Top 10 Zombie Manga [Best Recommendations]

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High-School-of-the-Dead-capture-3-700x394 Top 10 Zombie Manga [Best Recommendations]

Zombies for many years have instilled fear and terror into the minds of those who tune in, and still continue to do so in our present day. With their unquenchable desire for human flesh and brains, zombies are a force to be reckoned with especially when they’re in large groups. If you ever find yourself surrounded by a pack of these unforgiving beings, be sure to come loaded as these zombies don’t play games and they’ll whatever they can to ensure they get a piece of your warm savory meat. In this top ten manga list we’ll be diving into the world of zombies, as we count down to see just which zombie manga devours the rest and takes home the juicy pack of brains. Let’s pack our belongings and emergency kits and head out to see who takes it!

10. Zombieya Reiko

  • Mangaka: Mikamoto, Rei
  • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Josei, Supernatural, Zombies
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published: June 1998 - March 2004

A lot seems to be transpiring in the rural town of Shiraike, as a serial killer haunts the streets in pursuit of innocent young girls and brutally murders them. Since his arrival, twenty-nine gruesome deaths have been reported and no clues remain on how to apprehend the killer. One day things seem to change when a new girl, Reiko, enters the town and can apparently raise the dead. She is nicknamed Reiko the Zombie Shop as she can raise the dead for just about anyone but for a price, which is if you can identify how the deceased died. However once these undead rise up, she’s no longer responsible for their actions and anything goes.

As if the serial killer wasn’t enough of a problem, now you need to clean up the mess with all of these dead corpses wandering around. Many people want their revenge for those who were killed and Reiko ensures she can help, but once these zombies are unchained they go wild and show no remorse for anyone that stands in their way. Arms get eaten, corpses with their intestines hanging out is the norm, and Reiko now needs to find solutions to deal with the onslaught of terror that’s causing even more havoc on the town than before.

9. Mahou Shoujo of the End

  • Mangaka: Satou, Kentarou
  • Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Mature, Shounen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: June 2012 - Present

Life just isn’t fair according to Kogami Kii, who believes that his normal life sucks and wishes that somehow his life could change for the better. His wish was finally answered as one day in the middle of class, he looks out of his window to see his teacher’s head pop like a balloon when a mysterious little girl flicks it. Totally shocked by what he just witnessed, he darts off to the washroom to regain his composure, but when he returns to class all he finds are the corpses of his classmates all killed by the same girl.

The insane deaths in this manga are sure to either make you cringe or make you laugh hysterically, because these types of deaths are unlike any you’ve seen before. Zombie apocalypse mixed with little girls with magic powers is enough to drive anyone mad, and for Kogami his life just went from bad to extremely worse. Every chapter is full of guts, blood dripping from the mouth, and grotesque imagery that’ll make you want to quit eating meat for a while. Epic battle scenes all tie in with this, so if you love blood, guts and more then this one’s for you.

8. Mouryou no Yurikago

  • Mangaka: Sanbe, Kei
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published: April 2010 - August 2012

Nothing could feel worse than to find yourself stuck on abandoned ship, let alone a sinking one for that matter. What’s worse is somehow there are zombies aboard the same ship, and your only way off the ship is to confront these undead beings and deal with them the only way you can: bashing their brains in. We join Makoto as she must battle alongside her other classmates on the ship to ensure they all survive and escape the torment that’s standing in their way.

Gore galore is what you’ll most surely find in Mouryou no Yurikago as Makoto desperately tries to find her way off a sinking ship, but must confront bloodthirsty zombies who have no remorse for anyone that stands in their way. Faces get split into two, graphic scenes of zombies devouring live humans in their dying moments, and brains getting splattered painting the ship walls a crimson red. There are some ecchi moments to keep you excited, but you’ll probably be paying more attention to just how these zombies even managed to board a ship and somehow wreck havoc just for the heck of it.

7. Biohazard: Marhawa Desire

  • Mangaka: Serizawa, Naoki
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, School Life, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: February 2012 - September 2013

This one had to make the list no matter what rank it was, because Biohazard is arguably the best survival horror franchise with Silent Hill in a very close second. This manga is a prequel to Resident Evil 6 which provides fans of the series an overview of just how it all happened. Marhawa High School succumbed to an outbreak when a young girl transforms into a flesh eating zombie, and Professor Doug along with his nephew Ricky must now deal with this tragic turn of events. As things continue to lose control Chris Redfield is called onto the scene to see just what and his team can do to solve this mysterious outbreak.

Those who are fans of the Resident Evil series will be sure to find this manga quite satisfying, as it really dives deep into the world is quite familiar and gives you a much closer look to how everything happened. If you’re new to the franchise then nothing to fear, because the story itself is what really sells this piece and you’ll find yourself in fear and shock as you come to discover the truth behind this high school outbreak known as the T-virus.

6. Guignol Kyuutei Gakudan

  • Mangaka: Yuki, Kaori
  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy. Horror, Mystery, Shoujo, Supernatural, Zombies
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: June 2008 - April 2010

We didn’t buy a ticket to this event but somehow Lucille and his orchestra sent us a special invitation, and we’re supposedly in for a special treat. He says a lot of magic will be used but warns us of zombies that may threaten us at some point during the show, so just be aware of the rowdy ones in the audience.

Mouryou no Yurikago takes you into a village that’s filled with zombies who are quite dapper in style, because Yuki Kaori’s work is always full of elegance and goth themed stories. Victorian-chic zombies who are then slaughtered and turned into magic dust by powerful magical spells seems cool, but truthfully the story behind it all is where it really starts to grow exciting. Once you come to learn why these zombies exist and how they tie into this whole magic ordeal, you’ll not want to put this book down.

5. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

  • Mangaka: Kimura, Shinichi
  • Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 18
  • Published: January 2010 - November 2013

Ayumu’s life just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now, as his only purpose is to serve as a zombie bodyguard to a necromancer. Somehow life turns worse when Ayumu accidentally steals the magic powers of a magical girl, transforming him into a chainsaw wielding, frilly dress wearing badass. Now he must live out the rest of his remaining life in a house full of other magical girls in this ecchi zombie comedy.

So while much of the story pertaining to zombies takes place in the beginning chapters, the rest of the story takes a huge u-turn and becomes a harem ecchi comedy which is bound to make you laugh. Ayumu is still pretty much a zombie underneath the outfit, since his mission according to the necromancer who saved him and resides with, is to find out just who murdered him in the first place. This manga is all over the place but perhaps that’s the intention, to keep you guessing and laughing at all the romantic gags that take place throughout the series.

4. Biomega

  • Mangaka: Nihei, Tsutomu
  • Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published: June 2004 - January 2009

We follow the lives of Kanoe Zouichi and the mysterious Kanoe Fuyu, whose mission is to retrieve a human with the ability to resist and transmute the NS5 infection that’s currently plaguing the entire world, known as Yion/Ion Green. However things don’t go as planned as reckless behavior by the Public Health Department’s task force puts them in danger, and their main target Yion/Ion Green is kidnapped.

This deep, dark, and twisted manga will take your mind on a wild ride because it’s filled with so many intense moments that you’ll find it hard to cope with after a while. The whole world is in shambles, with evil looking zombies swarming out of the woodwork, and creepy looking enemies that are unforgiving in their ways. Might we add that there are bears with guns in this manga? Perhaps that’s something to grab your attention as this action packed horror series is sure to excite you.

3. Apocalypse no Toride

  • Mangaka: Kuraishi, Yuu
  • Genres: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Supernatural, Zombies
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: September 2011 - August 2015

Yoshiaki Maeda finds himself in hot water after he’s convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, and must now live out his life behind bars at the Shouran Academy Detention Center. As he’s placed in his cell Maeda is greeted by three other inmates who are all serving time for various reasons. Believing that his life is already a living hell, he comes to witness a crazy power struggle transpiring throughout the prison but now what’s worse is that a van carrying infected humans from the outside world is about to turn the place upside down.

Maeda was totally unaware of what had been happening outside of the jail until that van full of wild zombies showed up to give him a grim taste of reality. With the outside threat finding its way onto prison grounds, Maeda along with his inmates must now find solutions to get themselves out of the prison alive before they become lunch meat for these relentless zombies. Hearts are devoured straight out of a live human’s body, big baby like zombies make their appearance, and zombie dogs chase everyone down in this horrific yet outstanding story of survival.

2. Highschool of the Dead

  • Mangaka: Satou, Daisuke
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Horror, Romance, Shounen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: August 2006 - Present (HIATUS)

Fujimi High School has released details of a mysterious illness that’s spreading quickly throughout school grounds, turning students into flesh eating zombies. Takashi and Rei manage to escape unscathed but by just the skin of their teeth, as the influx of zombies just continues to grow and the two have very little options of escape. With very little information as to just how far this illness has spread, the two desperately rush out of school grounds to see what they can find to maintain their survival, and find a safe haven before it’s too late.

Outside of the obvious romance that these two slowly start to build over the course of the series, along with lots of oppai service, there’s a lot of action that takes place throughout the manga that gets hype over time. As more characters start to join the pack it becomes this epic battle of weapons vs a horde of killer zombies, and you’re just watching as bodies fly, guts being torn out, and heads getting sniped as the group desperately try to find an exit out of the zombie ridden city.

1. I am a Hero

  • Mangaka: Hanazawa, Kengo
  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Psychological, Seinen, Zombies
  • Volumes: 20
  • Published: August 2009 - Present

Hideo Suzuki just wanted to live a life that he dreamed of which was to create a mangaka that would make him famous, and to spend the rest of his life living with his girlfriend. However he accuses his girlfriend of having an affair, which he later regrets and continues to live a life of delusions. His life is already full of problems as it is, and now the world seems to throw new challenges at him as the town he resides in have brought in new visitors, and they’re not there to buy manga.

The story of I am a Hero is actually quite sad in a way because you have a young man who simply wanted to live out his dream, but his life suddenly turns grim when zombies run through his town infecting everyone left right and center. He loses his girlfriend, his hard work, and now must break through this torment with all that he has left, and that’s his dignity. There’s a huge plot twist that happens midway through so we’ll let you find out what happens, but most importantly you’ll be rooting for the underdog Hideo to take back what’s his and to kill off these zombies before it’s too late.

Closing Statement

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High-School-of-the-Dead-capture-3-700x394 Top 10 Zombie Manga [Best Recommendations]


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