This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]

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honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Okay guys, most shows are already on their third episode, so it's time to sort the wheat from the chaff!
honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Oh, there's a lot of hot garbage to ignore... why don't we just focus on the good shows?
honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Wait. Are you telling me there's more than one anime airing this season??! For me, it's all about sexy firemen!!
honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Bombon, take a look at what our editors are recommending and see what you've been missing!

Contains Spoilers

To Fight a Beast


honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]

Senku and Tsukasa might have started off as allies but quickly things have turned wayside when a realization has dawned on the stone scientist. Tsukasa is focused on killing all of those still trapped in stone to create his own version of the world! Making matters worse is Taiju who runs in and reveals the miracle fluid is within the cave meaning our Primate High Schooler now knows how to keep Senku from reviving everyone. Episode 3 does have a silver lining as Yuzuriha finally is revived from her stone prison allowing the trio to flee and head towards a new location to allow Senku to make weapons capable of stopping Tsukasa who has proved he’s faster than arrows and is too strong to stop with fist a cuffs. After a long journey the trio does find their new location and Senku reveals his plan now is to make gunpowder but Tsukasa is privy to his idea and already is gunning to stop him! It’s a race to see who can stop who first folks! My bet is Senku and his team have a better shot but Tsukasa isn’t a powerhouse for no reason. Plus, I can now see he might not be as smart as Senku but he’s got his own intelligence making him a true threat.

honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Well, they might have Tsukasa to worry about now but at least Yuzuriha has been freed! Taiju, you better tell her how you feel soon!

Character Change

Meghan May Dellinger

honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]

Just as Kunai is trying to plan out what to do next, the second Holy Maiden known as the “Killer Queen” shows up, intent on retrieving Luna. When the two Maidens are ambushed by members of a demonic cult, Kunai seems rather helpless - that is, until he switches to another character from his past, the heroic Zero!

In terms of this season’s isekai anime, there don’t seem to be many great options for the summer. Maou-sama, Retry! is no better than the rest of the genre at the moment, with rather poor animation and a predictable storyline. However, the series does have one thing going for it, in that it is so awkward and cheesy, it’s actually funny!

On top of that, this episode proved that Maou-sama, Retry! might not be like every other isekai after all when the main character changed “characters” to help with the fight. This is a tactic unheard of in other anime of the genre. Most protagonists come into a new world set as one person. Even if they might be overpowered or if the world has direct ties to video game leveling (as seen in Sword Art Online or Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken), the characters always remain pretty much the same in construction. Yet Maou-sama, Retry! reminds us of the rather common notion of an alternate account in MMOs, and even gives us an entertainingly dramatic character in the form of Zero. This anime might have more to it than meets the eye going forward. And if it doesn’t, this moment is at least worth noting!

honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Those two sisters are crazy! I would NOT want to get on their bad side!

A Delinquent’s Tale

Mary Lee Sauder

honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]

It’s been mentioned in passing that Tohru’s mom Kyoko and her friend Uotani used to be delinquents, but now it’s time to learn the whole story. In middle school, Uotani distracted herself from her deadbeat alcoholic dad by joining a violent girl gang and lashing out against anyone who looked at her funny. She came to idolize a former member of the gang, the “Red Butterfly”, who turned out to still be living in town with a young daughter. Of course, when Uotani actually met Kyoko and Tohru, she was horrified by how domestic and friendly they were.

We’ve only ever heard about Tohru’s mother through her own recollections, so it’s interesting to see Kyoko actually show how she was a positive influence on her daughter and the young delinquent. Since she went through the same kind of adolescence as Uotani, she knew that her first reaction to the family-oriented Kyoko would be disgust. But through subtle actions and kind words, Kyoko eventually made Uotani realize that getting into pointless fights and robbing people wouldn’t patch the hole in her heart. The only way out was unconditional love.

Moving Uotani’s backstory earlier in the narrative was a smart move on the studio’s part (in the manga, it happens about 20 chapters later), since it gives Kyoko more of a real presence in the story and ties in well with the grave visit from a few episodes ago. It keeps us guessing – do Kyo and Yuki have some kind of connection with her? How exactly did she die? We’ll just have to wait and see...

honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
Also, Kyo and Yuki’s awkward banter at the swimsuit shop was priceless! They each want to see Tohru in their signature colors... so cute!

Tilarna Undercover


honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]

With Kei not wanting to break protocol, Tilarna heads to confront Dennis all by herself. Despite her disdain for criminals, Tilarna turns to O'Neill and Kenny to get her into Dennis' club in exchange for some of her jewelry. Once she is inside, Tilarna heads to Dennis’ office and confronts him about using the fairy. Dennis is able to easily defeat Tilarna and brings her to the facility where he is making the Fairy Dust bomb. Thanks to some surprise help from Kei, Tilarna is able to escape, defeat Dennis, and save the fairy. They also capture Zelada temporarily before he is saved by Kei's Chief Roth. With the revelation that Roth was working with their enemy fresh in their minds, Kei and Tilarna continue their chase of Zelada unsure of who they can trust.

Overall the third episode Cop Craft was filled with some great moments. The Roth reveal was shocking and it was the best reveal the series has done thus far. The episode was let down by the worst looking action scenes the series has put out thus far. Neither of the Dennis and Tilarna fights looked great and it was kind of distracting with just how weird they looked. Despite that, the Roth and Kei showdown was still cool and the story more than makes up for the lack of quality action.

honey-happy3 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [07/23/2019]
I wonder how they will get that bomb off of the fairy in time.


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