5 Moments Manga Fans Can't Wait to See in Dr. Stone Season 3!

After 232 chapters and five years of publishing, everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic crafting shounen has come to an end. However, Dr. Stone still has much more to offer, since we have the Ryuusui special and season 3 of the anime to look forward to. We’re not sure how much of the manga they’ll be covering, but based on our guesses, here are the manga moments we’re most excited to see in the upcoming Dr. Stone anime!

Spoilers Ahead!

5. Ryuusui and Francois Appear

Ryuusui Nanami debuts in chapter 85 as Japan’s most talented young sailor – he’s phenomenally rich and greedy, but still manages to be charming despite that. The original anime episode Dr. Stone: Ryuusui that releases later this year will introduce him in all of his over-the-top majesty, and hopefully it includes his down-to-earth chef Francois as well. Together, they make for a perfect yin-yang team whose talents help the Kingdom of Science travel around the world in search of their next objective.

4. The Perseus Casino

This fun little diversion takes place after the Treasure Island arc, so it may not quite make it into season 3 depending on how many episodes there are, but we’re including it anyway because it’s one of our favorite moments in the series! In chapter 143, Senku and Ryuusui match wits in a game of poker aboard the Perseus ship to settle a dispute over the best route to take to America. Everyone gets dressed up in stylish outfits (courtesy of Yuzuriha), Gen tries to help Ryuusui cheat like the gremlin he is, and Francois mixes up personalized drinks for everyone. Suika’s flavor-changing mocktail sounds particularly tasty!

3. Byakuya’s Gift of Platinum

Senku’s father Byakuya was one of the only survivors of the first petrification beam, so he’s long dead by the time of the main story. However, he still manages to help his son in the future by leaving mementos like Lillian’s song, the 100 Tales, and his final gift revealed in chapter 115: enough platinum to make infinite stores of revival fluid. Harvesting the rare metal by hand took decades, and when Senku realizes this, he’s overcome with emotion that Byakuya devoted himself to his son until the day he died. It’s a big win for the Kingdom of Science and one of the few times Senku drops his cool-as-a-cucumber façade, so we can’t wait to see it animated.

2. The Secret of Petrification

One of the biggest mysteries in Dr. Stone is how humanity even got petrified in the first place – what sort of phenomenon could explain everyone in the world turning to stone? Well, in the Treasure Island Arc (specifically in chapter 121, when the cast gets a good look at it), we finally find out that a small, voice-activated metal device called a Medusa is responsible for the new Stone Age. However, a small kingdom of islanders has control of this futuristic technology, and their tyrannical leader isn’t about to hand it over without a fight...

1. Why-Man Makes Contact

Of course, the other biggest mystery is... who was responsible for the petrification attack? In chapter 95, the Kingdom of Science receives its first transmission from the mysterious entity they believe to be behind all of this, a terrifying phantom known only as “Why-Man” – so called because its message consists only of screaming the word “WHY” endlessly into the void. Boichi visualizes Why-Man as a shrieking skull of monstrous proportions, filling us with the same sense of dread that the characters experience whenever they think about it. Getting just the right voice for Why-Man won’t be easy, but we have faith in the production team!

Final Thoughts

We’re also looking forward to seeing Kohaku’s adorable costume change for the Treasure Island Arc, the battle against Moz, and the first photograph taken in the new Stone World. But what moments are you excited to see in Dr. Stone season 3? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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