Toys/Figures You’d Want for Christmas

With dozens of new anime coming out each season, figures from your favorite shows need to be on your wish list this Christmas. We have compiled a list of the best and most beautiful figures that you need to have on your shelf this holiday season. These figures represent more than just a character on a screen, they are a physical embodiment that brings your passion for anime into your daily life. As a representation of the ultimate fan, the figures below are ones that you definitely need to check out and will not become dated as the 2020 anime starts airing.

5. Kurisu Makise (Second Release)

Steins;Gate still holds a special place in our hearts years after the release of the first season. With the issue of the new figure of Kurisu Makise, we are able to relive our former exhilaration that this iconic show brought us. Kurisu or maybe a more aptly named Christina, is a vital part of your figure collection as an anime fan. Armed with her cell phone in one hand and genius intelligence, Kurisu Makise is one for your Christmas list. She is stunningly detailed and adds a breath of fresh air to any shelf she graces.

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4. Konosuba!- Aqua Figma (Re-Run)

For a useless goddess, this figurine is anything but! She is armed with her fans which are incredibly detailed for such a small figurine. Konosuba fans will be dying to get their hands on this intricate little piece. Being one of our favorite 2019 Isekais, Konosuba does not disappoint in its characters which means that their figures must be on your shelves. Show support to your favorite goddess with this immaculate figure of the beautiful and useless Aqua.

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3. Sega RE:Zero Starting Life in Another World: Re, Limited Premium Figure (Oni Tenshi Version)

Rem or Ram? It truly is the ultimate waifu question, though it is hard not to love Rem with this adorable figure of her. Her angel wings add to her cuteness and she is surprisingly detailed for the price. RE: Zero is an anime that has survived and remained popular through many years of Isekais. This figure adds a little cuteness to any shelf and will fill your heart with warmth whenever you choose to glance her way and maybe even transport you to another world.

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2. Erina Nakiri (Second Release)

Who better to grace your shelf than the queen herself. This figure of Erina Nakiri showcases her ability as the “God Tongue” by sitting her in her rightful place of course, the throne. Posed by seating her carefully she lords over all who are of course, beneath her. Her dominion is absolute and it is made very apparent in this figure. With airing of season 4 of Shokugeki no Souma, this figurine earns a rightful place on your shelf among other influential characters (or perhaps even above them).

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1.Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World- Kino ARTFX J-CR Exclusive

Every once in a while you come across a figure that not only satisfies your inner anime fan but is also a gorgeous piece of art. Such is the case with this figure of Kino from Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World. With Kino poised against her motorcycle companion, this figure may set you back a pretty penny but will be well worth it in the end. This intricate figure can make any room a little brighter or even bring it to work to allow for a more comfortable and aesthetic work environment.

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Final Thoughts

Kurisu-Makise-GSC-SS-1-406x500 Toys/Figures You’d Want for Christmas

There are many figures that would happily grace your shelves but we believe that these ones are the best for the 2019 holiday season. As anime fans, we are always looking for a way to bring our favorite anime characters to life and by purchasing figures, we are able to build a life that is just a little bit closer to them. Giving the gift of our favorite shows and experiences is one of the best ways to impress both yourself and the anime fans in your life.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article on anime figures and as always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Kurisu-Makise-GSC-SS-1-406x500 Toys/Figures You’d Want for Christmas


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