Top 10 Anime Goodies We'd Love to Receive for Christmas

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is already time to start the annual hunt for presents, which undoubtedly involves hours spent searching for that perfect gift for friends. Or, you spend hours yourself, searching for the best gifts you’d love to find underneath the tree or inside the stockings. This year, you’ve already spent countless hours watching the newest seasons or the classic shows, so it only makes sense to get a present to match!

So whether this list is used for gift-giving ideas for yourself, or you send it out to all your friends and family desperate to know what to give you for Christmas instead, here are the top ten anime goodies we (and any anime fan) would love to receive this year for Christmas.

10. Japanese Sweets Box

An easy-to-please gift, buying an anime fan a present overflowing with a selection of Japanese treats is perfect for fans of any type of show. Whether somebody enjoys Lolita harems or sci-fi mechs robots, a gift of snacks is something that anyone can enjoy. A Japanese sweets box can be enjoyed when beginning a new anime during the holiday season, and make that dreaded trek to the fridge for supplies, unnecessary.

With other gifts, it can be uncertain whether or not the person receiving it will actually end up using it, but food is always a safe bet. After all, everyone eats. Therefore, there’s not an anime fan in the world who wouldn’t love to get a gift like this. Inside the box, fans might even be able to recognize some of the treats they’ve seen on the screen as well.

9. Apparel

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by all things anime. With apparel, that dream can turn into a reality. On a cold winter day, the best feeling in the world would be to get cozy with a sweater decorated from your favorite show, such as this Attack on Titan sweater. From shirts to scarves, apparel exists for nearly every anime.

Wearing clothes based off of anime is a great way to represent your interests and make new friends as well. It’s great to start a conversation once someone recognizes a symbol or logo from a show they love as well, and share a common interest together! Just like food, everyone needs to wear clothes. Therefore, apparel is a necessary gift that can be enjoyed by anyone, and makes a great gift.

8. Anime Subscription

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing is a better present for an anime fan than endless amounts of anime. Sites such as Crunchyroll offer affordable subscriptions with a seemingly infinite number of shows to browse, watch, and obsess over. There’s no better way to spend the holidays than by bingeing on a new show and having instant access to all of the episodes.

Any fans of any show will love the selection that subscription sites offer. Popular shows such as Bleach or Naruto can be watched on Crunchyroll; with those two shows alone, there are hundreds of episodes to devour. This holiday season, share the gift of a subscription with someone, and discover a new anime together to delve into!

7. Jewelry

Jewelry is often the easiest option for people searching for gifts to give people, but specially made anime jewelry takes the old classic above and beyond. For example, this Sailor Moon x Anna Sui collaboration offers high-end products for anime fans. Subtle and refined, well-made jewelry inspired by anime is the perfect gift for fans who love wearing merchandise, but also wish to be able to wear their gift to any occasion.

Occasionally, wearing full-out apparel is too conspicuous for some people, but jewelry is subdued enough to be worn on any and all occasions. Whether a ring or a necklace or earrings, anime jewelry is varied enough to find the perfect present for any fan, regardless of their fashion sense. With jewelry, there are so many options that finding a gift, both for friends and for yourself, will be a breeze.

6. Plush

Enduringly and endearingly cute, a plush is the perfect gift. Nearly all shows offer plush merchandise that can be purchased, making it a great gift for a fan of any show. Soft and adorable, making a character plush is often the only way they can be made cuter than they already are. Plush are the perfect decoration for any room, a great travel companion, and a great way to get closer to your favorite characters.

Plush can range in size and shape. Some can be huge, taking up huge portions of a room, while others can fit neatly in a backpack pocket and be brought anywhere. Regardless of the size or the character, a plush is a gift that can never go wrong.

5. Artbook

A precious gift for any anime fan is the art book that goes along with a favorite series. The saddest part of any show’s ending is that the world, which had so painstakingly enveloped the viewer, has ended as well. An art book is the perfect way to extend that finish and keep the characters and beauty of the show long after you’ve finished watching.

This art book, based off of the famous anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, is a great example of an art book that would make a perfect gift. Detailed and artistic, each page feels like another present to be enjoyed. It is no secret that the art design in most anime is breathtaking. In true masterpieces, each image in an anime can be art. Seeing the behind-the-scenes design and detail in book form will only enhance a fan’s appreciation of their favorite show, and become a gift they treasure forever.

4. Otaku Tokyo Guide

If you can’t get tickets to Japan, then this book is the next best thing. Or, if you do get tickets to Japan, then this thing is the perfect book to bring along. The guidebook to all of the modern, eccentric Tokyo spots and experiences, this gift is perfect for all anime fans, even those not making the pilgrimage to the motherland of anime. Listing such sights as maid cafes, famous locations featured in animes, and bustling centers of manga and anime such as Akihabara, this book is destined to be a crowd-pleasing gift.

What could be more inspiring than seeing the reality that many anime was based off of or browsing through all of the places that the anime industry created? While the guidebook listed above is a great example, there are many other books published that explain in detail the must-see otaku places that exist in Japan. And hopefully the next gift you receive after opening this one is an airplane ticket to Japan.

3. Anime Kokeshi Doll

The perfect combination of otaku and traditional Japanese culture, these anime kokeshi dolls are a great gift for anime fans that love Japanese history as well as anime. A more unique gift than the average plush or apparel, an anime kokeshi doll can be displayed with pride in any room. While most fans of a major show might have similar pillows or t-shirts with the logo displayed, an anime kokeshi doll is a rarer sight to find.

Undoubtedly, it is also a great idea to understand the cultural history behind the country that produces the anime we all know and love, and so any gift that combines the traditional and modern culture of Japan is a worthwhile gift. Other examples would be traditional Japanese tableware with anime inspired design. This Doraemon kokeshi perfectly showcases the thoughtful type of gift that makes a great present for lovers of both Japan and anime.

2. Figures

Intricate, detailed, and astoundingly beautiful, anime figurines are a gift designed for eternal enjoyment. There are figurines available from every anime for fans of all types to enjoy. Constructed with careful attention, high-quality figures seem almost lifelike, and are a great way to make your favorite show seem like a reality. Collecting anime figurines is as exhausting as having a job, and yet endlessly rewarding.

Fans can have expansive collections spanning shows and seasons, and adding to that collection with make any fan happy. It is also never too late to start a collection of your own, making a figurine the perfect gift for fans of any genre. The selection when searching for figures is unbeatable, and ensures that there will be a figurine for any anime lover that exists.

1. Dakimakura

Nothing spells the Christmas season more than a life-size love pillow of your favorite character. Coming in at number one on the list of the best presents anime fans want to receive for the holiday season, the dakimakura is a timeless classic and a gift that can hardly ever go wrong. The evolved form of the normal plush gift, a dakimakura truly cements a fan’s love for a specific anime.

A companion that is dependable and always by your side, it is impossible not to love receiving one as a present. Whether someone desires one just for the sake of having a dakimakura, or for pure devotion to their waifu, a dakimakura is a memorable and extremely unique gift to receive for the holidays.


Christmas is coming soon, and with that in mind, this list covers all of the best gifts we’d love to receive this holiday season. Big and small, cute and functional, the gifts mentioned here are varied enough to please any and all anime fans, and, if you’re truly lucky this year, you might receive them all. What other gifts do you hope to receive this year for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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