Blue Lock First Impression - Soccer Unlike You’ve Ever Seen Before!

Blue-Lock-wallpaper-3-667x500 Blue Lock First Impression - Soccer Unlike You’ve Ever Seen Before!

Soccer—or Football to the rest world—is considered to be a demanding sport, physically. Players need to keep control of a small white and black ball and somehow plow through an armada of players to make a goal while the goalie waits to block their attempts. It is a sport that is beloved by many, including us here at Honey’s Anime, and we are always on board to watch an anime series focused on the sport! Blue Lock is indeed about soccer but this might not be what you expect. In comparison to series like Captain Tsubasa, Blue Lock adds a very intriguing theme to soccer that almost feels like a death game. Is Blue Lock worthy of watching and will fans of the sport enjoy it when it doesn’t really feel like soccer? We find out in our first impression of Blue Lock!

Become the Best or Sit Down!

Blue Lock is a pretty interesting story. Focusing on 300 players with the main character being a striker named Yoichi Isagi, all are put into a literal building called Blue Lock, where they will be whittled down to just one player left and be deemed the best striker in all of Japan to have a chance at playing on a national level. However, the other 299 players who don’t survive the trials can never be allowed to play on a national level and will never know the fame and success that it offers. The sheer idea of Blue Lock feels like a less deadly version of Danganronpa where the best of the best gather but no one dies…just their future careers. Blue Lock presents a more original idea for a sports anime that we’ve seen in a while and we think that is what made these last three episodes so appealing…we don’t know what will happen next and that is a rare feeling while watching a sports anime.

What it Takes to Reach The Top

Soccer, as we mentioned, is a rough sport and we give a lot of credit to those who participate in it. Games can be brutal, bloody, tear-inducing, and injury-filled but these players all have a dream…to be the best and lead their team to the top! Blue Lock examines the desire to be the best but from a selfish level, the desire to be the best and outshine everyone else. As a team sport, that certainly won’t bode well for a player but we also know that every sport has players that do care less about team play and more about shining above all the others. That’s why Blue Lock is a refreshing take on a team-driven sport and one that really makes you wonder…what does “There’s no ‘I’ in “Team”, mean to an individual who only sees the “I” in themselves?

Those Crazy Eyes

Does anyone wonder if Isagi is secretly a yandere? Seriously, Blue Lock’s animation is wild where characters have these moments of yandere-like stares and crazed eyes…and we kind of love it. When there are heated moments between players—like in episode 3’s match—or moments of self-reflection, Blue Lock looks great. We do love the very individual designs for each player as some of them are just straight-up strange but equally unique. Unlike Captain Tsubasa or even Days—both are spectacular soccer anime worth watching, these characters all feel different and have matching designs for their very odd personas.

This is Soccer?

Okay, okay, let’s finally talk about the massive elephant in the room…is Blue Lock really a sports anime? Yes, it is a soccer-themed series but the main focus doesn’t feel like it. In the last three episodes, we’ve only seen one real game of soccer being played and it was near the end of the match. The other “game” comes in episode three where all the strikers are put into several matches and the teams that lose will all be eliminated. Yet, even this game doesn’t feel like soccer as the players all lose their patience with one another as many lack the individual skills of a soccer team. Blue Lock is definitely original and we love the concept but die-hard soccer fans who want a serious soccer anime will not like what Blue Lock offers.

Final Thoughts

Blue Lock…probably won’t become the next big sports anime as it barely feels like a sports anime if we’re being honest. Yet, that doesn’t mean this series isn’t enjoyable as we are finding ourselves glued to our screens as we watch each episode. Who will win in Blue Lock and who will outshine the next big character? That is what compels us to keep watching and despite it not feeling like soccer, does have tones of soccer that one can’t dismiss entirely. Blue Lock is worth a watch but just remember to tone down your sports expectation as this feels more like a death game series than a soccer anime.

Are you currently watching Blue Lock and feel different from us? Comment below to let us know your thoughts on Blue Lock! Be sure to keep stuck to our striker rooting hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews, first impressions, and other otaku-themed reads!

Blue-Lock-wallpaper-3-667x500 Blue Lock First Impression - Soccer Unlike You’ve Ever Seen Before!


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