The Akudama That Actually Earned Their Prison Sentence (Akudama Drive)

The world of Akudama Drive has certainly given us an interesting cast of characters…who also happen to be mostly criminals. Referred to as "Akudama", these zany criminals aren’t just crazy but quite talented in differing ways. However, after watching several episodes of Akudama Drive, we have asked ourselves one simple question. Which Akudama are truly the most criminal and deserve their sentencing should they be caught? Why don’t we analyze the information we have now and see who are the best Akudama of Akudama Drive!


Brawler is the actual definition of a meathead. Built like a tank and with strength to match one, Brawler is a terrifying force of power which makes him a perfect Akudama. Instead of talking himself out of a dangerous situation, Brawler has already shown that he wishes to fight and beat down anything he considers as tough as himself! Brawler is one dude we wouldn’t want to face in a fight as this man literally broke building columns to go around a high-tech security system!

Need even more proof of Brawler’s power? This man caught a bullet shot from Courier’s gun in his literal teeth and then shot it back out like his mouth became a gun! Brawler seems to be an unstoppable body of raw strength and we have to wonder, if he goes berserk, will he attack even his friends in his madness?


Looks can indeed be deceiving if you examine Cutthroat in a single glance. Cutthroat seems like a pretty boy who just loves to wear white clothing—even his hair is white—but under those handsome looks lies a killer who was deserving of his execution sentence. Armed with a multitude of extremely sharp knives, Cutthroat lusts for the color red which just so happens to be the color of blood! Poor Swindler has Cutthroat as an admirer and this is one pretty boy we wouldn’t want liking us…


With giant oppai and tight clothing, Doctor looks nothing like an actual Doctor. Despite her gorgeous curves and figure, Doctor truly is a scary foe thanks to her skills with doctor tools! How does this make her a criminal though? One simple word, malpractice!

Doctor has already shown us in several episodes that she will use medication and medical gadgets to stop those she deems a threat. Doctor even used her own tools to sow her own neck back into working order after an executioner almost killed her! Doctor might be eye candy in the world of Akudama Drive, but her license needs to be revoked and she needs to be sent to jail…ASAP!


In the real world, hacking is seen as a taboo activity. Sure, some hackers have helped stop criminals but some hacks have attacked various securities worldwide that put the greater populous at risk. That’s why Hacker from Akudama Drive is still a criminal despite his child-like demeanor. If that isn’t enough for you, we have specific proof that Hacker needs some prison time.

In the very first few episode of Akudama Drive, Hacker is responsible for helping Cutthroat escape and as we noted above…Cutthroat needs to have been executed before he kills more! Hacker clearly doesn’t care what he hacks into if it provides him with a challenge and while he may not fight like Brawler, this mindset makes Hacker a threat in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts

Akudama Drive has some truly scary characters that have only begun to prove how they are deserving of their criminal records. Have we mentioned an Akudama who you feel isn’t a criminal or missed one that should be on our list? Comment below to let us know! For even more coverage of Akudama Drive be sure to keep stuck to our tough like Brawler hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Akudama-Drive-Wallpaper-2-1-355x500 The Akudama That Actually Earned Their Prison Sentence (Akudama Drive)


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Akudama-Drive-Wallpaper-2-1-355x500 The Akudama That Actually Earned Their Prison Sentence (Akudama Drive)

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