The Surge 2 E3 2018 Impressions

The Surge is back with Focus Home Entertainment's new iteration, The Surge 2! The direct sequel to the first title which will have you exploring more, fighting more, and, of course, challenging you more than you have ever been since The Surge’s first release. With an improved engine and upgrades to boot, Focus Home Entertainment has implemented a new system of environments and combat challenges that will leave you saltier than ever!


Honey’s Anime had the chance to check out a small gameplay demo while at E3 2018, and we must say, it looks gorgeous. Focus Home Entertainment has outdone themselves with new combat abilities, an expansion of 10 weapon types from the original 5 in the first title, a new story, and new enemies. Players are introduced to a new setting taking place in the city of Jericho, where a horrific storm is a brewing in the center. It is your duty to investigate the situation of the city, as well as, the source of the chaos which the storm influences. This new story contains lots of mystery and survival experiences. Conspiracy between the story in The Surge 1 will be influenced in The Surge 2 for sure. With lots of options to use in-game, lots of challenges for players to master, tools for players to use for their own play-style, you will definitely have your hands full with this one.


As you play, you will be able to explore the city for clues to complete your missions while also coming across secret areas to gather more material/gear for your survival in this near dystopian world, but you will also encounter the environment which you are moving through as it will generate its own area of mystery to challenge players in their missions. You will also come across enemy AI that proves troubling if you are not ready—by trapping you in their territory and keeping the advantage for themselves—, just make sure you are comfortable where you are fighting, otherwise, you should draw them out of their territory.

Jumping out of secret spots within the environment, these AI will adapt to your decisions in battle when you least expect it but will also provide more item drops when severing limbs to help build up your skill level and gear. There are different types of enemy classes to encounter throughout the game so make sure you are prepared and fully loaded with all the gear you’ll need.


Pretty much all weapons in The Surge 2 will have unique finishing sequences for our visually entertained minds, depending on which body part you focus on. There is also the new limb targeting system to provide more precise attacks and wonderful visuals at the same time! When you are able to sever the limb you want to collect (and use as your own feature), you can! There are new attachments/weapon gear that will allow you to use them throughout the game so you can beef up your characters stats to the max! This is in part of giving players more freedom to power-up their characters and enjoy what we all love the most about The Surge.

What's New

In addition, customization of your characters is also another feature FHE has thought about, giving you much freedom to control how your character looks but, of course, they are still working things out—expect something worthwhile in the near future.

Oh! You’ll also get to experience everything from the first game, but better, and the death system is as you remembered it. Once you die, you start all the way back from your previous checkpoint, having to gather up your gear once again. The good thing about The Surge 2, is that you will be able to execute more combos when fighting to help with progress so you don’t have to worry about dying too often! Another thing about this is there will be a counter where the fails you have, the more your material/modules will deteriorate, leaving them useless.


Focus Home Entertainment has used their new engine called Fledge Engine 5 for developing The Surge 2, which has enhanced the graphics and mechanics within the game for a more immersive experience—in a roguelike style game that is unforgiving yet, fun. The FHE has been working on this for about a year and will continue to work on it until somewhere in 2019. It is easy to fall into enemy hands but that is not the only thing you need to worry about, as edges of cliffs can also prove devastating if you fall off! FHE really wanted to give players the best experience they could get and we thank them for that!

Final Thoughts

Make sure you all check out The Surge 2 when it has more details sometime towards the end of the year. It is slated for 2019 but let’s see what happens. You don’t need to know too much about the first game for the second game. It's a standalone! Other than that, what do you think about The Surge 2? Will you get it? I know I would! Let us know in the comments below!


035 The Surge 2 E3 2018 Impressions

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