Drinking at Home Manga Takunomi Announces Anime for 2018!


Slice of Life, Comedy

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Michiru Amatsuki, 20 years old, has just changed jobs and come to Tokyo. After arriving in the capital, she ends up living in an all-female share house known as Stella House Haruno! Her roommates all have different careers and ages, but as long as there is good food and good alcohol, then it will always be fun! Toasting everyone, this is a comedy about being tipsy and drinking at home! Push!!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Michiru Amatsuki

Voice Actor: TBA

Nao Kiriyama

Voice Actor: TBA

Kae Midorikawa

Voice Actor: TBA

Makoto Kiriyama

Voice Actor: TBA


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Haruto Hino
  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
  • Script: Katsuhiko Takayama
  • Series Composition: Shinpei Kobayashi
  • Music: Masato Suzuki

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