The Best And The Brightest - Meeting Tamakoma 2’s Members

The first season of World Trigger came to an abrupt end back in 2016. We’ve kept our fingers crossed for the second season, and it’s finally returned to our screens. It sure has been a long time since we’ve first met our guys in Tamakoma 2, and some of you might have already forgotten who they are and what their abilities are. Don’t fret. We’re here to help. Let’s run down all the members of Tamakoma 2 and discuss both their old and new skills. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Osamu Mikumo

Osamu is a B-Rank shooter and also Tamakoma 2’s captain. Even though his fighting skills are far below Yuma’s, his brain makes up for it. He has devised clever plans, which leads to Tamakoma 2’s wins, and even convinces the top brass to grant peculiar requests. He’s a hard-working character who doesn't mind getting his ass handed back to him multiple times if it means reaching his goal.

During their latest fight against Katori Unit and Kakizaki Unit, Osamu shows us what he’s prepared. Instead of focusing on damage, Osamu decides to support Tamakoma 2’s ace, Yuma. He adds a spider to his arsenal and sets up wires, which complements Yuma’s agility. Osamu even furthers this tactic by adding red wires and different shades of ordinary wires into the mix. Red wires can cut his opponents, making it great for traps.

Yuma Kuga

Unlike the original other members of Tamakoma 2, Yuma isn’t from Earth. He’s a neighbor that comes to Earth and meets Osamu. He has been trained by his father at an early age. His father also leaves him a black trigger after his death. Yuma, however, needs to constantly use a Trion body. His real body is hidden within his ring in order to prevent it from dying. On that note, Yuma possesses great strength on a daily basis thanks to his body.

Thanks to his Trion body, Yuma also has the ability to detect lies. This ability is automatically triggered when he looks at someone who’s lying. Readers know that it triggers when Yuma’s pupils have turned black. As Tamakoma 2’s ace, Yuma has wealthy battle experience. He creatively uses Scorpion to deal fatal damage, while he uses Grasshopper to dodge and execute quick attacks.

Chika Amatori

Chika is the cutest among Tamakoma 2’s members. She is originally Aftokrator’s target due to her vast reserves of Trion. Thanks to Border’s efforts, Chika manages to slip through their grasp. Her brother and her friend, however, aren’t as lucky as Chika. They are both abducted by neighbors, which is Chika’s primary motivation for joining Border, as well as Tamakoma 2’s primary reason for aiming to reach A-Rank.

With her immense Trion reserves, Chika packs one heck of a shot. She can easily level landscapes and alter the environment they are fighting in. Despite having such offensive power, she isn’t capable of harming other beings. Because of that, her combat ability is greatly limited. Prior to their latest rank battle, however, Chika trains in using lead bullets. Even though it can’t hurt others, it can definitely leave them incapacitated, which still ends up with Tamakoma 2 gaining an edge over their opponent.

Shiori Usami

Shiori is quite a unique member of Tamakoma 2. She acts as their operator, but she isn’t solely a member of Tamakoma 2. She is also the operator of Tamakoma First and of Jin, who mostly goes solo. Even though she works for Tamakoma units in general, she doesn’t do her work halfway through. She puts her all in supporting the other members, and she even goes as far staying up late with Yuma as he works with Replica.


Technically, Hyuse isn’t part of Tamakoma 2 yet as negotiations about his participation are still in the works. There is, however, a huge probability that Osamu will be able to convince the top brass to let Hyuse join the team. It’s Osamu we’re talking about, after all.

Hyuse is a neighbor from Aftokrator. After his fight with Jin, he gets abandoned on Earth. He joins Border for the sole purpose of getting back to his home planet. That is also the only reason he’s joining Tamakoma 2. His participation, however, ought to change how Tamakoma 2 functions. Like Yuma, Hyuse also wields a black trigger. He also has ample battle experience, which makes him a possible second ace.

Final Thoughts

Now that Tamakoma 2 has made their appearance after a long time, we can’t help ourselves but rejoice. After all, it’s already been four years since the first season ended. The long wait proves to be worth it. The entire gang brings us big surprises in the form of new skills and a new member. Yes, we’re looking straight at you, Hyuse! We definitely can’t wait to see what else Tamakoma 2 has in store for us.

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World-Trigger-Wallpaper-4-376x500 The Best And The Brightest - Meeting Tamakoma 2’s Members

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