Tokyo Revengers Mid-Season Impressions – Revenge is Very Sweet

Revenge is Very Sweet

Contains Spoilers

Takemichi Hanagaki has become a truly pitiful adult in comparison to his middle schooler days. Then, within an instant, Takemichi is given a chance to relive his “glory days” when a near-death experience thrusts him into the past. Now in his middle school body, Takemichi remembers that not all of his previous days were filled with joy. Thankfully, Takemichi alters his past ever so slightly and learns from his ex-girlfriend’s brother—Naoto Tachibana—that he holds the ability to change the future and prevent a truly horrible series of events.

Hinata—Takemichi’s original love—was killed horribly due to the actions of a powerful group dubbed the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi must go back in time, somehow rise up the ranks of the Manji gang and prevent his ex from dying and possibly even worse. A tall order for our not-so-tough gangster but one that Takemichi is willing to try to find a better tomorrow!

Drama, Fights, Blood, and Tears

Tokyo Revengers might be a time-traveling story, but if you’re quick to believe that’s all there is to this anime, you’d be quite mistaken. Filled to the brim with a deep narrative that is relatable on many levels—especially for those who know the world of bullying—and some wonderful character development, Tokyo Revengers has truly been a constant thrill to watch weekly. Every episode feels impactful thanks to some wonderful drama, great street brawls, and some episodes that will just leave you balling your eyes out. Tokyo Revengers doesn’t waste a single minute and you’ll never find an episode that leaves you wanting more.

Takemichi for the Win

Takemichi doesn’t seem like much at first but this young man ended up being one of our favorite courageous—but quite weak—characters in recent memory. Takemichi is just one of those anime heroes you root for not because he is OP or because he has an air of coolness surrounding him but because he’s realistic. Many of us otaku know the pain of being bullied but never giving up. That’s why we fell in love with Tokyo Revengers’ main man. Many of us can see ourselves in this wannabe tough guy and that makes his struggle/journey all that much more engaging.

Establishing New Standards

Let’s be realistic for a moment. Most of us hear "time travel" and immediately think…wow that’s been done to literal death. Thankfully, Tokyo Revengers might have the concept of time traveling but rarely does it focus on it. Unlike series like Steins;Gate and/or Re:Zero, Tokyo Revengers doesn’t give Takemichi an easy way to undo mistakes. If Takemichi fails to change very specific events on his first shot, that’s it. This setup gives Tokyo Revengers has much more depth than most shounen where you just know everything will most likely work out in the end. Takemichi needs to be cautious with his actions, as failure means altering the future and we can only assume a big enough failure—if Takemichi does truly fail—will create true darkness in his future.

The Anticipation of Greatness

Here at Honey’s Anime, we don’t like to make claims like “this will be the best show ever” or “there is no way this series will disappoint” as many series have unfortunately failed to live up to the hype. That being said, Tokyo Revengers has reached a halfway point that has left us with a smile time after time again. In our opinion, Tokyo Revengers will only get better and better and that leaves us thinking this could be a truly epic anime! Now let’s pray to the anime gods above to keep delivering more and more greatness so we can give Tokyo Revengers a truly amazing final review when it concludes.

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Revengers has been an intense action/drama series that has yet to falter. Could Tokyo Revengers end up being one of the best 2021 anime or will it end up disappointing us in the end? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! For even more coverage of Tokyo Revengers and other spring 2021 anime, keep stuck to our tough hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-6-667x500 Tokyo Revengers Mid-Season Impressions – Revenge is Very Sweet


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Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-6-667x500 Tokyo Revengers Mid-Season Impressions – Revenge is Very Sweet

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Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-6-667x500 Tokyo Revengers Mid-Season Impressions – Revenge is Very Sweet

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