Top 8 Hilarious Blend S Characters

Blend S is a funny and adorable slice of life comedy with bright colors, and a very catchy opening theme song. For a slice of life comedy anime to work, you have to have the proper characters. Thankfully, Blend S has eight eccentric characters that you couldn’t hate, even if you tried. The characters are not only great on their own, but have a cute bond with one another. Even though some of the characters have special feelings for another, we can tell that they all see each other as a family.

We have based this list on how many jokes each character told, and how much each made us laugh. Of course, all the characters are hilarious in their own way, but the less screen time they had, the lower the rank. With all that said, let’s get started with number eight.

8. Owner

In episode nine, Maika was on her way to work when she found a stray dog. After bringing the dog to Stile, she tried to convince her coworkers to take care of the dog, but everyone’s apartment had pet restrictions. All except for Dino. When Dino noticed that the dog’s eyes were shaped exactly like Maika’s, he quickly took him in. The dog’s name, Owner, is very fitting for him. Like Maika, Owner has sadistic tendencies and often calls the shots whenever he’s around Dino. Owner will step on Dino, wake him up in the middle of the night, and force Dino to give him walks.

In episode eleven, Dino, Maika, and Owner went to the park. While playing catch with Owner, Dino throws the frisbee a bit too far, and it lands in front of a beautiful female collie. Owner got very nervous and went the opposite direction. A few minutes later, the collie goes up to Owner to return the frisbee. Maika coaxes Owner to talk to the collie. But having the features of Maika, Owner scares the collie with his sadistic looking smile. Better luck next time!

7. Miu

While Maika was cleaning up the store, she found a bag that was left behind by one of the customers. Maika and the others opened the bag, and found a limited edition magical girl hentai doujin. Maika and the others freaked out, and didn’t know what to do. They decided to ask the customers for the next few days if they left the doujin. But they were too embarrassed to describe the item, so the customers had no idea what they were talking about. Mafuyu saved the day by making a flyer and posting it at the front of the cafe. The true owner, Miu showed up to collect her doujin and even asked for a job.

Miu is a hentai doujin mangaka, and a famous one at that. She joined Stile in hopes of collecting new material for her work. Miu is stunning with her red curls and sexy figure. At Stile, she plays the “Onee-sama” trope all too well. Miu is a brilliant tease, but gets a crack out of us whenever she writes material for her next work. Unfortunately, Miu doesn’t appear in the anime too much, even though she’s considered to be one of the main characters. Some episodes go by where we only get a glimpse of Miu in the background. If a season two is ever announced, we hope that Miu will get the screen time she deserves.

6. Akizuki

Besides being a funny character, Akizuki is probably the most relatable and realistic character in Blend S. Akizuki is Stile’s chef, but he’s also a huge otaku. Before Akizuki worked at Stile, he was an introvert who never spoke to a girl. Now Akizuki interacts with his coworkers, and will even go on trips with them. Akizuki enjoys manga, hentai doujins, and watching anime. When given the opportunity, he’ll also play video games with his friends.

We get a laugh from Akizuki whenever his otaku side shows up. Like when he admits he wants more female customers, so he can get some live action yuri moments. Or when he goes on a picnic with his coworkers and couldn’t stand the outdoors. Akizuki stayed on his phone and watched anime the entire time. Of course, we can’t talk about Akizuki without mentioning his obvious crush on Kaho. Although he’s nervous around girls, he’ll man up and help Kaho when she’s in need. It may not always go as planned, but at least he makes an effort.

5. Kaho

How could anyone hate Kaho? She’s peppy, fun, and too adorable! This busty high schooler works at Stile as a tsundere maid. Although Kaho acts tsun to the customers, she is actually a deredere. Especially when it comes to video games. Kaho loves all sorts of video games. Doesn’t matter if it’s an app, PC, or arcade game, Kaho will love it either way. Kaho also buys video game merch, such as mascot keychains and figures. When at the arcade, all eyes are on Kaho as she busts a move on Dance Dance Revolution. Of course, the crowd is probably staring at Kaho’s oppai rather than her stats.

Kaho’s cheerful personality suits her bright design. She has blonde hair that she ties up into twintails, and wears a sky blue maid uniform. When she’s not at work, Kaho wears a gray sweater on top of her school uniform with leggings. When Kaho went to the beach, she wore a sexy red and white bikini. Afterwards, she got a nice tan which made her even more beautiful. We’re not too positive if Kaho likes Akizuki in a romantic way, but we do enjoy all the shippable moments they have with each other.

4. Mafuyu

Mafuyu’s trope at Stile is probably the most hilarious. Outside of work, Mafuyu is a petite college student, who keeps a straight face. She’s ruthless when it comes to stopping Dino’s shenanigans, and will stay on top of Kaho to make sure she does her school work. At Stile, Mafuyu transforms into the imouto trope. Mafuyu will speak in a high pitched voice, and prance around saying “Onii-chan!”

Mafuyu is one of the more popular maids at the cafe. She’s even had customers come up to her and ask to go out with them. Of course, the customers don’t know the real Mafuyu, so she kindly turns them down. Besides, who would want to go out with a lolicon? When Dino is acting up and can’t properly run the cafe, Mafuyu will set things straight. She’ll come up with new recipes, and fix any problem regarding the customers. You could say that Mafuyu is a bit of each character trope. She’s a sadist to Dino, and tsundere to Kaho, and an onee-sama to Maika.

3. Hideri

Although introduced late into the series, Hideri was able to make a huge impression on all of us. Not only is Hideri voiced by Sora Toui, aka the voice of Nico from Love Live, but she’s almost exactly like Nico. Oh, we’re sorry, we meant to say “he”. Hideri plays as a character 24/7, a boy who dresses and acts like an idol character. Hideri’s goal is to be the cutest, and most popular idol ever. He’s got all the right steps down, but no one’s gonna take him seriously when he’s really a boy.

Hideri grew up on a farm and hated it. He decided to completely change his life by moving to Tokyo and becoming a cute social media idol. Hideri is also a tease, so he’ll force romantic moments to happen whenever Maika and Dino are together. The funniest moments with Hideri is when we’re reminded that he’s a boy. Like when Hideri and Miu are shopping, and Hideri needs to use the bathroom, he is originally going to use the women’s restroom, but Miu forces him to go into the men’s. We wish we could have seen the shocked faces on all the men that saw Hideri in the men’s room.

2. Maika

Maika has a dilemma. She a high school student who’s trying to raise money to study abroad. Unfortunately, no job will hire her due to her scary face. She may look cute, but when Maika glares, or smiles, you’ll get a chill down your spine. Thankfully, Maika ran into Dino who hired her on the spot to become a sadistic maid archetype. Since then, Maika has gotten into all sorts of sticky situations. First, Maika is a sheltered rich girl who lives in a traditional Japanese home. This makes Maika clueless when it comes to otaku culture.

Second, as much as Maika wants to be sweet and cute to the customers, her natural smile always turns her into a sadist. Not that the customers are complaining. And finally, Dino has a huge crush on Maika, but she never notices. Maika has never experienced love, so whenever Dino tries to confess, Maika just treats it as friendship love. How Blend S was able to make a sadistic moe character, we’ll never know. But at least it works, and we love it!

1. Dino

Dino is the manager of Stile. He grew up watching anime back in his hometown in Italy. His dream was to move to Japan, open up a maid cafe, and fall in love with a black-haired Japanese girl. Dino was able to do just that, but sadly Maika is oblivious to the whole thing. Even though Dino opened a successful cafe, he’s not exactly a model manager. Dino usually comes to work feeling sleepy because he stays up late to watch new episodes of anime. He’s never in the kitchen, leaving Akizuki to cook everything. And he also tends to go overboard with his fetishes and will just start yelling about how much he loves Maika.

Probably one of the funniest moments was in episode 4, when everyone tried to have Maika be more sadistic. When she came out in full-blown dominatrix attire, Dino couldn’t contain himself. He was obedient to every single one of Maika’s commands, and even became her human chair. Everyone else could see that Maika was taking this a bit too far, but Dino didn’t see a problem with it. Sure, Dino is strange with too many fetishes to count, but at least he’ll put Maika first and treat her like a princess. Now let’s hope he doesn’t get arrested for the fifth time.

Final Thoughts

Blend S wouldn’t be the same without its colorful cast of characters. From the sweet, sisterly, sadistic, and surprises, Blends S’s characters will be hard to forget. Do you like the Blend S characters? Who do you think is the funniest? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Till next time!

099 Top 8 Hilarious Blend S Characters


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