Top 10 Harem Manga [Best Recommendations]

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Everyone in this world has some random dream that they just wish would come true at some point. For a lot of guys, the dream of being surrounded by attractive women in a very lucrative setting brings forth a lot of excitement. Harem settings can also be swapped to have one woman surrounded by several men, which you sometimes see happen in various anime and manga, but that is called a reverse harem. Honey’s Anime would like to provide you all with some of our favorites in the manga category, since we all know how much you love harem. Who will take the top spot on our list? Keep on reading to find out to see who grabs the harem trophy!

10. Mission! School

  • Genres: Ohmi, Takeshi
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published: June 2009 - December 2011

Takuya doesn’t really consider himself to be very popular in any way, but is surprised one day when his principal asks him to take care of some new transfer students. He’s even more startled when he discovers that these new students are all female, and there’s 30 of them which he must take care of. Their story was that their boarding school had gone up in flames, and this was the last resort. For Takuya this all seemed like a fantasy dream come true, that is until he saw what everyone was carrying, and it wasn’t cosmetics or anything of the sort but rather lots of weapons.

Having one partner is probably enough for a lot of people in this world, depending on your culture of course, but having 30 women at your disposal is like the Hugh Hefner life that just seems to good to let go of. For Takuya this was just an incredible opportunity to finally make a name for himself, but it doesn’t come easy as these strong females have more in store than just lots of oppai and good looks. Takuya finds himself surrounded by girls with guns and throughout this love parody manga, you’ll be laughing so hard at how hard Takuya tries to get attention but gets shot down consistently or teased erotically, but his weak self can’t seem to come to grips with it all.

9. Princess Lucia

  • Mangaka: Seo, Kouji
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: March 2009 - October 2015

Yuta is a young boy with a problem, and it’s that Lucia, the demon princess has a strong desire to reproduce with him. Once that child is born however, it harbors the ability to destroy the world, leaving nothing behind. El and Rie are two angels who are out to make sure that this scenario doesn’t take place, and to protect Yuta at all costs. Yuta has a lot on his plate and has no clue what’s in store for him, so he must rely on these angels to ensure his survival.

Yuta actually has a crush on Rie which creates more problems for him since Lucia is after him too, and El is right there next to him. He’s trapped in a love triangle of sorts between the human and nonhuman realm, and he needs to make up his mind before it’s too late. On one hand, Yuta’s being seduced by the beautiful Lucia, while on other he’s desperately trying to win over Rie’s heart but she has other responsibilities to adhere to. It’s all make or break in this romantic comedy as Yuta needs to step up and decide who his best mate is before the world ends up in ruin.

8. Ushiro no Shindere-san

  • Mangaka: Satou, Yuuki
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: August 2010 - January 2011

Tora thought it would be in his best interest to repeat a grade just so that he could be popular with the students, and become a delinquent for the attention. This all comes back to haunt him however, when he realizes that nobody is paying him any mind in class which made things worse in the end. The cute girl whom he sought after is immediately turned off and tosses him out the window. As fate would have it however, the very same day the same girl was saved by Tora from a speeding truck that almost took her life. Now unable to avoid him, she comes clean about her secret and tells Tora that she’s in fact a ghost with a very strict mission.

The girl admits to Tora that if she doesn’t get a particular boy to return her feelings back to her, that she may be sent to hell. The problem now is that after being saved by Tora, she begins to show signs of attraction toward him, and now this tsundere girl must now cope with her new emotions. This unorthodox story will take you in various directions, as you have a dead girl with amnesia who now finds herself falling in love with someone else, knowing that if she isn’t careful she may die. Tora on the other hand has other issues to deal with, one being his fake persona and other girls showing strong interest in him later in the story.

7. Gamble Fish

  • Mangaka: Aoyama, Hiromi
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 19
  • Published: February 1, 2007 - July 2010

Shirasagi is a well known gambler and finds himself in an elite school, where the students act very pretentiously in his presence and see him as a mere object. Not taking this very lightly, Shirasagi declares a challenge for these students and insists that he’ll crush the entire school through a grueling series of gambling showdowns. He incorporates a variety of skills both psychologically and physically to outdo his opponents, while revealing his tricks after defeating them. The story revolves around many of the matches that take place on the boarding school grounds, where many students are out to get Shirasagi, one of which is Abidani, whose goal is to have him leave school grounds or to kill him before things grow worse.

So where does the harem come in you ask? Well once you dive deeper into the story you’ll start to see a lot go down pertaining to Shirasagi’s past, but also the long list of girls he’s had to take down in battle. While most of the story does focus on the mind game aspect, one character in particular named Mika, makes her presence known in many ways and shows Shirasagi just what she’s made of. If you really like a strong mix of psychological, ecchi, harem, and mystery then definitely pick up Gamble Fish to see whether Shirasagi lives or dies.

6. Umi no Misaki

  • Mangaka: Fumizuki, Kou
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 15
  • Published: February 2007 - February 2014

Nagi has always wanted to see the famed Umi no Misaki, a cape that protrudes out into the ocean. He decides one day to take a trip to the southern island of Okitsushima to finally get a glimpse of the real deal in person. Once he arrives at the island however, he discovers that there’s more to this island than just a beautiful landscape and clean air. Nagi comes to discover more about the island’s inhabitants and just what their purpose is in this comedy driven harem manga.

Imagine traveling to an island for a simple vacation but are then confronted by scantily clad women who want to provide more than just some hospitality. This is what Nagi experiences on his wondrous journey into the unknown that somehow becomes a spectacular adventure that he’ll never forget. These island girls are all extremely attractive and Nagi feels as if he was the chosen one among all men to be in their presence. Things get rough for him because this love polygon of a relationship forces him to decide which one he wants. There’s a lot to learn as well in this manga is it discusses the values of friendship and kindness, self respect, and building long lasting relationships so be sure to check this one out.

5. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

  • Mangaka: Kimura, Shinichi
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published: January 2010 - November 2013

For the young high school student Ayumu Aikawa, his life just isn’t what he’d like it be. He’s a zombie who serves as a bodyguard for a necromancer, and he just doesn’t find it all interesting. Things change in the strangest ways however when he accidentally steals the power of a magical girl, and must now wear the costume while performing these magical spells. Now with this newly obtained power, not only does he have to cope with his new appearance, but he must now live with other attractive girls who all have their own naughty ways of expressing themselves.

Ayumu never really asked for this outcome, but somehow it works out for him since he found his life to be quite the bore anyway. Now that he’s dressed up as this magical spell caster and is surrounded by attractive spell casters like himself, his life just catapulted into a harem wonderland. His hidden pervert persona starts to make its appearance in every way that it can, trying to get as much attention as possible while the opportunity still presents itself. Of course he gets punished severely for going too far, which you end up dying over because of how extreme some of his punishments can be. Kanchou anyone? For more extremely funny moments be sure to pick up and read this ecchi driven manga!

4. Sekirei

  • Mangaka: Gokurakuin, Sakurako
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 18
  • Published: January 2004 - August 2015

Failing to make it into college twice, being unpopular with women, and being unemployed is not the type of life any person would ask for. In Minato’s case, this was a life he had to cope with and it wasn’t easy. Little did he know that he’s an Ashikabi, one of the masters in a battle royale between attractive women named Sekirei. The life he once knew will now forever change as he is thrown into a world of oppai and the lustful adventures that come with it all.

Sekirei is like your typical harem story, which takes a young weak and lifeless boy, and throws him into a world that he simply is overwhelmed by. Sekirei is all about ripping clothes off, exposing breasts, showing off panties and just about every other form of ecchi you can think of. Grab lots of tissues because there will be lots of nosebleeds happening, with an assortment of action to keep you immersed in everything. While there isn’t much of a story plot to this, it’s still interesting to see how Minato manages to overcome his past and somehow transform into a masterful pervert in this funny manga.

3. High School DxD

  • Mangaka: Ishibumi, Ichiei
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 9
  • Published: July 2010 - Present

Nobody in their right mind would ever wish to be killed on their first date with the one they liked, but unfortunately for Issei he took one for the team. Luckily for him he was resurrected by Rias, who informs him that he’s been reincarnated as a demon, and that now he must work under her wing to stop evil from creating havoc on the world. Never would Issei have imagined that he’d be thrown into a world full of big breasted women, fighting for the sake of humanity. He realizes that this new life may not be so bad after all.

Issei’s life ended quite abruptly but then somehow his life turns around for the better in the end, because now he’s protected by an extremely attractive demon woman who shows him all of the attention. While he does have to fight alongside Rias most of the time, it doesn’t seem like a bad job when you have an assortment of women to choose from. His perverted ways often land him in hot water, which is what really sells the story, but he eventually comes to realize his own untapped potential which in turn helps to save the world that’s being threatened.

2. Highschool of the Dead

  • Mangaka: Satou, Daisuke
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: August 2006 - Present

Fujimi High School is suffering from a massive pandemic where an illness has spread rapidly, causing students to turn into flesh eating zombies. Only a small handful of students manage to escape the plague that’s overtaking the school grounds, among them is Takashi and childhood friend Rei. The two manage to fight alongside one another as the number of zombies continue to rise, but just how long can these two manage when the entire town is hungry for their blood?

This action packed ecchi manga is bound to have you excited because there’s just so much happening all at once, that it’s sometimes difficult to contain your emotions. Zombies are popping out of the woodwork left, right and center, and the two need to come up with solutions to this growing problem. Fortunately they do meet up with other individuals who assist them, and Takashi is treated with plenty of oppai to keep him on his toes. While the anime does show off a ton of skin, the manga is sure to leave you wanting more because it’s over the top, random, and full of intense moments where you’re never really sure what will happen next.

1.Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

  • Mangaka: Okayado
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: March 2012 - Present

Kimihito felt that his life was somewhat of a bore, and so he decides to sign up for a voluntary program designed by the government that benefit exchange students. Little does Kimihito realize that what he signed up for wasn’t exactly what he’d imagined. A half snake half beauty named Mila comes to live with him, and now it’s his job to ensure her safety as well as to guide her through everyday life. Unfortunately for Kimihito, Mila is just a bombshell and he can’t seem to take his eyes off of her but the law behind interspecies breeding is extremely strict. Things just couldn’t any worse when two other voluptuous women move in and now Kimihito’s hormones start to get the best of him.

One very attractive woman in your life is probably enough, but now when two more enter your life and end up living with you, what do you do? For Kimihito it was a struggle because he has strong feelings for Mila, and can’t even commit any sexual acts due to strict government policy. Now two more women come running in and he’s just about ready to explode, as they all somehow fancy him and want more than just an exchange of information. How will Kimihito deal with all of this sexual tension? Just what will happen between him and Mila? Be sure to grab this manga right now to find out more!

Closing Statement

Harem manga will always have its legion of fans that stay dedicated to the genre. Harem isn’t for everyone, but for those that it reaches out to we’re here for you. These top ten are just a small handful of the vast array of harem manga out there, so let us know if you have any other worthy harem manga to share with everyone in the comments below. Also, be sure to share, like, and retweet out our articles to keep the bee’s nest buzzing here at Honey’s Anime!

As always, if you want to know about all the latest buzz straight from the bee’s nest in Japan, be sure to keep it locked here at Honey’s Anime.

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