Fairy Tail: Final Series Review – “Don’t Underestimate The Power of Friendship!”

Fairy-Tail-Final-Series-Wallpaper Fairy Tail: Final Series Review – “Don’t Underestimate The Power of Friendship!”

Don’t Underestimate The Power of Friendship!

  • Episodes : 51
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Airing Date : October 2018 – September 2019
  • Producers : A-1 Pictures, Bridge, Cloverworks

Contains Spoilers

Fairy Tail: Final Series – Introduction and Story

Several years have passed since the creation of the Fairy Tail guild. Many members have gone their separate ways, searching for a place to call their home, improve their skill, and travel the land. Even though members of Fairy Tail have dispersed, Natsu holds on to the hope that the crew will reunite again. The Fairy Tail creator has faith this will happen! His drive and enthusiasm have not failed him once. Fairy Tail: Final Series focuses on the guild’s most tasking battle to date as they go up against their foes of the Alvares Empire.

Why You Should Watch Fairy Tail: Final Series

1. A Larger-Than-Life Gang

Fairy Tail: Final Series gives us a lively and animated group of characters. Natsu, Lucy, Ezra, Gray, and Happy are a few and familiar characters we see along with some new, short-lived folks. The characters are amusing and entertaining. Of course, some are super annoying and somes we wish would just GTFO. Nevertheless, the guys appearing semi-divine during an epic beat-down and fanservice with the girls are incorporated throughout the story. Various members of the Fairy Tail guild have qualities/abilities that appeal to all.

Why You Should Skip Fairy Tail: Final Series

1. Devotion From The Start Required

Countless hours must be invested. Call in “sick,” play hooky (you didn’t hear it from us), anything! Fairy Tail has aired for years and it’s hard not to jump into a story without watching from the start. Those familiar with the show will find some questions answered. Established characters may finally resolve their issues, what the status of the guild is, who dies, who lives, etc. These are thoughts that will arise and will require prior knowledge to experience Fairy Tail in its entirety. Essentially, Fairy Tail: Final Series is hard to follow without knowing what’s transpired in previous seasons.

2. Went Out With A Bang? Not Quite

Better action sequences? More Drama? Improved animation and soundtrack? These are a few of the things we would expect to be top-notch for a finale, especially in a popular franchise such as Fairy Tail. Sadly, Fairy Tail: Final Series is not up to par for a few reasons.

Profound occasions, sappy instances, suspense, and moments of clarity are disrupted with something illogical, forced and/or distasteful. When the fans expect nothing but the best to wrap the series up, it’s a real disappointment to see that the studio fell short of expectations.

Final Thoughts

Fairy Tail will always be in our hearts, and this is something that all otakus can agree on. However, Fairy Tail: Final Series is up for debate. Is it worth the watch or should we not expect too much from the Fairy Tail Guild? Nevertheless, we always want to hear what you think. Let us know by leaving a comment! Thanks, and see ya!

Fairy-Tail-Final-Series-Wallpaper Fairy Tail: Final Series Review – “Don’t Underestimate The Power of Friendship!”


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