Top 10 Feminine Looking Pokémon

Now I’m sure we all heard of the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s true, though, looks can be pretty deceiving, especially in real life. Not only in life but almost everything else, really. And the Pokemon world is no exception to this saying as well. Just like the title of this article stated, Top 10 Feminine Looking Pokemon, we will be looking into some of the most female looking Pokemon, so much that you would naturally assume that it’s a female Pokemon, but in fact, it has a male gender ratio as well.

Bear with us, as we take you on some of the most feminine looking Pokemon that will make you say, “Wait, what?” or perhaps give you a better understanding to the saying that’s stated in the paragraph above. Let’s get right into it!

10. Lurantis

  • Generation: 7
  • Pokédex #: 754

Starting off the list, we have a Pokemon from the 7th Generation of the pokemon franchise. Lurantis, the ‘Bloom Sickle’ Pokemon. This Grass-type pokemon evolves from Fomantis, the Sickle Grass Pokemon. Since we are mainly discussing looks, let’s take a closer look into this pokemon.

For starters, this Pokemon has an overall pinkish color flowerlike appearance, which already gave it a graceful look, aside from that this beautiful Pokemon is said to be the most gorgeous of all Grass-type Pokemon. It’s also revealed that all that gracefulness has to be groomed and maintained by the Trainer itself which kind of fit the female bubble. Judging from the first sight, you’d probably think that this Pokemon might me female exclusive, but instead, it has a 50% male and 50% female gender ratio, which means that male Lurantis also has the beautiful looks!

9. Ribombee

  • Generation: 7
  • Pokédex #: 743

Next, on the list, we have yet another pokemon from the 7th Generation of the franchise, the dual Bug/Fairy-type Pokemon Ribombee! This ‘Bee Fly’ Pokemon is known to collect nectar and pollen to make Pollen Puffs which are sold as valuable supplements or even as a defense mechanism against other Pokemon.

In terms of appearance, you can see that Ribombee has a very cute feminine-like appearance, it has strand of white hairs over the top of its eyes which resembles long eyelashes, not to mention its big ‘kawaii’ eyes that would melt the hearts of Pokemon trainers everywhere. Just like the previous entry on the list, this pokemon comes with a 50% male 50% female gender ratio, which means that male Ribombee have the same look!

8. Slurpuff

  • Generation: 6
  • Pokédex #: 685

On the number 8 spot on the list, we have the fluffy and puffy Fairy-type Pokemon, Slurpuff! This sweet looking Pokemon was first introduced in the 6th Generation of the Pokemon franchise. It has a 2-stage evolution line, evolving from a Swirlix. Trainers should also keep in mind that in order to have your Swirlix evolve into Slurpuff, you need to trade it whilst holding a ‘Whipped Dream’.

In hindsight, this Pokemon looked like an ice cream of sorts. Known to be the ‘Meringue’ Pokemon, this pinkish color Pokemon has pink fluffy hair and a red tongue sticking out the side of its mouth, giving it a cute and innocent look. Perhaps the most feminine looking about this Pokemon is its pinkish body color. But just like the previous entry, it has an equal gender ratio between male and female.

7. Aromatisse

  • Generation: 6
  • Pokédex #: 683

Moving on to the next, we have Aromatisse filling the number 7 spot on the list. Again, this 6th Generation Pokemon is a Fairy-type Pokemon and has a 2 stage evolution line, with Spritzee as its base Pokemon. You should also keep in mind that the only way to evolve Spritzee into an Aromatisse is by trading it whilst holding a ‘Sachet’.

Needless to say, this ‘Fragrance’ Pokemon does really live up to its name, as the Pokédex stated that its fragrance is so powerful and overpowering it might turn off people unless they really enjoy it. In terms of appearance, you can already see why this Pokemon made it into the list. With an overall purplish and pinkish body color, fluffy fur covering its body, not to mention the eyelashes that are on fleek, this Pokemon definitely takes credit for being feminine looking in the Pokemon world.

6. Gorebyss

  • Generation: 3
  • Pokédex #: 368

Taking the number 6 spot, we take you back in time to the 3rd Generation of the Pokemon franchise. If you ever played the 3rd Generation Pokemon on handheld consoles, you might remember the Pokemon Clamperl and its unique evolution line, as it’s able to evolve into a Gorebyss and a Huntail, depending on the item it's holding.

With this list and the topic of having the most feminine look, let’s shift our attention to Gorebyss, the ‘Deep Sea’ Pokemon. Despite having a 50% male 50% female gender ratio, this Water-type Pokemon has a distinctive female-like appearance. As you might already notice, Gorebyss has a pinkish body color and does resemble a dolphin in a way thanks to its long pointed mouth. Not to mention the two purple shells on its chest that you’d normally see in mermaids.

5. Bellossom

  • Generation: 2
  • Pokédex #: 182

Entering the top 5 position of the list, we have the ‘Flower’ Pokemon Bellossom! This rare Pokemon from the 2nd Generation of the franchise loves to dance! It’s stated in the Pokedex that groups of Bellossom sometimes can be seen gathering to dance, as sort of a ritual to summon the sun, which made sense because Bellossom evolves from Gloom using a Sun Stone.

Dancing aside, you can clearly see that Bellossom has leaves covering the lower part of its body, similar to when a girl wears a dress/skirt. Not to mention the two red flower petals on its head that contribute to the feminine look. And just like the others, this Pokemon has an equal gender ratio between male and female.

4. Mega Gardevoir

  • Generation: 3
  • Pokédex #: 282

Continuing next on the list, we have Mega Gardevoir, the ‘Embrace’ Pokemon. This enigmatic looking Pokemon was first introduced in the 3rd Generation of the Pokemon franchise. It was not until the 6th Generation that Nintendo Game Freak decided to grant this Pokemon a Mega Evolution and change its type into a dual Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon.

In the 4th Generation of the Pokemon franchise, Gallade was introduced as the male version of the final evolution line of Ralts. Even though Gallade exists as the male counterpart of Gardevoir, Mega Gardevoir’s gender ratio did not change, especially with its feminine appearance, it has a slim body with long dress-like gown extending to its feet making the cherry on top for being feminine looking.

3. Lopunny

  • Generation: 4
  • Pokédex #: 428

Charming its way to the number 3 spot of the list, we have the ‘Bunny’ Pokemon, Lopunny! Lopunny was first introduced in the 4th Generation of the franchise. It evolves from a Buneary, and is one of the few pokemon that only evolves if their Happiness Level are maxed.

Having a slim rabbit-like body, Lopunny is said to be based on the bunny girls from the infamous Playboy Mansion, wearing fur cuffs and boots. Another thing about Lopunny is that it’s so much feminine looking that this pokemon became one of the most controversial pokemon in the pokemon world for being too sexy. Still, even though everything about its appearance says female, this pokemon also has an equal gender ratio between male and female.

2. Sylveon

  • Generation: 6
  • Pokédex #: 700

Winning the number 2 spot of the list, we have yet another Fairy-type pokemon, Sylveon! First introduced in the 6th Generation of the franchise, Sylveon is one of the 8 unique evolution line of Eevee. Evolving an Eevee into a Sylveon is quite tricky, you would need to level up Eevee knowing a Fairy-type move or earning 2 affection hearts in Pokemon-Amie or Pokemon Refresh.

Just from its looks, you can already see that this pokemon is feminine looking. From the pinkish fur covering its body, to the bow ties on its body. Overall, Sylveon is a very sweet and cute looking pokemon, so much so that it’s been showcased in the animated series to compete in Pokemon Contest. Despite all the obvious clues that pointed Sylveon for having a feminine, surprisingly its gender ratio is 87.5% male and 12.5% female.

1. Primarina

  • Generation: 7
  • Pokédex #: 730

Taking the number 1 spot of being the most feminine looking pokemon is Primarina! This fairly new pokemon is introduced in the 7th Generation of the Pokemon franchise. This mermaid looking pokemon has a 3 stage evolution line, evolving from a Popplio into a Brionne then finally into a Primarina.

Primarina definitely takes the cake for being the most feminine looking, with its slender mermaid-like body and long hair, it’s obvious that this pokemon should be a female pokemon instead. But to our surprise, Primarina has a 87.5% male gender ratio and a 12.5% female ratio.

Final Thoughts

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Do you agree with this saying? How many times have you found yourself falling into this saying? And that concludes the Top 10 Most Feminine Looking Pokemon! Nonetheless, what do you think of the pokemon above? Do you agree with the selections? Any of the above your favorite pokemon? Be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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