Tokyo Revengers - Romance, Fights, and a Good Story

When Tokyo Revengers was first announced, we didn’t know what to really expect. We have seen several anime in the past dealing with time travel to reverse the fate of various people—Orange is a recent example—and thought this might be just another time-traveling drama anime. After several episodes, Tokyo Revengers is shaping up to be something entirely of its own! Why have we fallen in love with Tokyo Revengers and why do we have such high hopes for this time-traveling, fist flying drama? Continue reading for our first impressions of Tokyo Revengers!

Undoing What Was Done to Strengthen the Future

Our main man Takemichi Hanagaki has found himself with a strange power when he is nearly killed after being pushed off the tracks of a passing train. Moments before death, Takemichi finds himself thrust back in time to his high school days and learns his actions can undo the future where his ex-girlfriend dies by a powerful gang’s actions. Takemichi has already become a beloved character for us here at Honey’s Anime as we begin to see his rough past and, equally, his even rougher future and we pray he can reverse time to save his ex and possibly become a stronger individual in the process.

Tough Inside and Out

Many of us otaku know the pains of being bullied and trying to act tough to overcome the challenges of said bullying. Takemichi joined a “gang” to find his place in life but what that led to was nothing but more challenges and a world of him apologizing to everyone for no reason other than to save face. Tokyo Revengers is a very relatable anime series that asks: what can one change if they undo their past failings and how would that alter their appearance/life in the future? Watching Takemichi and his pals go through middle school and try to make a name for themselves has been thoroughly exciting so far and we’re only three episodes in which makes it even more impressive!

Romance, Fighting, and Story…YES, PLEASE!

Tokyo Revengers has us drooling in immersion as we continue watching this time-traveling escapade. Learning more about Takemichi’s past, the Tokyo Manji Gang, and his ex has proven to be quite captivating and that is helped by some incredible genres being merged together. Tokyo Revengers feels like one part romance plot, one part self-discovery drama, and one part fighting shounen and we can only pray the series keeps this up as it continues onward!

Hina is MVP as a Girlfriend

Takemichi’s past girlfriend Hina Tachibana was introduced early on as the driving force behind our main character’s reasons for dealing with constant pain in order to save her life in the future. We can understand why Hina is worth the trouble, she’s truly adorable and extremely strong. In episode 3, Hina grabs her boyfriend’s arm to save him from two powerful threats despite clearly being scared. In the end, things are resolved in a way that gives Takemichi a bit more credit as a tough dude—even though he’s still quite weak—and shows that maybe our boy can alter the future. What’s even more amazing, though, is Hina and we pray she has more screen time in this wonderful series.

Final Thoughts

In only three episodes, Tokyo Revengers has us quite pleased with how it's shaping up. Not only is the story quite tantalizing but despite the time-traveling element, the overall themes within are somewhat relatable. Tokyo Revengers if it continues being this amazing could shape up to be one of the best anime of the spring 2021 season and possibly of the entire year!

Are you enjoying Tokyo Revengers as much as we are? Leave your thoughts on this series down below! We will no doubt have even more coverage of Tokyo Revengers and other spring 2021 series so be sure to keep stuck to our tough inside and out hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-3-700x392 Tokyo Revengers - Romance, Fights, and a Good Story


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Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-3-700x392 Tokyo Revengers - Romance, Fights, and a Good Story

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