The Highlights of Tamakoma 2’s Latest Rank Battle in World Trigger Season 3

World Trigger has been gracing us with cool and mind blowing sci-fi battles since season 1. Unfortunately, it somehow flies under a lot of people’s radar starting from season 2. After an intense Neighbor situation last season, Tamakoma 2 now has a very clear goal in mind—joining the expedition. In order to do that, they must win a lot of points and rise to the top of the B-rank. Now, they have to consider their every move and ensure that they not only win, but win with a big margin. After seven episodes, their fight against Azuma Squad, Kageura Squad, and Suzunari First has finally come to an end. Here are the highlights of the match.

Chika's Meteor Shot

Fans of the anime know pretty well that Chika’s greatest handicap is her inability to shoot people, even though there’s really no way she can hurt them during the battles. Despite having a huge reservoir of trion, her offensive capability is greatly limited because of this. When she fired that huge Meteor towards the mall, fans reasonably rejoiced. After destroying half of the mall, both the viewers and the other squads were reminded of the amount of damage she can deal with a single shot. It, however, did not come without a price. Her shot accidentally made an opponent bail out, which resulted in her temporarily being frozen in place. Towards the end, however, she recovered enough to shoot another huge Meteor and mark the end of the battle.

Hyuse and Kuga's Joint Attack

Hyuse and Kuga are individually strong attackers. When they join forces, they can give even the higher-ranked agents a run for their money. With Hyuse tactically using Escudo to provide cover, hiding spots, and limit their opponent’s field, Kuga was able to freely move around and strike their blindspots. Once Hyuse joined in the offensive, the pressure brought by Kuga and Hyuse’s onslaught made even the wild Kageura crack. Not only Kageura, this tactic also worked against the adept Ko of Suzunari First. However, it also highlighted just how strong Ko as a fighter is. Even when faced with Hyuse and Kuga tandem, he still managed to deal significant damage to Kuga, while also keeping Hyuse at bay. Nevertheless, Hyuse and Kuga still came out on top.

That Ceiling Shot

It is no secret that Yuzuru Ema is one of the best snipers in Border, and he proves that during this battle. With a bunch of skilled snipers participating in this match, the squads involved couldn’t be careless. This was especially true when Suzunari First executed their new darkness tactic. With Ema’s ability to hit targets just with the help of his radar, he managed to snag a point for his team. He did that by shooting through the ceiling while 3 out of 4 members of Tamakoma 2 were surrounding his target. Not only that, he then took one of Osamu’s legs with another ceiling shot.

Azuma's Bagworm Trick

With Azuma’s experience and wisdom, it’s unsurprising that he’s leagues above Osamu when it comes to strategizing and battle instincts. He proved that when he pulled a feint, forcing Osamu to separate Tamakoma 2’s strongest duo. That, however, wasn’t his greatest feat during the match. It was when he pulled that gun hanger trick. Hanging his bagworm on a gun then switching weapons allowed him to pull a fast one on Hyuse, earning his team another point.

Final Thoughts

At the rate it’s going, it doesn’t seem like World Trigger will be running out of cool fights just yet. This match has reminded us why we love World Trigger. The battles aren’t all about strength or power, it’s always a clash of tactics and experience. Needless to say, we enjoyed the match between these four teams and can’t wait to see Tamakoma 2 facing the top brass. If you think we’ve missed an awesome moment during the match, don’t hesitate to tell us below.

World-Trigger-Wallpaper-3-700x496 The Highlights of Tamakoma 2’s Latest Rank Battle in World Trigger Season 3


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