Top 10 Baby Pokemon

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The Pokémon craze has been going strong for 20 years, and with the new release of Pokémon Sun and Moon we can assume that it is headed for another 20. Pokémon allows us to experience a world of mysterious creatures and adventure, how can you not fall in love with that?

In the later generations of Pokémon, new varieties have been slowly introduced; Fairy, Dark, Steel, but the cutest addition are the recently-coined Baby Pokémon. A baby Pokémon is determined using 3 different factors. Can it be obtained through breeding? Is it the lowest Pokémon on its evolution chart? Lastly, is it a member of the Undiscovered Egg Group? If it passes these three criteria, it is officially a baby Pokémon. This concept started with the release of generation two in 1999 in Japan, but was made official during generation four. Right now there are not many Pokémon that qualify as babies, but the numbers are growing with each new generation released.

To determine what are the best baby Pokémon, which are the top of this growing Pokémon type, a number of factors must be looked at. For this list we used a combination of popularity, strength, and cuteness. But there can only be one top baby Pokémon.

10. Elekid

  • Pokédex #: 239

In the anime we are introduced to Elekid through the character of Paul. Paul owns an Elekid which we later see evolve into the familiar Electabuzz. Elekid is an Electric type baby Pokémon in the Undiscovered Egg Group. With that lightning bolt shape on his chest, his Electric type abilities are kind of a given. Electabuzz is familiar to fans of the first generation of Pokémon. At that time, Electabuzz was one of the few stand-alone Pokémon that did not have an evolution. Creators must have felt bad for the poor Electabuzz because in Generation two they gave him a baby pre-evolution.

Elekid made the list of top baby Pokémon because of his time in the anime. We are even able to see the egg he hatched from in the episode “Extreme Pokémon!”. Because Elekid is an Electric type, he is also strong against many other Pokémon and is weak only to Ground type. This makes him very effective in battle. With a strong Elekid, you can hope to evolve it into a powerful Electabuzz and Electivire.

9. Igglybuff

  • Pokédex #: 174

How can you ignore the big dopey eyes of the Puff family? Igglybuff is the youngest iteration of this band of singers that will just lull you to sleep. When you first saw Jigglypuff, you thought, how could a Pokémon get any cuter? Well don’t you worry, the creators had no problem creating a baby Pokémon for Jigglypuff that was all puff and fluff.

Igglybuff is a normal and Fairy type baby Pokémon with similar abilities as its evolutions. We first see Igglybuff in the episode “Pikachu & Pichu”. It has a balloon shaped body and can bounce just like one as well. Igglybuff has a high HP for a baby Pokémon, at 90 points! We couldn’t make this list without including the squishiest and roundest of the baby Pokémon.

8. Munchlax

  • Pokédex #: 446

When you think of Snorlax, it is hard to think of anything baby about him. But creators decided that the sleeping giant needed a baby beginning. Snorlax is famous for being huge and falling asleep in troublesome places, only to be roused by the sound of a flute. But what is Munchlax known for?

Munchlax was the world’s first introduction to the 4th generation of Pokémon. Despite his fur sometimes looking like a dress, Munchlax is found as a male most of the time. In the episode “Berry, Berry Interesting” the main character, May, captures a Munchlax. It is known to be very hyper-active and always hunting for food. This is necessary when you think about how much Munchlax must eat to become the gigantic Snorlax we know and love. Muchlax is an adorable pre-evolution to a much loved classic Pokémon.

7. Cleffa

  • Pokédex #: 173

The pre-evolution of Clefairy and Clefable, Cleffa is the epitome of a baby fairy Pokémon. The trend of cute, round baby Pokémon is not lost on Cleffa. It is the main Pokémon in the episode “Wish upon a Star Shape” when it fell into the main group’s lap from a spaceship. Cleffa’s egg before it hatches is pink and covered in white stars.

Cleffa are overwhelmingly female and have a high HP and special attack stat. Clefa is attracted to space and meteors, just like all members of the Clef family. If you are looking for something cute and adorable that you just want to hug, Cleffa is for you.

6. Happiny

  • Pokédex #: 440

Happiny is a baby Pokémon owned in the later seasons by Brock. With the help of Nurse Joy, of course, Brock’s egg is able to successfully hatch in the episode “One Big Happiny Family”. Happiny is a Normal type Pokémon and brings even more joy to Pokémon Centers. We all know Nurse Joy’s Pokémon partner Chansey. As the pre-evolution of this helpful Pokémon, Happiny runs around pretending to give out eggs to Pokémon trainers she likes that turn out to just be rocks.

Happiny can only be found as a female. She is egg-shaped, pink, and sports a bouncy ponytail. Happiny is on this list not only because of her cuteness and how well-known her evolution Chansey is, but also because she is very strong. In the anime we can see her running around carrying things more than twice her size, and even throwing around her trainer, Brock.

5. Riolu

  • Pokédex #: 447

A small, mean, fighting machine, Riolu is one of the toughest baby Pokémon around. Riolu is one of the only baby Pokémon to be introduced alongside its evolution form, Lucario, rather than being released in a later generation. Similar to a blue fox in appearance, Riolu has an elegant aura about him. Most commonly found as males, it is difficult to catch a female Riolu.

It has a stronger than normal attack and speed stat compared to other baby Pokémon. If you are looking for a baby Pokémon that will evolve into a Pokémon that could be in your main six, Riolu is definitely the best choice. Lucario is known for its attack and strength (70 and 60 respectively). With the development of mega-evolutions, it has become even stronger. It is definitely worth the effort to train a Riolu into Lucario.

4. Azurill

  • Pokédex #: 298

If you are owned by a main character, it’s hard not to be on this top baby Pokémon list. Azurill was introduced in the episode “Pikachu's PikaBoo”, but it is not until we see Misty’s Azurill that it becomes a main character in the anime. When we are introduced to Azurill it is in Misty’s arms, just like Togepi used to be. Misty must prefer to carry her baby Pokémon rather than keep them inside pokeballs.

Similar to Igglybuff in appearance, Azurill is basically just a blue circle with a lightning bolt shaped tail. Azurill is surprisingly a Dual-type Normal/Fairy Pokémon, not a Water type like its evolutions. Azurill is an ideal baby Pokémon with its cuteness and popularity with main characters in the anime.

3. Tyrogue

  • Pokédex #: 236

While sometimes overlooked because it is not the cutest or roundest baby Pokémon, Tyrogue definitely has a lot to offer in the world of fighting. Tryogue is a baby Fighting Pokémon, and similar to the famous Eevee, it has the option of evolving into three different Pokémon. These include Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop. The first two of these are from the original first generation of Pokémon and did not have any other evolutions.

Tyrogue is always a male Pokémon and has a humanoid form that matches its possible evolutions. His stats are equal down the board, all set to start at 35 points each. It has a very competitive personality and wants to raise those stats anyway it can. Tyrogue makes the Top Baby Pokémon list because of its versatility when evolving.

2. Pichu

  • Pokédex #: 172

As the pre-evolution form of Pikachu, Pichu has a huge edge against the competition. When the classic namesake for the whole franchise has a baby, it is hard not to give notice. Pichu is the Prince George of the Pokémon realm. Pichu was also introduced in generation two in the episode “The Apple Corp.”. Since then, Pichu has become one of the most well-known baby Pokémon in the franchise.

Pichu is an Electric type Pokémon and looks similar to a mouse or rabbit with its big ears. Not to be confused with the red and blue Pokémon Pluse and Minun, who are also electric mouse Pokémon. Because of its baby nature, it cannot attack without hurting itself in the process. While it does not have much base HP or attack stats, Pichu’s speed is very high at 60 points. This list would not be complete without this baby form of the legendary Pikachu.

1. Togepi

  • Pokédex #: 175

Number one on this list is undoubtedly Togepi. Togepi was the first baby Pokémon introduced to the world. In the first generation’s TV show we can see Togepi as Misty’s adorable companion. At the time it was not made clear that Togepi was classified as a baby Pokémon. But once the type was established, Togepi immediately joined the ranks of other baby Pokémon as the founder and top.

In the episode “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon”, Togepi and the idea of baby Pokémon are introduced for the first time. When the egg the threesome are protecting hatches, Togepi jumps out and imprints on Misty. After that, throughout the anime, Misty carries Togepi around in her arms, never to see the inside of a pokeball.

Final Thoughts

Baby Pokémon make the world just a little bit cuter. With their introduction, the mystery behind Pokémon eggs and where adorable new Pokémon come from is revealed a bit more. Despite not being the strongest or having the most stamina, these baby Pokémon have won our hearts. And we don’t mind putting in the long hours to train them to evolve.

Elekid-pokemon Top 10 Baby Pokemon


Author: Devan Baird

I was the co-founder for the anime convention Swampcon at the University of Florida. Currently living and working in Tokyo as a writer, editor, and video editor. With my daily vlog on everyday life in Tokyo, you can see how the Japanese lifestyle can be completely different from what you expected!

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