Top 10 Action Harem Anime [Best Recommendations]

One of the biggest genres in anime has to be harem. There are harems with all sorts of themes and plots, but sometimes, you just want something classic: the action harem. Action harem anime are great because they combine two things for fans: lots of girls and action! Action is one of the most popular genres between women and men, so why wouldn't an action harem anime draw in crowds?

Sometimes you need that balance between action and harem to really enjoy a series. After all, there are a lot of harem anime out there that are so generic you can't quite point one out from the other. That's why a good action harem anime can be hard to find. There's a lot of crap to wade through to find a gem. Don't worry, though, we took care of the hard work and have come up with a few recommendations that should pique your interest.

Without further ado, let us introduce to you our list of Top 10 Action Harem Anime!

10. IS: Infinite Stratos

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2011 - April 2011

Infinite Stratos, also known as IS, is a mecha exoskeleton that was engineered by the Japanese and used as a weapon. Women are the only ones able to operate Infinite Stratos, but one boy, Orimura Ichika, discovers that he is the first and only male to be able to operate an Infinite Stratos. Ichika is thrown into an IS pilot training school to learn how to operate the Infinite Stratos, but of course, this school is full of women.

IS: Infinite Stratos is one action harem anime that is worth your time! The girls can steal your heart away with the power of moe, but Infinite Stratos does not do this with gross amounts of fan service, although there is still plenty. One aspect that makes Infinite Stratos stand out is its use of mecha action. It is very prominent in the anime, often being the reason why the girls can hang out with Ichika. Yes, this is a harem anime, but it definitely pulls in more action than you might think; it's the core of much of the plot!

9. 11eyes

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2009 - December 2009

When the sky is blanketed in red and the moon pitch black, monsters dominate the streets. Satsuki Kakeru and his best friend Yuka find themselves in a strange world where nothing else seems to exist. They question how real the Red Night is when it ends, but it occurs again. It is in this instance that Yuka and Satsuki meet four others who share their fate. Together, they must fight the dangers of this world and survive.

Starting with a bit of mystery, 11eyes draws you into a strange world very much like our own where our heroes must fight for survival. As an action harem anime, 11eyes does a fair job with its super-powered characters. There's a lot of action as the characters fight the monsters together to ensure their own survival. Of course, you can't forget the girls! In this action anime, there is no lack of moe! How could you not fall in love with Lisette? Well, to each their own, but you can't decide until you watch!

8. Sekirei

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2008 - September 2008

No one knows this but a spaceship once crash landed on Earth filled with humanoids with great power called Sekirei. Should a Sekirei kiss a human possessing the gene Ashikabi, they will bond and a stronger power will awaken within the Sekirei. Sekirei follows Sahashi Minato who has become quite the joke because he's failed the college entrance exams twice. Everything changes when, while escaping two Sekirei, Musubi crashes into Sahashi and kisses him. Now, Minato must fight in a game of life or death with Musubi in the Sekirei Plan.

If you love ecchi and harem anime, you must have heard of Sekirei at least once! First off, Musubi is a moe character if there ever was one. Yes, Musubi might be strong but with her adorable demeanor, it's hard to remember how much of a threat she can be. You also can't say Musubi isn't daring despite what she may seem like. This is not an anime that skimps on fan service! Let's not forget that this is a list of action harem anime; there is plenty of action to be found. The Sekirei are powerful enough that the action doesn't bore the audience and for once, an ecchi anime has a plot. What? Yes, Sekirei has a great plot that can actually pull you in even if the ecchi does not. Sekirei is a good balance between ecchi and plot so you won't find yourself wasting your time watching this action harem anime.

7. Date A Live

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2013 - June 2013

Thirty years ago, a Spacequake resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in east Asia. Today, these Spacequakes are more common. One day, Itsuka Shidou is caught in a Spacequake while trying to save his sister. It is then that Shidou meets a girl who is a Spirit, a being from another world with great power. Shidou's sister shows up with an anti-Spirit strike team to save Shidou, but what is going on? While his sister may be ready to fight a violent fight, Shidou is determined to neutralize the Spirits by stealing their hearts. Now, Shidou must charm Spirits on dates while the fate of the universe is at stake!

If you think Date A Live won't have enough fan service, you are dead wrong! Yes, this is an action harem anime that definitely does not let up on the craziness that is a harem; there are dere of all types! Yandere anyone? On the other hand, Date A Live does stay consist in its plot and yes, it's a moe anime but you are guaranteed that when you watch it, it won't go off track the way other series do. The action is consistent and explosively fun! If you're looking for an action harem anime that's fun, intriguing, and full of surprises, Date A Live has got you covered.

6. Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler)

  • Episodes: 52
  • Aired: April 2007 - March 2008

Ayasaki Hayate is sold to the yakuza because of his parent's debt. Hayate attempts to flee and runs into Sanzenin Nagi. Hayate kidnaps Nagi to collect a ransom to pay off his parent's debt, but Nagi misunderstands and believes that Hayate is confessing to her. Hayate actually ends up saving Nagi from real kidnappers resulting in his being hired as a butler for Nagi because she is, in fact, from one of the richest families in the country. Hayate has the worst luck, but he starts his job as Nagi's personal butler, protecting her from any danger and accidentally capturing the hearts of all.

Hayate no Gotoku is a great action harem anime all centered around the unlikely Ayasaki Hayate. He doesn't seem like much, but he has the skills to be so much more. You have girls falling left and right for Hayate, people trying to get to Nagi, and well, just about everything that can go wrong, will. There's no end to the madness, but Hayate has the skill to handle it all! There's so much going on in this action harem anime, don't miss out!

5. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (GATE)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2015 - September 2015

Itami Youji is an otaku who works for his hobby, but he works as an officer of the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF). While attempting to attend a doujin con in Ginza, Tokyo, a gate appears unleashing unusual creatures and warriors wearing medieval armor upon the innocent civilians of Tokyo. Youji and the JSDF attempt to stop the rebellion while saving as many lives as possible. Three months later, Youji and the JSDF are going to go through the gate to discover the new world and create bonds with the local people. Of course, they have to be careful or else there will be war!

Gate is all about the action revolving around the JSDF. Using military power, Youji is always dealing with any issue that stands in his way. Don't underestimate the power of the JSDF! By Youji's side are some lovely ladies who have a great amount of power at their fingertips, supporting Youji on his campaign through the new world. Gate is a harem anime that isn't obscene with fan service. It's got a plot, character development, and it's a lot of fun. Plus, the main character is an otaku. Can't you relate?

4. Strike the Blood

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2013 - March 2014

The Fourth Progenitor is a vampire that paralyzes people in fear because he is believed to possess so much power that should he truly exist, it would be an act of war. The Fourth Progenitor is surprisingly, very real and he lives in Itogami City where humans and demons coexist. Akatsuki Kojou used to be a normal high school student, but now he possesses powers stronger than any vampire. To keep him in check, Himeragi Yukina, an apprentice sword-shaman, has been sent to keep an eye on Kojou and kill him, but if he is really all that powerful, why is only an apprentice watching over him?

If you are looking for an enjoyable anime to burn away time with, you'll find that Strike the Blood is well worth your time. There is a good balance of plot, ecchi, and action that will ensure you aren't repulsed as some harem anime are known for. The female characters are surprisingly well developed so you can find some enjoyment in them. Of course, you will have your fan service so fans, don't worry! However, Strike the Blood does not fall into mediocrity like other series as the plot will pull you in with its intrigue. If you're sick of the same shit, Strike the Blood will surprise you with how different it can be following a similar formula. Strike the Blood surprisingly does it well; this is an action harem anime worth watching!

3. Highschool of the Dead

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2010 - September 2010

Humans have become infected by a strange disease that has turned the victims into the living dead who have attacked many humans. At Fujimi High School, there are a handful of students and a nurse who have grouped together to escape the school and find a place of safety. However, these zombies won't make it easy for them and there is a rather devious teacher out there who is nothing short of sinister.

If there are two words that can describe Highschool of the Dead, it'd be "boobs" and "violence." Yes, there's a lot of action going on in this anime (in every sense of the word) from incredible anime jiggle physics to zombie massacres. There's blood, brutality, and they even manage to tear at your heartstrings in the first episode. Don't forget the boobs because there are plenty of those! Although Highschool of the Dead is known for its fan service, you will get just as much action and there's a lot in the plot that is actually interesting, including the main antagonist. Lots of fan service doesn't make a bad anime, guys!

2. High School DxD

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2012 - March 2012

Hyoudou Issei is nothing more than a pervert whose hobby is peeping on women and aspires to build a harem. Things change when Issei goes out on a date with a beautiful girl who turns out to be a fallen angel who kills him without hesitation. With the help from Rias Gremory, a devil with strong powers, Issei is revived and given the job as Rias' servant. Now, Issei is learning how to fight with his new powers to survive in a world with angels and demons.

High School DxD is famous for Rias Gremory who is waifu supreme. Rias is perfect in every way, but let's not forget the other characters who make High School DxD a fun watch. This action harem anime has plenty of both as the action is centered around the battles between angels and demons, and everyone in between. Issei also seems to be looking for more trouble than he can really handle. Now, we can't forget the girls! The girls fit every moe and dere mold you can think of! Rias is the master of all, but is she really? This is one harem anime that fits the mold but does so much more with it than anything else on the market.

1. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: May 2009 - May 2010

Masaki Kenshi is teleported from Earth to a world called Geminar, where there are few male mecha pilots. In order to return home, Kenshi opted to pilot the Sacred Mechanoid to accomplish the task of assassinating Lashara Earth XVIII, the ruler of the Shtrayu Empire. Unfortunately for Kenshi, luck is not on his side. Kenshi soon ends up being a prisoner of Lashara. Lashara does throw Kenshi a bone and offers him the job as her personal slave and be given another shot at piloting the Sacred Mechanoid.

While the harem anime pool has all become generic and bland, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari will surely blow all the others out of the water. While Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari seems to follow that typical harem mold, you'll be surprised by how much you'll enjoy it. While you have girls of every dere type, when you are given moe, you actually feel moe! You won't find yourself facing irritating female dere types. There's a good balance of mecha action and a plot that is interesting enough to pull you in. You won't regret giving Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari a chance! To put it over the top, this is a spin-off the Tenchi Muyo! series. Interested, now?

Final Thoughts

There's a harem anime for everyone, but if you're looking for a good action harem anime, these are the anime for you! There's action, boobs, character development, boobs, and lots of plot. And boobs. So long as the anime has it all, can you really go wrong with lots of boobs? We think not!

For all harem fans out there with taste, what do you think of this list of Top 10 Action Harem Anime? Are there some that you love? Do you have any you think should be on our list? Share them all!



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