[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Chrome Highlights from Dr. Stone

Chrome-Dr.-Stone-Wallpaper-700x368 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Chrome Highlights from Dr. Stone

A Sorcerer Turned Scientist

  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Shounen
  • Airing Date: July 2019 – currently airing
  • Studio: TMS Entertainment

Dr. Stone Preview (No Spoilers)

3700 years after a mysterious light petrified every human on Earth, the world has regressed to a primitive level. Teenage science nut Senku breaks out of his stone prison and begins to rebuild modern society one invention at a time, hoping to one day explore outer space. Joining him are his longtime friends Taiju and Yuzuriha, as well as a village full of people who grew up in this new Stone Age. One of Senku’s first allies from the village is Chrome, a “sorcerer” who loves learning about the natural world. Fly the flag of the Kingdom of Science and shoot for the stars!

Chrome Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. He Is Fascinated With the Idea of Science

Chrome is a budding young scientist (or sorcerer, according to him) who loves collecting interesting materials from the natural world and experimenting with them. He figured out how to change the color of fire with different chemicals, generate static electricity from sulfur, multiply large numbers, and much more all on his own. He also tested every herbal medicine he could find on himself to see if he could cure Ruri’s unknown disease. Even though he comes from a primitive society that doesn’t understand much about science, Chrome has accomplished a lot!

2. He Is a More Suitable Sidekick for Senku

Taiju’s earnestness and go-getter attitude are useful in the stone world, but he’s not much help at coming up with inventions. Chrome, on the other hand, is just as excited about science as Senku is, so the two can frequently bounce ideas off each other. Senku has textbook knowledge of how various materials work together, while Chrome understands the landscape and can come up with innovative solutions that Senku might not have considered. We still love Taiju, but Chrome is just a better sidekick overall.

3. He Is Hilariously Full of Himself

Before Senku came along, Chrome was the best sorcerer/scientist in his village. In his first appearance, he comes barreling in from the coast and introduces himself as “the genius sorcerer Chrome”, his homemade cape billowing in the wind. He immediately challenges Senku to a sorcery battle, which he predictably loses just as quickly. However, that doesn’t stop him from taking entirely too much pride in everything he makes from then on. Anything from a rudimentary compass to a full-sized water wheel is worth boasting about!

4. He Has an Adorable Crush on Ruri

Chrome has a crush on Kohaku’s older sister Ruri and it’s so obvious that he’s the only one who can’t see it. In the tournament to decide who will marry her and become village chief, even Kohaku and Senku are rooting for him to win. We don’t really know if Ruri likes him back in the same way, but his dedication to her happiness and health regardless of what she thinks is certainly admirable.

5. He Possesses a Good Heart

Like Kohaku, Chrome isn’t the kind to give up on people. He may be the next best scientist after Senku, but he outright refuses to inherit all of Senku’s knowledge as an insurance policy in case the modern scientist dies. They’ll just have to keep living on together until their dream of a society that can once again go to space comes true!

Final Thoughts

This excitable young scientist is a perfect companion for Senku and a massive help to the Kingdom of Science. We look forward to seeing what he gets up to in the anime!

What did you think of our overview? What do you like about Chrome? What scenes are you looking forward to seeing animated? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Chrome-Dr.-Stone-Wallpaper-700x368 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Chrome Highlights from Dr. Stone


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