Because it is a live broadcast, your voice can reach these two virtual idols!
Further, this is going to be broadcast in China and Japan at the same time!

Your participation in this show will help these two grow!

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