Top 10 Light Novels You Want for Christmas [Best Recommendations]

Anime and manga are great gifts for Christmas, right? However, some people love to read and often people forget light novels can make for great Christmas gifts. Not only are they affordable but there are some incredible ones out there to read. Now maybe you’re panicking because you don’t know what light novels to get for that reader in your life. Well, don’t stress as we here at Honey’s Anime got you covered.

Today, our goal is to recommend to you some great light novels to give as gifts for this upcoming Christmas season. Most of these light novels haven’t released yet—as of writing this article—but they still will be out before Christmas making them perfect last -minute gifts. We tried to diversify this light novel list as much as possible as well to ensure it’s not just one genre but several to choose from. That’s why we hope you enjoy our Top 10 Light Novels You Want for Christmas list!

10. Accel World - Volume 12

  • Authors: Kawahara, Reki - HIMA
  • Genres: Action, Game, Romance, School, Sci -Fi
  • Volumes: 22
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

Haruyuki has always found himself the target of bullies. That stems from the fact that Haruyuki is overweight and incredibly short for his age. However, Haruyuki doesn’t let the bullying stop him from enjoying his only release from the real world, gaming online. One day, when the school’s most idolized girl approaches Haruyuki, she gives him a strange game called Brain Burst. The moment he activates the game, Haruyuki is transported into a place called Accel World where his life will change from here on.

Accel World, written by the famous Reki Kawahara—known for Sword Art Online—is a fun series with a nice amount of action and drama. We personally love the characters as they all feel very human and could mirror many of us in the real world. Volume 12 of Accel World is soon to release in the West and for many this would be a perfect gift. Not only will Accel World volume 12 make for a good stocking stuffer, it will help a fan get closer to completing the series.

9. Hataraku Maou -sama! (The Devil Is a Part -Timer!) - Volume 9

  • Authors: Wagahara, Satoshi
  • Genres: Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 17
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

One minute, the Devil King was enjoying a life of being a powerful ruler in another world, then he finds himself being defeated by a heroine called Emilia. Alongside his retainer, the Devil King uses a powerful spell to retreat and lands in modern day Tokyo. Now under the guise of Sadao Maou, the Devil King must regain his power and prestige. The first step in accomplish that goal is to become the ruler of a fast food chain!

When the popular anime series finished and left many questions for fans, many turned to the light novels for more Hataraku Maou -sama! Already on volume 9—at least in the USA—Hataraku Maou -Sama! continues to give readers tons of humor and just a little bit of romance thrown in. For those who are caught up, volume 9 of Hataraku Maou -sama! makes for an ideal affordable gift this Christmas. A good book that makes you laugh, sounds like a perfect Christmas gift if you ask us here at Honey’s Anime.

8. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon) - Volume 10

  • Authors: Yasuda, Suzuhito - Omori, Fujino
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

In this world, a place known as Orario—the so -called labyrinth city—holds a mysterious maze. The maze known simply as Dungeon is a place that holds many treasures and possibilities for those willing to brave adventuring within. One adventurer named Carnel Bell hopes to become strong and has set his sights on exploring the dungeon. Though little does Bell know of what adventures truly await him in the Dungeon…

Is the person you’re gifting this Christmas Day a huge fan of fantasy and anime? Well then, we have the perfect series for you in the form of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka. While the anime has been noted for a lot of love thanks to its humorous tale and nice use of action and fantasy, the light novel series is where Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka all started and offers a nice amount more than the anime’s ending. Author Omori Fujino alongside illustrator Yasuda Suzuhito have done an incredible job with this series making for a truly captivating piece of literature. Volume 10 of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka releases in a few weeks and that means if your gift recipient likes the series already you won’t need to worry anymore to find that last minute good gift.

7. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!) - Volume 4

  • Authors: Mishima, Kurone - Akatsuki, Natsume
  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

Death took poor Kazuma Satou but that wasn’t the end of his tale. Thanks to an attempted heroic action prior to his death, Satou has been blessed with a second chance of sorts. If Satou should allow himself to be reincarnated into a new world and defeat the Demon King then he will be resurrected back in his own world. Taking with him the goddess Aqua that gave him this choice—because she was rather rude to him—Satou and Aqua are on adventures in this fantasy -like world. However, there adventure will be far from simple and be filled with danger, magic and tons of humor.

Many, by now, know of the popular comedy adventure series known as Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! but we also know most only have heard of the anime. We here at Honey’s Anime need to fix that by making sure our fine readers know of the greatness found in the light novel version of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! as well. With its amazing comedy and awesome characters, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! is a real treat to read and easily one that gets you hooked while reading. December 19th in America will have volume 4 releasing stateside meaning you can gift that for a nice Christmas present. Don’t just stop at one volume either, why not get all 4 for to really make this Christmas Day special.

6. Monster Musume no Oishasan (Monster Girl Doctor) - Volume 1

  • Authors: Origuchi, Yoshino - Z -Ton
  • Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

Dr. Glenn works in the town of Lindworm with his assistant Sapphee. However, Dr. Glenn doesn’t just heal normal patients but also heals monsters as well in this monster/human town. With his Sapphee—who is a lamia—they work to heal anyone who comes through their clinic’s doors. Dr. Glenn, known for helping anyone who needs it, has a dilemma one day when an odd guy shows up wanting to steal a harpy egg. What awaits the good Dr. Glenn now?

So far on our list of the Top 10 Light Novels You Want for Christmas article we’ve covered quite a bit of genres. However, if you have noticed most are series that are already several volumes in. What do you do then if you know your gift getter hasn’t read any of the series above? Simple folks, start them off on a new series and in this case, we’re specifically talking about Monster Musume no Oishasan which is just now releasing in the USA. We haven’t gotten too far with this series yet ourselves but with an interesting premise and some very cool art, we’re sure this will be a great first volume gift for any light novel fan.

5. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War) - Volume 5

  • Authors: Miyazaki, Yuu - Okiura
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School, Sci -Fi, Seinen
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk follows Ayato Amagiri who has just enrolled in the illustrious Seidoukan Academy. Here, various students train to master special weapons only they are capable of wielding known as Lux. Though Ayato isn’t here just to train and participate in the glorious Festas but is in search of his sister who went missing one day. Here, Ayato will meet powerful friends like Julis -Alexia von Riessfeld as well as meet powerful enemies. Though Ayato won’t let anything stop him as those who cross him will soon learn.

December 19th, 2017 seems to be a day where a lot of light novels are releasing and it may be tough to figure which ones are worth buying over others. One of our personal favorite series—as well as many light novel enthusiasts—is Gakusen Toshi Asterisk by author Miyazaki Yuu. Blending ecchi, harem and action together, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is an incredible series that has been truly amazing since the first volume released in 2012. Volume 5 of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk releases like many other series this December 19th and that means if you know someone who is currently reading this series, you might have a good gift they won’t be expecting for Christmas Day. Though make sure they aren’t planning to get it too soon after it releases. You don’t want to give them a gift they might end up owning already.

4. Kingdom Hearts II - Volume 2

  • Authors: Nomura, Tetsuya - Amano, Shiro
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

Based on the hit video game series, Kingdom Hearts II follows Sora as he continues his journey facing off against the heartless and Organization XIII. Though in this series, we initially start our tale following a boy named Roxas who has been living in the quiet Twilight Town enjoying the last days of summer with his friends. Roxas will soon learn of the reality facing him and what it means to wake up from a happy dream. How do Roxas and Sora’s fates intertwine? Find out in Kingdom Hearts II.

Very rarely do a lot of video game franchises become light novel series. Yet somehow, Kingdom Hearts II became one and after the first volume, we were sold on this impressive video game franchise now being in book form. Many gamers and fans of Kingdom Hearts II have already read the first volume in the West and the second is quickly approaching. That’s right folks, several days before Christmas, Kingdom Hearts II volume 2 releases! If you known a fan of both Kingdom Hearts the game series and the light novel series, then you better pre -order volume 2 as soon as you can!

3. Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya The Evil) - Volume 1

  • Authors: Carlo, Zen - Toujou, Chika
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Seinen
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

Once there was a business man who was cruel and harsh. Not believing in God, this man continued to live his life and continued to treat others terribly. One day, this man was shoved by an employee who he had recently fired but was allowed to be reincarnated by God in order to make him a believer. His rebirth places him in an alternate world where war has been looming and magic exists. Now as a female named Tanya Degurechov, she must use her superior mind to become a truly terrifying leader and lead her country towards victory.

Youjo Senki was a great anime that fused magic and war in a rather intriguing way. Watching Tanya rise from normal soldier to leader who is feared by all that cross her led to us here at Honey’s Anime to become huge fans of this alternative take on a world war. That’s why we’re pretty happy to announce that Youjo Senki is releasing the first volume soon here and that means we can see where the anime started properly. If you’re up for giving a light novel reader a new series to get addicted to then why not gift Youjo Senki for Christmas 2017?

2. Sword Art Online - Volume 12

  • Authors: Kawahara, Reki - abec
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci -Fi, Shounen
  • Volumes: 20
  • Published: Dec 19, 2017

The gaming world has hit a milestone in the year of 2022 with a new game releasing called Sword Art Online. Thousands of players eagerly put on a headset called NerveGear that would transport their senses into the world of Aincrad to feel everything in this VRMMORPG or Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Kazuto—user name Kirito—is one of those who signed into Sword Art Online and finds him facing a dark reality, that he alongside the thousands of other players have been trapped in the game. They must conquer all 100 floors to be able to be freed, but if they should die in Sword Art Online, then their physical bodies will also perish…

Sword Art Online needs little introduction. With a large number of fans, Sword Art Online has been loved in all forms whether its manga, anime or light novels. Currently, Sword Art Online is on the 11th volume which continues the Alicization Rising Arc. However, did you know the 12th volume is rapidly approaching? That’s right everyone, volume 12 is releasing indeed and its coming before Christmas so be ready to hit that buy button and also get overnight shipping to avoid any possibility of not receiving it before Christmas.

1. Hai to Gensou no Grimgal (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash) – Volume 4

  • Authors: Jyumonji, Ao - Shirai, Eiri
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: Dec 12, 2017

Haruhito doesn’t remember much before awaking in a dark tower alongside other people. With no memories of the past, Haruhito only knows that living takes priority in this strange world. Joining a few other strangers, Haruhito aims for making money to survive in this strange world known as Grimgar. However, death seems to be around every corner for those who wish to make money. That means for Haruhito and his new allies they must work together to hopefully see the next day.

Our final entry on our Top 10 Light Novels You Want for Christmas is Hai to Gensou no Grimgal. This strange isekai focused light novel series has blown readers away with a unique take on telling a story of being transported to another world. Volume 4 of Hai to Gensou no Grimgal releases December 12th 2017—the only title not releasing on December 19th on this list—and we know many wouldn’t mind unwrapping this gift this Christmas. What will happen next to Haruhito and his allies? Well if you want to find out yourself, why not ask for Hai to Gensou no Grimgal for Christmas this year?

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a tough year for those who can’t find just the right gifts for their friends, family and or significant other. That’s why we hope our Top 10 Light Novels You Want for Christmas list helps you out a bit. Comment down below telling us what light novels you’re hoping for this Christmas regardless if they are on this list or not. As always, folks, if you loved this article, we have tons more prepared for you here on our site just waiting to be read by you. We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here!

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