Step Aside Danganronpa, Here Comes Akudama Drive!

If you’re a die-hard fan of visual novels that feature puzzle elements and love dark stories with zany characters, you’ve no doubt heard of Danganronpa. This legendary franchise has made waves across several mediums such as manga, light novels, and of course, anime! However, as much as we all love Danganronpa a new series has come around—from the same writer, mind you—called Akudama Drive and this series is proving to be almost a spiritual successor to Danganronpa!

With that being said, we know many of you might have not even started this series and we need to fix that travesty now! Here’s why we think you need to dive into the oddness that is Akudama Drive.

A Criminally Brilliant Set of Characters

A series that has numerous characters can sometimes fall apart if said cast isn’t interesting or enjoyable to watch. Thankfully, Akudama Drive doesn’t suffer from this fate and has a stellar cast of characters. From the speaks with his fist Brawler to the curvaceous femme fatale Doctor, we haven’t found a single character that isn’t interesting. We love learning more about their quirks and personalities as Akudama Drive continues on and wonder if any of them will surprise us with some large revelation.

Thrilling Plot

Like Danganronpa, Akudama Drive’s plot is quite peculiar and equally intense. The whole idea of a group of criminals joining together for a united plan is loads of fun! Episode 4, titled Speed—titling episodes after movies is a theme in Akudama Drive—ended with our Akudama meeting the voice of the cat inside the vault they risked their lives to open. Why was this boy—and strange girl—in this vault on a train meant for a coveted land? We have no idea but we can’t wait to learn more in the following episode and see if these Akudama are hiding anything from each other.

Danganronpa Style

You probably noticed we’ve talked a lot about Danganronpa in this article about Akudama Drive and that is because in case you missed it, Akudama Drive is from the same writer of Danganronpa! Not only does animation look similar to Danganronpa—just wait to see the environments drop in like they do in the Danganronpa games/anime—but the mystery feels about the same. Random characters tossed into a death game—in this case, a forced plan or their heads explode—but they all have an assortment of skills that makes them the best criminals of their class. We love Akudama Drive and know fans of Danganronpa will too!

Intense Action and Non-Stop Thrills

Okay, let’s assume you didn’t like the slow pace of Danganronpa and wish it had more action and thrills. Then you’re in luck folks, Akudama Drive is a non-stop action series! Even when episode one focused on character introductions, there were constant explosions, action, and thrills from characters like the Courier and Brawler. This anime series hasn’t disappointed our adrenaline intake yet and we pray this series continues to be so intense!

Final Thoughts

Akudama Drive isn’t talked about enough this fall 2020 anime season and that truly fills our heart with sorrow. We are loving this series and we pray some of you fans are loving it too!

Are you digging this intense sci-fi action anime or do you have some other thoughts on it? Comment below to share your opinions on Akudama Drive! For even more Akudama Drive love keep stuck to our non-criminal hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Akudama-Drive-Wallpaper-2-700x394 Step Aside Danganronpa, Here Comes Akudama Drive!


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Akudama-Drive-Wallpaper-2-700x394 Step Aside Danganronpa, Here Comes Akudama Drive!

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