5 Moments Manga Fans are Dying to See in Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3!

The third season of Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) is just a month away, dropping in April for the Spring 2022 anime season! Fans of the series have fallen in love with the mix of comedic skits and heartwarming romance that surrounds two geniuses who refuse to admit they’re in love with each other!

What can we expect in Kaguya-sama Season 3? Well, we manga readers can tell you that the next season will be far more emotional and romantic than the last! So today, we’re talking about 5 Manga Moments Fans are Dying to See in Season 3.

SPOILER WARNING: We’re going to be spoiling major plot points from Volumes 10 through 15. If you haven’t read the manga, or if you want to go completely blind into Season 3 — click away now!

What Will Be Adapted?

Before we start, here’s a quick reminder of what Seasons 1 and 2 of Kaguya-sama covered. Each season adapted roughly fifty chapters of material, split into three chapters per episode. Unfortunately, this skipped quite a few skits, so if you want even more from the Shuchiin Student Council, go pick up the manga!

Season 2 ended on Chapter 101 (Volume 10), and it’s safe to assume that Season 3 will adapt another fifty chapters. Chapter 150 of the manga ends the “Kaguya x Miyuki” storyline and officially begins the “NEW GAME” storyline, which seems like a perfect stopping point for this season.

With that out of the way, let’s talk through our favorite moments we’re looking forward to seeing on-screen!

5. Chika Wants To Beat A Rhythm

Poor, poor Chika Fujiawara. The ever-bubbly secretary of the student council is too naive for her own good, and her helpful nature has dragged her into teaching Shirogane how to play volleyball, how to sing, and how to dance. Each experience has left her scarred, but when she learns Shirogane is practicing rapping...well, she can’t stop herself from trying to help — even if his rapping is so bad it literally causes her to pass out!

This two-parter skit showcases Fujiawara’s love of rapping (which is mostly her adding ‘yo’ to the end of every sentence) and even has a rap battle along the way!

4. Kaguya Doesn’t Realize

Season 2 ended with Kaguya getting a much-needed tech upgrade after accidentally breaking her ancient clamshell phone. Now she has access to the internet, and a world of new technology! True to her sheltered upbringing, Kaguya has no idea how any of the new apps work — including the idea of ‘read receipts’!

Kaguya doesn’t realize she’s been leaving people ‘on read’, which causes a headache for Hayasaka, and emotional breakdowns for her friends as they wonder what they’ve said wrong. This skit is a hilarious showcase of Kaguya’s terrible technology skills and serves as a nice break from some of the dramatic tension of the main plot.

3. Little Kaguya

Kaguya has several distinct personalities that manifest inside her mind, often during internal dilemmas. There’s the “Ice Princess” Kaguya that she uses as a social shield, there’s the normal Kaguya we see around the Student Council... and then there’s “Optimistic Kaguya”, otherwise known as “Kaguya-chan.”

This tiny child-like Kaguya can barely communicate in anything except an adorable squeaky voice. She’s just so cute and precious that we can’t help but want to see her get even more screen time!

2. Christmas Eve

Chapters 149 through 156 of the manga cover the end of Kaguya-sama’s main plot and the beginning of the ‘New Game’ arc. Taking place over Christmas Eve, we see the main characters giving and receiving gifts, all laden with hidden meaning. This is one of the series’ more somber moments, particularly surrounding Ishigami and the love triangle forming between himself, Ino, and Koyasu.

Despite being a bittersweet arc, these chapters reveal the incredible depth that series author Akasaka puts into his characters. The ‘New Game’ (post-chapter-150) storyline has divided some fans, since it departs so heavily from the normal comedic tone for quite a while, and the Christmas Eve arc is the beginning of this shift. Despite that, we think it’s a beautiful, poignant arc, and we’ll probably end up crying when we watch it.

1. Devoted Hearts Festival (Two Confessions)

Okay, if you somehow ignored the spoiler alert at the beginning of this article, this is your last chance to look away!!

Still here? Then welcome to our top manga moment we’re dying to see in Season 3 of Kaguya-sama — the Culture Festival and Two Confessions arc. After one hundred and twenty chapters of orbiting each other in increasingly complex mind games, Kaguya and Miyuki finally confess their feelings! Of course, it’s not quite that simple — the student council president engineers a puzzle for Kaguya to solve, all while trying to keep their friends away so they don’t accidentally ruin his bold confession.

And in the end, everything goes off without a hitch in a balloon-filled explosion and a heart-warming confession that rivals the emotional impact of the fireworks finale from Season 1. It’s such a beautiful moment and a fantastic pay-off after such a long time of our characters hiding their true feelings.

Final Thoughts

Those are the top 5 manga moments we’re dying to see adapted in season 3 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War! We’re pretty confident that the third season will end with the confession between Kaguya and Miyuki, and if the last two seasons are anything to go by, it’ll be even more emotional and dramatic on the screen!

What about our readers? Do you have favorite moments or skits you want to see adapted? If you’re excited for the new season, pop down into the comments below!

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