The Best Anime on Crunchyroll to Binge Right Now! (Fall 2021)

Fall 2021 has been one hell of a season with some incredible anime lined up for us to enjoy this holiday season. But with so many choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed searching for the perfect anime to relax with. Moreover, with a preference between streaming platforms, it’s hard to know which anime is on which platform. That’s why we’re here to give you five anime that we think should definitely check out on Crunchyroll right now!

5. Takt Op. Destiny

Music is the light that illuminates people’s hearts and that “light” was taken away from the world when grotesque monsters called D2 invaded the Earth with their hatred for music. Music was eventually banned all over the world in order to keep people safe and it continues to be banned to this day. However, humanity’s hope isn’t lost. The only ones capable of defeating the D2s are Musicarts, girls who represent pieces of classical music and Conductors, guys who lead them. The year is 2047 and the United States is devastated by the struggle against the D2. Conductor Takt and his Musicart Destiny arrive at New York, each with their own goals.

Takt. Op Destiny, while starts off with a rather cliche plot, has a particular charm that pulls you in with every single episode. Music and fighting are connected in this anime and the way Takt. Op Destiny pulls that off is pretty amazing. Moreover, with some of the best animation studios behind this anime like Madhouse and Mappa, the animation is spectacular and highlights the intricacies of the anime.

4. 86 Part 2

The Spearhead Squadron consists of the so-called “Eighty-Six” who were exiled from their own country, Republic of San Magnolia. Forced to fight an extremely hard battle against the Legion, the unmanned drones of the Giad empire, the squadron barely wins the battle but loses many of their comrades. But death continues to chase them as the survivors are sent on a “a Special Recon Mission” - a one-way trip to Legion territory with 0% chance of survival. Even though it’s basically a death sentence, the squad decides to continue to fight not because they have hope for the future but because the battlefield is the only place where they feel alive.

The journey with Shinei Nouzen and his friends continues in part 2 of the series that wowed the anime community in Summer 2021. 86 deals with some harsh and dark themes like racism, violence, PTSD, and so on. However, each episode of the anime leaves you wanting more. The anime has claimed fame because of its fantastic storyboarding that makes every episode feel like a movie. This is one light novel that isn’t an isekai with a ridiculously long name and we at Honey’s Anime think you should check this out!

3. Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei Suru (The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in a Different World as an Aristocrat)

As the title suggests, the MC in this isekai is not your usual teen hit by truck-kun. Instead, he is an older, very experienced professional killer. At the time of his death, he is asked by a goddess to help her prevent the end of the world as we know it by using his abilities to kill that fantasy world's hero before they cause it. Wait... the one summoned is not the "hero"?! Exactly.

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated was a highly anticipated isekai of Fall 2021. With a more mature lead and a plot that subverts all our usual expectations, it has certainly placed itself in the must-watch list for the season. If you like isekai that somewhat veer off the beaten path (it is still a fantasy harem at heart), you've got to watch The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in a Different World as an Aristocrat on Funimation!

2. One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy is not your stereotypical pirate with crooked teeth and a thirst for treasures. Instead, his thirst for adventure and the people that he will meet during his journey to acquire the One Piece, a treasure that promises great wealth and fame for anyone who acquires it, is the reason Luffy becomes a pirate. But along the way, he meets some fantastic people, each with their own goals, and together, they form a crew called the “Strawhats”. Thus starts an epic journey filled with hardships, comrades, strong enemies, and some interesting mysteries.

We know what you’re thinking. One Piece is a long investment for an anime that has over 1000 episodes. However, that’s exactly the reason why you should pick this anime up now. With over 1000 episodes, that’s hours and hours of fun. The anime is known for its brilliant worldbuilding filled with some fantastic characters that you will grow to love. As anime lovers, we’re always wanting more and more episodes with our favorite characters and guess what? One Piece is the one anime that will continue to supply you with hours and hours of entertainment. Moreover, since it’s the holiday season, we think that this is one anime that will keep you up all night binging on all the episodes! Or, you can check out our One Piece Watch Guide and catch up without missing anything vital!

1. Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc)

Tanjiro and his friends accompany the Hashira Tengen Uzui to an entertainment district where Tengen’s female ninja agents were gathering information on a demon. However, due to mysterious circumstances, the agents disappeared. In order to investigate this mystery and save the agents, Tanjiro and the others are forced to disguise themselves as women to sneak in. As they close in on their target, the demon doesn’t wait as he starts attacking the courtesans of the district!

Following the Mugen Train arc, we have yet another arc with our favorite Demon Slayer characters. With about two episodes at the time of writing, the anime has captured our hearts yet again with its breathtaking visuals. Moreover, there are new characters this time like Tengen Uzui whose introduction was simply stunning. If stunning aesthetics, demons and some amazing storyline are right up your alley, we think that Demon Slayer is THE anime to watch this fall/winter season!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article! What is your favorite anime of this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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