Top 10 Eden's Zero Manga Doppelgangers From Fairy Tail

Just like any other masterpieces, Fairy Tail came to an end a while back. Just like a true mangaka, Mashima-sensei does what he does best--making manga. Just as Fairy Tail ended, a new serialization was announced. Thus, the start of Eden’s Zero. Unlike the magic-wielding heroes of Fairy Tail, Eden’s Zero characters wield the power of ether using ether gear. The story takes place in a universe inhabited by all sorts of creatures, humans, aliens, and robots. The pages focus on the adventures of Shiki Granbell, Rebecca Bluegarden, and her cybernetic cat Happy and their exploration of the universe.

Different mangaka have different writing styles and signatures. Some love adding a certain character, putting certain names, and the likes to all of their series. For Mashima-sensei, he loves using the same character design with a bit of tweaks from his old series to his new one. Here are the top 10 Eden’s Zero characters that have strong semblance from Fairy Tail Characters.

10. Jinn and Sting Eucliffe

Jinn is kind of like the honorary member of Drakken Joe’s Element 4. Well, he is officially his sister’s, Kleene, assistant. Although they possess the same element, he kinda got his ass wiped out. Although his hairstyle got a bit of a restyling, he kinda looks like the white dragon Sting Eucliffe from fairy tail. Though, he is more chill and less arrogant.

9. Kleene and Yukino Agria

Kleene is Jinn’s younger sister. She is the official member of the Element 4. Unlike her brother,
her heart is as cold as ice. Well, that’s partly because of a program controlling her emotions.
Nonetheless, her aesthetics is similar to Fairy Tail’s own ice queen, Yukino Agria. Kleene is like Yukino’s green-haired cousin. Also, Kleene isn’t as gifted in the breast department as Yukino was.

8. Drakken Joe and Gajeel Redfox

One of the strongest villains featured in the series so far, Drakken Joe is set to get his hands on Rebecca’s ether gear. His vile acts and crude behavior fits that of a true villain. Despite living for hundreds of years, he still somehow manages to maintain his short hair. If he just let it grow plus add some well-placed metal dots on his face, he’d be a spitting image of Fairy Tail’s Gajeel!

7. Shiki Granbell and Natsu Dragneel

Sporting the ether gear to control gravity, Shiki Granbell is the protagonist of Eden’s Zero. He travels the cosmos for one sole reason--finding Mother. No, not his mother. He wants to find the mother of the universe. According to legends, finding Mother will allow a person’s wish to be granted. Shiki is the spitting image of Natsu Dragneel sporting Gray Fullbuster’s hair. Just think about Natsu pretending to be Gray.

6. Labilia Christy and Wendy Marvell

Rebecca’s idol, Labilia is the current top B-cuber in the entire galaxy. She basically looks like a grown-up Wendy. Unlike the kind, gentle, and loving Wendy, however, Labilia is a true witch incarnate. She is no way near being a saint. On the other hand, she doesn’t really tries to hide that she’s a big bad b*tch.

5. Justice and Jellal Fernandez

Justice is an officer of the Interstellar Union Army. He is on a mission to track down Drakken Joe and--you know--do what the army ought to do. Justice is the spitting image of Fairy Tail’s Jellal. They both even have some sort of marking on their faces. Unlike Fairy Tail, however, Justice does not get to have a crimson-haired lover.

4. Rebecca Bluegarden and Lucy Heartfilia

Fairy-Tail-wallpaper-1 Top 10 Eden's Zero Manga Doppelgangers From Fairy Tail

Rebecca is the main heroine of Eden’s Zero. Her primary aim in life is to be a damn great B- cuber. Contrary to that, her ideas are nowhere near great. Unsurprisingly, her content always flunk. Although she looks like Lucy Heatfilia, she kinda thinks more and can give her opponents a run for their money without much use of plot devices. On the other hand, she’s quite younger and her hair is whiter.

3. Elsie Crimson and Erza Scarlet

Elsie Crimson is one of Drakken Joe’s most trusted cronies. Although she pretty much looks human and all that, she is actually a space slime. Actually, there’s not much to say here. She exactly looks like Erza Scarlet. Heck, even their names are similar. Both first names start with E and their surnames are a hue of red.

2. Happy and Happy

Unlike Fairy Tail’s fish-loving cat that can fly, Eden’s Zero’s Happy cannot do that since Happy in Eden’s Zero is a cyborg. In addition to that, Eden’s Zero’s Happy has more combat prowess since it can take the form of blasters Rebecca can use. Other than that, Happy is basically happy.

1. Plue and Plue

Fairy-Tail-wallpaper-1 Top 10 Eden's Zero Manga Doppelgangers From Fairy Tail

Another Mashima-sensei quirk is Plue. Plue didn’t first come out in Fairy Tail. It actually came from a previous serialization called Rave Master. Probably similar to Oda-sensei’s pandaman, Mashima-sensei loves adding plue to his works one way or another. We’re not really complaining. We can always use a radish-like creature with a pointed nose.

Final Thoughts

Those who are new to Mashima-sensei’s works may think that he is some sort of lazy twat for reusing Fairy Tail’s character designs for Eden’s Zero. We here in Honey’s Anime, of course, think otherwise. We understand that this is more of a signature or writing style than laziness. After all, this isn’t the first time he has done it. Actually, it’s even safe to say that we’ve anticipated this and already prepared our magnifying glasses and thinking caps when Eden’s Zero was announced. After all, it’s like doing an Easter egg hunt even though it’s not Easter.

Fairy-Tail-wallpaper-1 Top 10 Eden's Zero Manga Doppelgangers From Fairy Tail


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