Akudama Drive Review – Justice, Crime, and a Mixture of Both

“Justice, Crime and a mixture of both”

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Sci-Fi
  • Airing Date : October 2020 – December 2020
  • Producers : Pierrot

Akudama Drive came in like a thief in the night. Against a wave of more popular anime airing this fall 2020 season—Jujutsu Kaisen and Higurashi: When They Cry – New—Akudama Drive seemed like just a filler series for those who hated waiting with nothing to watch. We went into Akudama Drive with little to get excited for but by the end of episode one, we here at Honey’s Anime found ourselves hooked. Akudama Drive might be one of the best shows of 2020 and equally one of the more hidden gems of this anime year.

Contains Spoilers

Crime isn’t Always Black and White

Akudama Drive wastes no time telling the viewers out there that those titled “Akudama” are criminals for a reason. The first episode shows that this strange landscape of advanced technology and Blade Runner-esque theme might be confusing but Akudama are bad and that’s all there is to it. What we loved about Akudama Drive is that this is a series that will remind you that crime isn’t always so simple.
Many of the characters in Akudama Drive have criminal records—with the exception of the normal girl turned Swindler—but their actions aren’t always to cause mayhem and chaos. In the case of a few, yes they are straight-up killers but a few of the Akudama are trying to survive and just find a reason to exist. They might do illegal activities but their actions sometimes fail in comparison to the police you’ll soon meet and their radical thoughts on how to keep law and order.

Studio Pierrot…Good Job

If you’re a die-hard anime fan/otaku then you probably have had some experiences with Studio Pierrot. While we appreciate Studio Pierrot’s long list of amazing anime—Tokyo Ghoul and Naruto to name a few—they have also failed to deliver with some fans making them liked/disliked by anime communities across the net. Akudama Drive should be an example that this studio is passionate about creating quality animation works—Akudama Drive oozes with style and animation flair—and why no one should doubt their excellence as a studio.

Twist and Turns Galore

Don’t think you’ll be able to easily to figure out what will happen next in Akudama Drive. This is a series that kept us constantly guessing what will happen next and while the episodes are most named after movie titles—such as Reservoir Dogs and The Shinning—that doesn’t always give you a solid clue as to what will happen in the episode. Akudama Drive is like a roller coaster that exists inside a mountain. You’ll never be able to see what the actual ride looks like but once you’re on it, you’ll have the time of your life!

Danganronpa Influences for the Win

When you watch Akudama Drive you’re bound to notice some interesting animation effects like set drop-ins and character introductions. That’s because Danganronpa story creator Kazutaka Kodaka—alongside his gaming studio Too Kyo Games—worked on Akudama Drive and it shows in many small details. Danganronpa fans will no doubt find themselves falling in love with the themes of Akudama Drive and we kind of hope to see a video game adaptation in the near future.

That Ending…

Honestly, there’s very little we can complain about when it comes to Akudama Drive but the ending is probably where many will feel the series falters a bit. The last sequence is amazingly powerful with some true tear-inducing moments, but the final scene leaves much to be desired. Is it the worst anime ending? Far from it. Just don’t expect an ending that will be loved by all as it feels very simple and overly open to interpretation.

Final Thoughts

Akudama Drive is a prime example of why people need to try multiple anime even if they lack tons of advertising. Akudama Drive impressed us with a fun story, solid cast of characters, and some truly beautiful—and unique—animation stylings. That’s why if you’re looking for a fun action/sci-fi anime to binge we recommend highly Akudama Drive! Did you feel this series was amazing as we thought? Comment below to let us know! For even more anime reviews be sure to keep stuck to our super-advanced hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Akudama-Drive-Wallpaper-3-560x312 Akudama Drive Review – Justice, Crime, and a Mixture of Both


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Akudama-Drive-Wallpaper-3-560x312 Akudama Drive Review – Justice, Crime, and a Mixture of Both

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