Top 10 Electric Type Pokemon

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We hope that you packed your ultra balls today because we're heading back out in search for our favorite top ten Electric-type Pokemon. Electric-type Pokemon have always shocked many people in battle due to their great stats and ailments such as paralyze and stun. When paired with the right team mates, they can send their opponents staggering off the battlefield in a matter of seconds. So we're going to kick off our list of top ten and we hope that you enjoy it! Be sure to leave any comments down below if you'd like to see more of these in the future!

10. Magnezone

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 462

Magnezone has a mind blowing 11 resistances and one immunity, the most of any Pokemon in the entire game! It does come with some weaknesses as it suffers severely to some attacking types, so paying close attention to damage is important when using Magnezone. It's signature ability Magnet Pull allows it to deal well with various steel-type Pokemon, making a good partner in some matchups such as against Dragonite. If you're looking for a Pokemon to swap in for a late game clean, then throw Magnezone in along with his Choice Scarf ability to surprise your opponent.

Pokemon that struggle against bulky steel-types such as Mega Pinsir, Mega Gyarados, and Mamoswine really appreciate all the help they can get from Magnezone. Landorus-T is a great ally for Magnezone because it has great immunity to ground-types, resists fighting-types, and able to set up strong plays using the Stealth Rock ability. While you don't see Magnezone played a lot in the current meta, don't be afraid to try it out and see how well it fits with your team. Always be on alert and stay clear of Pokemon that will overwhelm you at all costs.

9. Luxray

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 405

Luxray is a great electric-type Pokemon that truly shines in the offensive position, due to its ability to intimidate to break through walls that give you a hard time. It can also be played in a more balanced role for the very same reasons. Intimidate is useful to prevent taking big damage from physical attacks, while Volt Switch gives it a push in various areas. Luxray runs into some problems however when he has to deal with enemies who are much faster. His speed stats are around 70 which lacks in comparison to the more agile Jolteon who can move at alarming speeds. Despite its power Luxray needs to work a little harder to maintain control since he lacks in the speed to stay on his opponent when necessary. It is also a pure electric-type Pokemon which means that it does have a lot of problems against ground and grass-types, so be careful.

Luxray has found some success in the more recent Pokemon XY series where in episode 62 called “The Future is Now, Thanks to Determination!”, Clemont's Luxio evolved into Luxray after a successful battle. It also appeared in an earlier episode of Pokemon XY as well, which was episode nine of the series. If you're looking to sweep the other team up then look no further than Ninetails, and Leafon both of which have great stats and can maintain control during the middle stages of the match.

8. Zapdos

  • Generation: [Generation I]
  • Pokedex #: 145

Zapdos enjoys playing the more defensive role in battle since it stays relatively healthy with attacks such as Roost, and because it has such a solid bulk that it can endure long sets without worrying too much about severe health loss. It can pressure offensive teams extremely well because of its decent power and can stall out the match with Roost. To be very effective in battle with Zapdos you have to do your research and ensure that you don't run into Pokemon that can deal with your strong defense, and overwhelm you with status effects in the late game. Overall Zapdos is fairly well balanced and can handle a lot of obstacles that are thrown at it.

Zapdos is one of the classic legendary types in the Pokemon universe making its official appearance back in the Kanto Region along with Articuno, and Moltres. In the anime universe it made its debut in Pokemon the Movie 2000, where Lawrence had a goal to capture all three legendary birds, as well as their master Lugia. As our teammate recommendations we suggest looking out for physical fighting-types such as Mega Gallade or Terrkion, since they can deal with pressure from Pokemon like Chansey who can do a strategic switch to put on enormous pressure. If you're looking to avoid those pesky status ailments make sure to throw Clefable on your side so that you can stay healthy and use your Roost to save the day.

7. Jolteon

  • Generation: [Generation I]
  • Pokedex #: 135

Jolteon comes from the Thunder Stone and out of the gates it comes equipped with a blistering 130 speed base, making it one of the more agile Pokemon in the game. It also has a very respectable 110 Special Attack which makes Jolteon a great choice for any team desiring a late game and revenge killer. Whether you choose to be offensive or well balanced is entirely up to you, but what ever method you choose Jolteon will serve its role very well. Another move to consider when using Jolteon is Substitute, which set up a shield against incoming weak attacks and status moves.

Jolteon's appearance in the anime series spans back to the original which aired around 1998. Jolteon much like any other Pokemon requires a good set of allies to help get it through to the end, so here are a couple choices. Mega Glalie is great because it deals well with grass and ground-types that Jolteon struggles against. Our second team pick would be Tyrantrum since it can really drain bulky Pokemon, allowing Jolteon to come in and clean up the rest.

6. Mega Manectric

  • Generation: [Generation III]
  • Pokedex #: 310

Mega Manectric boasts a wonderful speed attribute which can help it accomplish a lot in the early parts of the matchup. It is a very threatening ally when played offensively since you'll most likely have the advantage when switching in. It can turn on the momentum very fast with attacks like Volt Switch, but if its role is more defensive it can rely on Intimidate to control priority type moves such as Bullet Punch. While Mega Manectric serves as a great tool for pressure, it relies heavy on super effective hits to defeat most walls which means it may over extend itself at times when it doesn't need to.

When choosing a strategic balance of team mates, we recommend using Garchomp or Heatran since both Pokemon are great for hazard support on entry. Weavile also makes a great addition to the team with its ability to control ground and grass-types, while Mega Manectric can deal with bulky steel-types such as Mega Scizor. Mega Manectric has played some major roles in the Pokemon anime universe such as episode 40 of the Advanced Generation series which aired back in 2004. We love Mega Manectric because it remains a staple character for casual players, and can be a sneaky surprise entry in tournament play.

5. Raikou

  • Generation: [Generation II]
  • Pokedex #: 243

Raikou brings a ton of spectacular tools to battle and creates a ton of problems for opponents who aren't prepared. It boasts a high speed, good special attack, and because it's an electric-type it can hold its own against threatening Pokemon such as Talonflame, and Mega Pinsir. While it doesn't have a lot of bulk compared to other characters, it manages to overcome that with powerful offensive strikes such as Volt Switch. Calm Mind is another powerful ability since it boosts Raikou's firepower, allowing it to break through very strong defensive types such as Jirachi. Thunderbolt will always be a staple move in most tool sets since it deals heavy damage and can paralyze your opponent if you're fortunate.

When using Raikou it's important to pay attention to the stats at all times, since it can really effect how the match flows. Send Raikou in against Pokemon that it can set up its powerful attacks such as Rotom-Wash. Don't invest too much in the early game as too much damage taken can lead to a swift death in the late game for Raikou. As for team options, Raikou fits very well with ground-types such as Hippowdon that can deal with very powerful physical attackers like Mega Charizard. Talonflame is excellent as well because it can weaken very bulky water-types such as Wailord.

4. Electivire

  • Generation: [Generation IV]
  • Pokedex #: 466

Electivire has good attack and special attack which allow it to go straight in for physical attacks, or mix it up to keep your opponent guessing. Due to this benefit, Electivire is a very versatile Pokemon that can play whatever role it desires. Electivire has two good abilities, one which provides immunity and speed boost, while the other makes it immune to the powerful sleep status. Electivire does have a few shortcomings as it lacks in defense making it tough to switch in, while its speed is outpaced by other very agile Pokemon such as Tauros. To best utilize Electivire you really need to know when to switch in effectively to take down weak Pokemon, such as Rotom who can't keep up with Electivire power wise.

Electivire has been in a few episodes of the Pokemon series such as episode 184 in the Diamond and Pearl saga, along with the Advanced Generation series. If you're looking to set up a team with Electivire be sure to look out for Haunter as it can use Taunt and threaten poison and ghost-type Pokemon. Fletchinder is one to consider because it can take out faster Pokemon that trouble Electivire such as Floatzel. One thing to always consider when bringing in Electivire is that it's slow so it becomes susceptible to strong counter plays, so always stay sharp.

3. Thundurus

  • Generation: [Generation V]
  • Pokedex #: 642

Thundurus is an extraordinary electric-type Pokemon that finds popularity in many tournament teams. It has many qualities that make it very effective offensively, and outpaces a lot of the cast. Thundurus is hard to counter because it carries necessary tools to outsmart and outpace the opponent. Nasty Plot is a strong attack that can threaten defensive teams, while Defiant which enhances the ability to avoid hazards. Thundurus' drawback is that it has weak defense when under pressure so we recommend to play careful when throwing Thundurus on the battlefield.

Thundurus is an offensive type Pokemon so use its very powerful lightning attacks such as Thunderbolt to deal damage, and predict when your opponent wants to switch to avoid being countered. As stated Thundurus plays the aggressive role well, so we suggest placing it on a team that excels in that category. Bisharp serves well because of its ability to check various Pokemon and prevent Thundurus from being overwhelmed. Overall Thundurus has many strengths that make it a formidable ally and so we suggest picking your offensive team carefully in order to create the right synergy in battle.

2. Mega Ampharos

  • Generation: [Generation II]
  • Pokedex #: 181

Mega Ampharos comes ready with an extremely high special attack stat, great bulk for an attacker, and access to good offensive stab attacks for neutral damage. It's important to be careful however since Mega Swampert can give it a hard time, so be sure to use the right judgment when playing. Furthermore Mega Ampharos suffers severely in the speed category with a measly 45 stat. Since Ampharos can play a wall position very well, be sure to prepare it for fire, steel, and electric-type attackers. It can also absorb sleep based moves such as Sleep Talk and can attack while it's asleep.

Mega Ampharos made its Pokemon anime appearance in Pokemon XY in episode 9. Before we leave you with our number one Pokemon, we provide you with our suggestions for teammates when in battle. Suicune is a great addition to the team because it beats most Pokemon that threaten Mega Ampharos, and Mega Ampharos can help to stall out electric and grass-types that bully Suicune. Lastly, special wall based Pokemon that can take care of special attackers such as Florges and Snorlax are great helpers for Mega Ampharos.

1. Zekrom

  • Generation: [Generation V]
  • Pokedex #: 644

Zekrom is a force to be reckoned with since it comes equipped with extremely powerful stats such as 150 attack out of the gates. Zekrom is immune to abilities like Paralysis which makes it a revenge killing machine. It can lure in ground-types and deal massive damage, while simultaneously forcing out nearly all flying and water-types. One great move that we suggest using is Hone Claw, which boosts its attack and accuracy allowing it to eliminate ground-types with its dragon based moveset. Zekrom runs into a lot of problems however when it's up against Primal Groudon due to its bigger bulk. Its speed isn't up to par compared to other Pokemon so be considerate of how and when to use it in battle.

Zekrom has made appearances in Pokemon the Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom and other small cameos in various anime episodes. While it hasn't really created buzz within the anime series it still packs a punch in tournament play all around the world. If you're looking to take Zekrom into action, be sure to pair it with Pokemon such as Mega Salamence to deal with fairy-types, while Ho-Oh provides the team with a great offensive-defensive balance to help establish control within the match. Zekrom is a towering creature with plenty of potential and we chose it because despite some of its struggles, it deals a lot of damage when it matters which carries the team ahead.

Closing Statement

Electric Pokemon will always shock crowds with their incredible speed and devastating attacks. With such a large amount to choose from, we felt that these Pokemon really stunned us with their immense power and technique. We always suggest that you leave some of your own favorite picks down below and perhaps they may make an appearance on future Pokemon top tens! We'll be sure to read all of your feedback! If you'd like to know more about the other various types of Pokemon, be sure to check out our ghost-type and poison-type Pokemon for some great picks!Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

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