What Your Favorite Anime Characters Want for Christmas and What You Should Actually Get Them

What Your Favorite Anime Characters Want for Christmas and What You Should Actually Get Them

People rarely get everything they want for Christmas, but sometimes that can be a good thing. We've got a few examples of that lined up here in the form of several popular anime and manga characters whose wants don't really line up with their needs. So, let's not waste any time and see who what they'll be receiving from responsible gift-givers.


  • Wants: To fight stronger opponents

While not his highest priority from the start, Goku’s drive to battle and overcome those more powerful than him has practically become his entire reason for living. And if he runs out of opponents he might as well just die and fight really strong dead people. And the fact that he tends to end up saving the world as a result probably only strengthens the appeal.

  • Should get: Child neglect charges

Yeah, yeah, we get that the world needs to be saved and everything, but nevertheless, we assume CPS has a few things to say about throwing your kid into the ring with planet-destroying supervillains.

Katsuki Bakugo

  • Wants: Bigger explosions

The term “more bang for your buck” has never had such a perfect embodiment before Bakugo. His progression as a Hero in training has almost exclusively manifested in the form of increasingly powerful explosions produced from his tiny beads of sweat, so why stop now?

  • Should get: A nice quiet getaway with Deku

These two clearly have issues they need to sort out, so they deserve some relaxing downtime from the constant media attention, supervillain threats and worse, school, where they can do so in peace. They could spend some time at the beach, enjoy a stay at a ritzy resort, or even take a ride on a cruise ship. You guys like seeing Bakugo and Deku together on ships, right?

Nezuko Kamado

  • Wants: More nap time

Nezuko is a demon who actively suppresses her natural urge to eat people, sustaining herself exclusively through sleep. We're told that she needs several days worth of shuteye at a time just to survive, but Kimetsu no Yaiba finds new reasons to pull her from her slumber at practically every turn. Frankly, she seems like she could use some rest.

  • Should get: More screen time

Yeah, we’re being selfish, but can you really blame us? Nezuko is easily the show’s best character and makes every scene she’s in all the more entertaining. But because of her previously mentioned affliction, she needs to spend most of those scenes fast asleep leading most of the runtime without the levity of her comedic naivety or the grip of her badass struggle for self-control. Plus, she’s just really cute. We want more Nezuko, okay?

Char Aznable

  • Wants: A new mobile suit

Most pilots in the Gundam franchise stick to one or two mechs, often only switching to derivatives of their signature model if at all. Not Char though, his hunger for new mobile suits has led to him piloting and then abandoning over a dozen different varieties. A brand new mech probably appears twice on the man’s wish list every year.

  • Should get: Self-esteem counseling

For a guy with such a handsome face, Char must have some massive insecurities to constantly hide it behind a mask. It doesn’t even matter which mask he has, as long as it’s within his reach, he’ll hide behind it. And if he can’t find a mask, well he’ll just settle for a pair of oversized sunglasses.

This need to hide behind masks is such an immovable fixture of his psyche that even his clones share the obsession. In fact, the only time Char went maskless for a long length of time was the 1988 film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and he hasn’t shown himself in any capacity since. Can someone please teach this boy to love himself already?

Armin Arlert

  • Wants: To spend some time with his best friends

This prominent supporting character from Shingeki no Kyojin lives up to his role by always having the backs of his lifelong pals Eren and Mikasa. His endearing devotion to them is plainly displayed during the many times he puts his life on the line for their sake and the many more times he lets his signature scream loose when he sees them in danger.

Unfortunately, the three of them haven’t been able to chill together very much, since that whole deal with the murderous titans threatening to eat them at any moment and the secret conspiracy condemning them to be isolated from the world and die horribly tend to take precedence. They just can’t catch a break, though Armin would probably really like to.

  • Should get: A lifetime supply of Halls

Armin, we love you, buddy. But all that shrill screaming just can’t be good for your throat.

The Bench

  • Wants: To ruin light novel heroes’ romantic prospects

Not all heroes wear capes. Some choose not to and some just can’t. Because they’re benches.

This recurring character from Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo appears just about every time someone wants to make a love confession to resident protagonist and douchebag Joro and (somehow) ensures that said confession goes as badly as possible for him. Whether the confession is happening in a park, at a library, or on a rooftop, The Bench is always there to wreck Joro’s sleazy plans rain or shine. Now that’s dedication.

  • Should get: To ruin light novel heroes’ romantic prospects

What? The Bench is doing God’s work. We’re not about to interrupt God’s work. Especially not on Christmas. You keep protecting those Oresuki girls, Bench. We’ve got your back.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it great to give during Christmas? Be sure to let us know what you would give your favorite anime characters in the comments and have a very merry Christmas.

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