Top 5 Funniest Endro~! Scenes

Though Yusha and her party aren’t the most typical group of heroes, they have managed to make us laugh and captivate us in their various antics! We wanted to take a look back at some of their funniest moments from this past season. From the first to the last episode, we loved this show and here are just a few of the reasons why!

5. Defeating a Demon Lord… with Cats! (Episode 3)

As Yusha and her party take on their first official quests, they start out hopeful and excited that they’ll be going on a grand adventure! However, after several different simple quests of retrieving cats, they begin to get a little discouraged and frustrated. In the end, they do recognize that what they are doing is important work, but the repetitive nature of their quests is pretty humorous in itself!

This entire sequence in the episode is hilarious but the funniest moment comes with Yusha’s daydreaming about defeating the Demon Lord as a result of their recent questing. She imagines using the cats they have been retrieving to help in their fight, though that might not turn out to be as effective as she thinks! Yusha just wants all their quest-training to mean something in the end but it is pretty funny how her imagination plays out.

4. Mao Gets Sick (Episode 6)

Mao has thrown away her reputation as the Demon Lord, deciding to settle into turning Yusha and her party into fine adventurers. It is in a moment of reflection about the friends’ strange dynamics that Mao falls ill. Though we also hear more about the Demon Lord’s lonely past, Mao is comforted by the care that Yusha and her friends give to their teacher, even if it can be a little unorthodox at times!

Mao is the voice of reason for much of Endro~!, pointing out how foolish Yusha and her friends can be. While this episode had plenty of endearing and heartfelt moments, we also loved to see the interactions with Mao as each of the party members stepped in to take care of her! She was a little hesitant by some of their unusual methods at first but soon warmed up to the idea of having people who care about her.

3. The True Power of Chibi-chan (Episode 4 and 11)

The girls head to the beach for the summer, but they encounter adventure even while on vacation! Yusha, Seira, Mei, and Fai step in to help some enslaved fish people and attempt to slay an evil god that was awakened in the process.

When the evil god flees the battlefield in the aftermath, claiming that nothing can kill him, he encounters Chibi, who swallows him in one giant gulp! We hear nothing more about the evil god until episode 11, when Chibi vomits up everything she has eaten following Mao’s horrific cooking. The god’s release is only brief, as Chibi swallows him up once more!

2. The Cartado Festival (Episode 9)

For Mei, nothing is more exciting than the prospect of the Cartado festival! The party journeys to Naral Island so that Mei can find rare Cartado to add to her collection. Unfortunately, Mei soon discovers the secret land of Cartado has a ritual, one that she will not like…

Mei’s reaction to the ritual burning of the Cartado was hilarious! However, we did feel a little bad for her. She does respect the traditions in the end but can’t help bursting into tears over the cards that were lost. Her trip out to the island ended up being far less fruitful than she had hoped, but we were definitely entertained!

1. Yusha as Leader (Episode 2, and every episode from then on)

Yusha is easily the funniest character from Endro~!, often getting her friends into unusual situations because of her carefree nature. She embraces her title as the Hero wholeheartedly, though she doesn’t really know what it entails at first. She is a kind and caring person, one who only wants to help her friends succeed. Yet she is also a complete airhead, not thinking situations through and spending her time daydreaming successful scenarios!

In the first episode, we think that Yusha seems to be a solid leader, mostly because she is the main force in bringing down the Demon Lord. However, when we see the group deciding who should be their party leader later on, Yusha is definitely not good in the role. She leads the party straight into a local home and starts going through their cupboards, saying that she is looting for an adventure! She does mean well most of the time, but she is definitely not a Hero that someone should follow, at least not without being able to think for themselves!

Final Thoughts

Endro~! is a truly funny and adorable slice-of-life, one that we enjoyed! These scenes are just a glimpse into the humor of the show, and there were plenty of other moments we also enjoyed. We hope you give this anime a chance if you haven’t!

Have you watched Endro~! yet? What did you think of the scenes we chose? Can you think of any other funny moments we might have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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