Funny Winter Drinking at Home Anime Takunomi Reveals Three Episode Impression!

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Slice of Life, Comedy

Airing Date:
January 12 2018

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Honey’s Highlights

honeys anime character
So this is the spiritual successor to Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara, right? Because I mean, drinking and drinking... Yeah.
honeys anime character
I could see that. And if you get hungry, there is Ramen Daisuki no Koizumi-san which will make you crave ramen! There are a lot of food and drink anime this season.
honeys anime character
All we need now is a farm anime to make everything come full circle. But we have Dagashi Kashi this season for our sweet tooth.

honeys anime character
I'm always down to rewatch Nourin or something like it! Let's do it!

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Michiru Amatsuki, 20 years old, has just changed jobs and come to Tokyo. After arriving in the capital, she ends up living in an all-female share house known as Stella House Haruno! Her roommates all have different careers and ages, but as long as there is good food and good alcohol, then it will always be fun! Toasting everyone, this is a comedy about being tipsy and drinking at home! Push!!

Three Episode Impression

If you are an alcoholic, this anime may rub you the wrong way. Takunomi is an anime about three women who moved to the city and de-stress by drinking. That’s essentially what their lives seem to be oriented around. Takunomi talks about some alcohol that are available in Japan that some of us may never try, and there are different discussions about drinking snacks and working out, but in the end, it’s all about the alcohol. Takunomi is a slice of life anime that revolves around alcohol. It’s like a longer version of Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara for the most part. This anime may not change your world, but it’s an anime about alcohol and the girls who drink it.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Michiru Amatsuki

Voice Actor: Ayaka Imamura

A 20-year-old girl who has always loved the big city and has moved to Tokyo from Okayama. She lives in apartment 101 in Stella House Haruno. She’s changed jobs to work in sales at a start-up company. She’s still learning about alcohol, but it seems like she can drink quite a lot…?

Nao Kiriyama

Voice Actor: Chika Anzai

The resident of apartment 201 in Stella House Haruno. She works in a clothes store. She’s full of mystery, but she’s cheerful and brightens the mood at Stella House. She loves alcohol and enjoys drinking all sorts, but she especially loves beer.

Kae Midorikawa

Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

The resident of apartment 204 in Stella House Haruno. She works as a wedding planner. She’s good at looking after others and is a great cook who always cooks when the Stella House residents get together and drink. However, she’s unlucky in love. Her favourite alcohol is wine.

Makoto Kiriyama

Voice Actor: Maaya Uchida

The resident of apartment 203 in Stella House Haruno. She’s Nao’s younger sister and is currently job-hunting in her third year of university. Unlike her sister she has a calm personality and is a very together person. She’s a beauty and often gets scouted when she’s in town. She loves eating. Her favourite alcohol is sweet cocktails

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: adventure bleu by Maaya Uchida
  • Ending Song: Stoic ni Detox by Mashinomi

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Haruto Hino
  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
  • Script: Katsuhiko Takayama
  • Series Composition: Katsuhiko Takayama
  • Character Design: Shinpei Kobayashi
  • Animation Director: Shinpei Kobayashi, Kana Miyai
  • Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Music: Masato Suzuki

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