Tamakoma 2 Proves Hard Work Pays Off in World Trigger Season 2

Meeden’s fight against Galopoula has long ended. Using the best Border agents available, they’ve fended off Galopula’s invasion without suffering any casualty. Galopoula, however, manages to deal some damage, although they themselves have also suffered heavy losses. Even though the fights during the invasion are quite intense, we can’t help but find ourselves wanting them to hurry it up. After all, we want to finally see our guys in Tamakoma 2 in action. Finally, the ranking battles have begun, and Tamakoma 2 is up against two teams in a battle royale.

Here’s a recap of how Tamakoma 2 managed to bag the win.

The Fine Competitors

For this match, which is also Tamakoma 2s’s debut match for this season, they are faced against Katori Unit and Kakizaki Unit. Katori Unit is originally 7th amongst all B-Rank teams, while Kakizaki Unit is ranked 13. That said, both units have members that can hold themselves in a fight. Katori Unit has its team leader and ace, Yoko Katori, that evenly matches or even exceeds Yuma’s fighting skills. She's a known genius who achieves stellar results with little effort. On the other hand, Katori Unit’s other two members, Yuta Miura and Rokuro Wakamura, are nothing more than just average B-Rankers.

Unlike the Katori Unit, Kakizaki Unit doesn’t have a designated ace. They equally share the duties across each member and work together as a team. The leader, Kuniharu Kakizaki, devises the best plan for the unit, while Tomoe and Teruya follow him out of trust and admiration.

Neck-to-neck Match-ups

The match starts off piping hot as Katori engages Yuma, who exchanges blows with her for a couple while. Osamu manages to set up some wires and support Yuma, which leads to Katori changing targets. Osamu’s wires, however, prove to be effective as Katori trips on one. That’s when Chika fires a lead bullet and weakens the Katori Unit. The Kakizaki Unit decides to join the fray by attacking the Katori Unit as well, and that’s how the battle frenzy started.

Throughout the match, the probability of winning constantly dwindled. The alliances formed between the three units are as fragile as paper as they try to best one another. Even with Tamakoma 2’s array of new techniques, they still haven’t easily secured victory. In fact, Chika and Osamu have been eliminated, while Yuma has a very close call during his fight with Kakizaki. The action scenes are so intense that we can’t say for sure which one is at the advantage. We can only watch the scenes unfold with bated breath.

Talent Alone Is Never Enough

What’s interesting during this Rank Battle is that we get to see different dynamics amongst units. There’s the Kakizaki Unit who often opts to play safe and take the best course of action. There’s also the Katori Unit who heavily relies on their ace. Tamakoma 2 is somewhere in between. They heavily rely on Yuma, but they also have a very well-thought-of plan. Seeing Tamakoma 2 topple the other two units is quite a sight to behold.

This Rank Battle just proves that having talent alone is not enough to reach the top. Katori of Katori Unit is probably at the same level, if not above, Yuma in terms of combat ability. She proves this when she effectively uses Osamu’s wires without prior practice. This, however, just proves how incredibly talented she is. Unfortunately for her, Yuma still trains hard despite being incredibly skilled, which is also the reason how he manages to defeat Katori despite running low on trion.

Final Thoughts

It’s been far too long since we’ve last seen our guys in Tamakoma 2, and we sure are glad they’ve brought us exquisite presents. Their performance is nothing short of noteworthy, and they deserve all the applause and warm welcome. Their journey towards being chosen for the away mission, however, has only begun. We will surely see more of them in action, and we can’t wait to see how much stronger they can get.

World-Trigger-Wallpaper-5 Tamakoma 2 Proves Hard Work Pays Off in World Trigger Season 2


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World-Trigger-Wallpaper-5 Tamakoma 2 Proves Hard Work Pays Off in World Trigger Season 2

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