Sorry Not Sorry: Top 6 Anime We Didn’t Even Start [Spring 2017]


Fact of life: There are lots of anime that go on air each season. Another fact of life: It is next to impossible to watch them all even if you wanted to. Third fact of life: More often than not, there are anime out there that, as soon as you look at it, you know. You know that this anime is either not for you, or it is not even worth your time to watch it. So, here we are. Anime that you did not even start. Now the question becomes, what was your reasoning? The story was bad? The characters were flat and boring? The art was bad? Or is it just outside of your usual anime viewing habits? Either way, we all choose something that we say “this is not worth my time”, and dismissing it, it will never end up on our screens. So, without further ado, here are six anime from Spring 2017 that, sorry not sorry, we did not even bother to start!

Note: This article and the opinions expressed in it are the opinions of only the two editors featured. They are expressing their thoughts on how they feel about anime. Their thoughts, ideas, logic and explanations do not reflect the opinions of Honey's Anime as a whole and it's staff.


1. Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE-

I could sit here and bellyache about how bad the show is, the characters are, or something like that, but to be honest, I cannot be bothered to do that and I was not even bothered to check out this show. What bothers me about this anime is the fact that this is propaganda. BRB cultural lessons 101 with Honey’s Anime! It’s not news that as of recent Japanese people as a whole are eating less and less rice. Seriously. English language Japanese news sites like the Japan Times and Japan Today have the results of some national poll from Japan at least once or twice a year talking about how rice consumption is down. There are many reasons as to why this is, the main fact being that Newsflash! white rice, because most Japanese people abhor wild rice and brown rice, and suggesting anything other than white rice is unacceptable, is not healthy. Japanese people are eating bread more and more and rice is becoming something of a novelty that you have with your family on certain occasions or if you do have rice, it is in very small portions and infrequently. However that is not true across the board as there are many people who do enjoy rice a lot in Japan, but there are plenty of surveys and news articles coming out how the sales of rice are down and people are not eating as much.

This anime is just pure propaganda to get Japanese people to find rice endearing again and be presented with shiny male characters. The main antagonists are known as the Yeast Kings and they all have foreign sounding names because bread=foreign and bad. While I cannot prove it because the entities part of the production committee are hidden from the public, my money is that some government organization kicked in some money to have this anime made. Subtle, but not subtle enough! I don’t mind propaganda, and no one really should because everything we consume in society is propaganda, but at least make it less obvious and about something that public attitudes have already started to shift on. #Bye

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2. Tsuki ga Kirei

“Who was it that translated “I love you” the way it is? Dazai? Souseki?”

-Ok I am interested. I am sure it was Souseki, but who knows. Anyway.

“Akane and Kotarou.”

-Ah ok. Character names. Kotarou. Got it.

“They both are third year middle students who meet for the first time when they end up in the same class.”

-Wait no stop. This whole anime has already told it’s story. Sorry romance anime, but do not pass go, do not collect $200, and go directly to jail. Another school, slice of life romance anime? Didn't we just have one like last season or in Fall 2016? I am not saying that Tsuki ga Kirei is not a pretty story. I hear it is actually very well-done. What I am over is how overplayed and overdone this setting is. Middle school students jacked up on hormones and finding out who they are, need to quickly find a partner in order to be happy and in love. Social pressure much? Besides there is a big chance that they may not end up at the same high school and there goes that relationship out the window. I really just wish that the story would focus on someone who is not just entering puberty. Japanese people love stories about middle school and high school. I guess innocence is cute. Oh and by the way, and there is another one coming this summer called Tsureduzre Children.

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3. Clockwork Planet

This one… just something about Clockwork Planet… There is just something about this series that makes me gravitate away from it. I read the manga in Japanese and then I checked out the site for the anime, but none of the characters nor the story really seem to stand out. It almost feels like someone is taking steampunk, which is very popular right now and often builds loyal fanbases quickly, and is turning into some sort of generic mess in an attempt to pander to the masses. Regardless of how the story goes. Which by the way, being made by the person who made No Game No Life, you would think it would do better.

Kamiya Yuu was busted years ago for tracing other works, so it would not be a surprise that when he attempts to make something, it turns out horribly generic. Granted he did both for NGNL, and he only wrote the story this time. NGNL was great and I loved it, and I cannot wait for the movie, but this story feels boring and like it has come from an amalgamation of characters and themes that everyone seems to know already. The plot needs to move forward, so this nerd/geek gets the best robot ever which falls from the sky, and boom, plot. Not to mention too, it gives off vibes of Chobits but it is not Chobits. TBQH I wish that they would have talked about the backstory more. That would have actually been really good. Finally, RyuZU looks like a cheap knockoff of Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. Bye.

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Ellyn Barnes

4. BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations

Ah, Boruto. Or as I know it, Burrito and Salad. There are so many reasons why I haven’t picked this anime up, I’m not sure where to begin. Oh wait, yes I do: I haven’t watched Naruto (I can hear the sounds of shock fill the room as I type) and have absolutely zero desire to. So why on earth would I want to watch what can only be described as Naruto 2, what looks like a complete rehash of the original Naruto but with different character names? Boruto looks exactly like his dad, Naruto isn’t even hot and has a bad dad haircut, and poor little Salad hasn’t inherited any of her father’s smoldering emo looks (yes, I am judging this completely from visuals). The only character that looks even slightly interesting is Mitsuki, and I’m not picking up what will most likely be a several-hundred episode long series just for him.

Also, I’m just kind of tired of the classic shounen storyline where guys just get more and more OP as they go through arc after arc of the Hero’s Journey, killing bad guys here and rejecting girls there. The only one I ever got into was Bleach, and let’s be honest, that was mostly because it’s full of hotties and great voice actors, even if it did treat its female characters like crap. So give me satirical OP characters like Saitama from One-Punch Man. Hell, give me some OP female leads and set them off on a Hero’s Journey, maybe then I’ll be interested. But Naruto, Boruto, Burrito Salad, whatever - just keep it away from me, please. I can’t eat gluten anyway.

5. Tsugumomo

I can see myself getting into trouble for not starting this one, as it seems to be one of the more popular anime series of the season, but hear me out. I have nothing against ecchi, but I’m not the kind of person to go seek it out myself. If it’s part of an anime I enjoy, or particularly hilarious à la High School of the Dead’s bullet-dodging boobs, I’m down. The same goes for harem anime - if a harem is part of a story I otherwise enjoy, I don’t mind it (although I always end up rooting for an unachievable poly ending) but I won’t go out of my way to watch anime that are entirely centred around a harem. That’s just my taste.

But as someone who will generally give most anime a go regardless of genre, why haven’t I started this anime which everyone is raving about? Well the thing is, I keep hearing it being compared to the classic harem of old, like Tenchi Muyou!, useless protagonist and all. And while many people may miss this type of harem anime, I certainly do not. I tried to watch them, I promise, but I just couldn’t get through any. So sorry-not-sorry Tsugumomo, I won’t be starting you unless I have an anime-like fall and my taste suddenly changes.

6. Yume Oukoku to Nemuru 100-Nin no Ouji-Sama Short Stories

I love bishounen anime. It’s true. If an anime has a hot guy in it, I’m probably going to watch it no matter how terrible everyone else tells me it is. That’s just how shallow and impervious to crappy anime I am. So why would I not want to watch an anime with one hundred bishies in it? Well, the answer to that is simple: I can’t stand chibi anime. I haven’t even bothered picking up Yume100 because one look at the PV tells me they’ve taken perfectly pretty 2D boys and turned them into chibi monstrosities.

Why would you do that? Why ruin the best thing you’ve got going for your series? Even if I was playing the original game I wouldn’t be watching the anime adaptation, because (and correct me if I’m wrong) one of the main reasons to play the game is to collect the aforementioned hundred hotties and get yourself a nice fictional harem going. By the same token, if this short anime is meant to be an advertisement for the mobile game (which I’m pretty sure it is) by turning your well-drawn bishounen princes into tiny, featureless, 3DCG blobs, you’ve effectively ruined any chance of pulling in new players. Pass.

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Final Thoughts

So, do you have any anime from this spring 2017 season that you cannot even be bothered to watch?? Do you agree with any of our selections, or think they deserve more recognition? Get involved in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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