Sports Anime Summer 2016 - Athletes! Sweat! Team Building?!

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Summer is fast approaching. The coming of a new season means a lineup of new animes. Today, we will focus on the genre of sports! Sports anime are usually not the first pick choice for most as there are much more exciting genres out there like action and adventure. However, you'll be surprised to find out that some sports anime carries the same level of dynamism and action of the other genres. So if you haven't gave sports anime a try already, try out these new upcoming sports anime this summer!

3. Battery

  • Aired: July 15, 2016

Battery is a story of an unprecedented pitcher, Takumi Harada. Takumi pitches at a level that is unmatched by anyone, not even in his own country. He is not even in junior high school yet. Lamenting on the lack of a challenge almost to the point of being jaded of his skills, Takumi yearns for a catcher that will be able keep up to his pace. Then comes along Gou Nagakura.

We feel that this anime follows the obvious trope of the unparalleled person and the introduction of another to complete the former. Already at a young age, Takumi is skilled at a national level. Naturally, he will soon get bored of his abilities. Simply put, we foresee another Kuroko - Aomine pairing in which both requires the other to play at their fullest potential. We predict that this anime will have more character development sequences between the two, allowing them to explore more of each other. What do you think?

This is especially so since you have the jaded pitcher, who is so skilled at what he does such that the passion that was once there is now gone. But then, comes along Gou, a boy who not only changes the way the sport is played, but his viewpoint and love for the game as well. When these two are together, they complement each other and fulfill each other. Since both of them have a common interest, there is much for them to develop in the game, as well as on a personal level. Who knows, this could be the start of a relationship. You might even say that the great gods have brought them together just to play with each other. We meant baseball… but nobody can put a stop to your own creative imaginations...

Battery Trailer

2. Days

  • Aired: July 2016

Tsukushi Tsukamoto is a shy teenager. One day, while walking home, he encounters bullies. He is saved by Jin Kazama who invites him to a game of soccer since he is one player short. He is shocked when Tsukushi actually turns up with one shoe missing and an injured leg. Despite this however, Tsukushi still willingly plays the game. It didn't take the rest long to find out that Tsukushi is terrible at the game, but Jin noticed that despite having an injured foot, Tsukushi is continuously running and motivating his teammates to win. As they part, they realized that they will be heading for the same high school. From there on, they've decided to join the soccer club. Unbeknownst to them, this soccer club has a certain reputation. How will they continue this sport of soccer from now?

On one hand you have a shy boy and on the other, the dependable and reliable boy. The reasons for pairing these two together are endless! Sports emphasize a lot on teamwork and affinity. The both of them will have to forge a bond so strong that it will dominate the entire playing field. Only at the pinnacle of their relationship will they truly understand each other, and effectively communicate better without the use of words. The dependable and reliable boy will form the top of the relationship with the shy one receiving the guidance and advice from the bottom.
Innuendos are intentional. *winks*

Based on the PV, this anime appears to also bring out the game of soccer. The crowd, the style and the determined look of each player's eyes. This is also the story of how one keen player with no skills starts from the very bottom and slowly improves with the guidance of a more experienced player. We are really counting on Days to build up the name of soccer to the viewers.

DAYS Anime Teaser Trailer

1. Cheer Boys!!

  • Aired: July 2016

If you ever thought cheerleading is only reserved for girls, you thought wrong. Move aside girls, this season, it's time for the guys to take the stage in the acrobatic sport of cheerleading. Cheer Boys!! follows the story of a newly created cheerleading group at university for men. Haruki Bandou, a shy college freshman was invited by Kazuma Hashimoto to join Breakers, a cheerleading squad in order to honour his dead parents who were also cheerleaders. Eventually, they managed to secure another member - Shou Tokugawa, a fierce young man with extremely poor fashion sense.

Rejoice, all you fujoshis! The whole lineup of characters is purely bishonen boys. If that is not already good enough, the anime PV has revealed them to not only look so delightfully cute and lovable, they have the matching body to go with it! The jumping, stretching and stunts did not just develop the boys cheerleading, but their abs as well! There's no better sensation than guys in shorts and loose shirts jumping about, revealing their abs and well-defined muscular legs. This new anime has been dubbed as the second Free!.

As you all remembered, Free! was the spotlight for its season and here at Honey's we are hoping that Cheer Boys! matches the expectations. We certainly have high hopes for it and you should too! This is the most anticipated upcoming sports anime that you should be looking out for this Summer 2016!

Cheer Danshi!! Trailer


So are you hyped for these new animes? Which one of these animes are you looking forward to? Perhaps some of you may even have read the manga or light novels already, and this announcement makes you super excited as it will finally be an adaptation? What are you expecting most out of these animes? Is it the more for the guys or the sports? Share your hype with us and we will see you next time.

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