Top 10 Eye Candy Characters in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby has one of the weirdest premises we’ve seen in the last few years of anime, but somehow it just works! We have kawaii girls with horse ears and tails, trying her best to become the best racehorse-girls in the world while staying beautiful and dealing with friendship and fame. Oh, and if they win a race they get to the stage to put a musical show like the best idols you’ve seen!

The story follows Special Week, a naive horse-girl with huge dreams. However, she’s not even close to being the cutest one of the cast! Who could it be, then? Well, let’s look at the most beautiful ones and find out!

10. Special Week

Ok, so we'll start with Uma Musume's main character just so we can move forward as fast as racehorses do. Special Week is a cute girl, yes, but episode after episode you will start to notice that every other girl has something to overshadow Spe-chan, be it looks, charming personality, dancing abilities or running skills.

Special Week has really beautiful purple eyes, a nice body and an interesting hairstyle, but you won’t see much skin with such a nice girl and nobody would complain if she were just a secondary character. Ok, she's sweet and nobody could deny it, but she's far from irresistible. We definitely love the laces on her thigh-high socks though, but that’s about it...

9. El Condor Pasa

Seeing El Condor Pasa in the bottom half is something we're not happy about, but that mask of her is a huge turn-off. She's a great runner, her accent is really cute and she also has gorgeous aquamarine eyes, but unless you have a fetish with masked girls she may not be the one for you. Also, if you speak spanish her name will make you laugh or sing that traditional Peruvian song 11 out of 10 times, and she will probably kick your face just like any horse would.

El Condor Pasa uses flashy clothes so you will see her wearing red or yellow most of the times, although the school uniform looks good on her too. That's one of the reasons for looking at her, but then you'll definitely notice her toned legs and those huge oppais! Thigh-high stockings, a miniskirt, beautiful hair... On second thought, we probably can overlook that red mask and the name, don't you think?

8. Air Groove

So you like short-haired girls? Vodka is for sure the one with most scenes, but why settle for Vodka if you can go for The Empress herself? Air Groove is one of the best racers in Uma Musume, but maybe that's because she focuses on racing and doesn't like to socialize. Her cockiness is just so sexy most of the times!

Air Groove is the forbidden fruit of racehorse-girls: she's gorgeous, delicate, intelligent and she definitely can run, but that red eyeshadow means danger. When she wears the school uniform, Air Groove looks so innocent you couldn't imagine that other side of her. She's the kind of girl any man would love to have by his side... too bad she doesn't like men at all, right? Stare at your own risk!

7. Seiun Sky

Seiun Sky is one of the girls we met from the start, but she doesn't get too much attention as the others after the first half. However, this horse-girl has a lot of fans because she's like a perfectly balanced character, kawaii enough to make us fall for her without oversexualizing her pose or racing clothes.

She has a flat chest and a flowy blouse that covers it, and Seiun Sky is one of the few girls wearing shorts instead of a skirt. However, she also has long legs and a pretty face to hide her lazy personality! Maybe that pale palette of her outfit does the trick, but Seiun Sky really stands out among all the other sweeties in Uma Musume.

6. King Halo

King Halo appeared as one of Special Week's toughest rivals and the one to beat at the Japan Derby, and with others like Seiun Sky or El Condor Pasa, that's enough to consider her a winner in defeat. Forget about the dead heat and Spe-chan’s glory day, we only care about the beautiful young lady in the green dress!

Thigh high lace socks with garters, naughty eyes... should we say more?! Yes, King Halo has the same oujo-sama style as Mejiro McQueen so she may look fancy, delicate and all, but you still can notice she has "himedere" written all over her face. If we have to name one character that deserved more attention then that's definitely King Halo. She's sexy and she knows it, so you should know it too!

5. Tokai Teio

Back to Team Spica, we naturally had to talk about the girl with the best moves and a passion for music. Tokai Teio has a bubbly personality and is always cheering her friends, so such a genki girl would obviously make us put our eyes on her and dream with her petite body. Her dancing is so sexy we could watch her do the "Teio Step" for all eternity!

When she's not dancing or singing, Teio likes to walk around Symboli Rudolf trying to catch her attention... but little does she know our eyes are already on her. There's nothing cuter than this shorty with toned legs and a really long ponytail, and she flawlessly adds the pop idol element Uma Musume likes to play with.

4. Mejiro McQueen

One of Spica's recent —and kind of unintentional— additions is Mejiro McQueen, the younger one in the Mejiro family and a beautiful princess to watch and admire. This oujo-sama is the dream horse-girl for everyone who fantasizes with pride and power, but Mejiro McQueen could conquer any heart with little to no effort.

If you like anime girls with lavender hair and purple eyes then Mejiro McQueen adds another point to her cause, but the dark tips of her ears are such a nice touch too. Her outfit, in tones of green, white, black and gold, definitely complement her hair and eyes! Maybe the top half of her dress says high class, but her shorts and those legs are an invitation to think of her in other terms… Wee feel you, Gold Ship!

3. Taiki Shuttle

Another one of Team Rigil's stars, Taiki Shuttle is a somewhat shy girl who excels in short-distance races and that had her chance to shine when going against Special Week for a training session. She has a beautiful face with sky-blue eyes and light-brown hair tied in a ponytail, but as the sweet girl she is Taiki Shuttle can make you fall in love with her even by just wearing a tracksuit.

Her racing outfit consists of a really small shirt tied in a knot, a miniskirt in matching green and some cowgirl elements like Texan boots, leather gloves, a Sheriff star and even a Western gun belt! Although Taiki Shuttle may seem pure, looks like she's the one for your wildest Western role-playing fantasies.

2. Grass Wonder

So you really like naive girls, right? Then allow us to introduce you to the sweetest thing that stepped into a horse racing track: Grass Wonder. Apparently, her classmates don't seem to notice her that much because of her shyness and some people may even say Grass Wonder is kind of a moe blob just because she was hurt and wasn't able to race, but when we finally saw her in action, we truly understood Grass Wonder indeed honors her name.

Grass Wonder's racing outfit is like a cooler academy uniform so you won't see fancy dresses or revealing clothes on her. However, those sky-blue eyes and the white spot in her head really do the trick. Do you need a girl to put in the corner of your room and watch her all day while drooling? Look no further, then!

1. Silence Suzuka

So, who is the personification of "eye candy" when looking at Uma Musume's girls? Well, at the top of our list we find one of the fastest horse-girls, a really applied student, the most popular girl among fans and friends and, as if all this were not enough, the most beautiful lady of them all. How could Silence Suzuka not be our number one girl?!

Curiously enough, Silence Suzuka is the only main character whose racing outfit doesn't show even a little skin! She wears this long-sleeved white and green bow neck uniform, dark pantyhose and matching gloves. She doesn't have the most friendly personality either so you won't see her smiling frequently. Silence Suzuka just has this mysterious aura that hooks you from the start and makes you fall in love with her!

With her awe-inspiring face, enviable blue eyes, long shiny orange hair and her characteristic pom-pom, Silence Suzuka is definitely the ultimate "eye candy" girl in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Final Thoughts

Take a deep breath, because after looking at all this spectacular ladies you probably need it! This time Team Spica brings home the big prize, but Team Rigil’s girls also did very well. Is your best girl somewhere in our ranking? As we always say, making this kind of lists is harder than it seems, and leave girls like Daiwa Scarlet, Tanamo Cross, Nice Nature or even Sun Visor out of the list feels really unfair. How nice that you can leave your own list in the comments! See you soon, bishoujo lovers!

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