Monthly Manga Moments: Just Science Stuff in One Piece and Dr. Stone!

Time sure flies. It’s time for another Monthly Manga Moment, wherein we will be discussing interesting events that happened this month. November is surprisingly filled with science-y updates for our favorite manga series, and two have especially caught our attention. We’re talking about One Piece and Dr. Stone. While both feature superb scientific breakthroughs, they have completely different approaches towards the subject. Nevertheless, both updates are great build ups towards their respective arcs’ climax. Without further ado, here are Honey’s Anime’s November Manga Moments.

Contains Spoilers

Sanji Abandoning His Raid Suit

When Sanji’s identity as a member of the renowned Germa 66 was first introduced, fans of the series had mixed emotions. Many were logically surprised with the sudden revelation, but there were also those who were elated as it had been predicted by a famous fan theory. The moment Sanji first uses his Raid Suit also had a mixed reception. On one hand, the Raid Suit and its ability to turn its wearer invisible is rather cool. On the other hand, the idea seems ludicrous at first. But regardless of how funny it may seem, it’s still a welcomed power up for Sanji. This month’s manga moment, however, is partly about how Sanji confidently destroyed his Raid Suit.

During the fight with Queen, Sanji experiences some weird changes in his body. After a lot of mulling over the problem and a short existential crisis, he concludes that his Raid Suit has been stimulating his modified body and slowly turning him into a heartless killing machine. Thus, he ultimately decides to destroy it. This scene is quite fascinating as it raises the question as to how Sanji will get stronger.

His Raid Suit may have been destroyed, but that does not necessarily mean the changes in his body will revert back to normal. One possibility is that he will maintain his steel-hard body while also not forgetting his emotions. This is possible due to the fact that he can already muster an ability, which is generating fire on his leg, even while being able to feel. Another possibility is that Sanji’s body will regain its vulnerability, but he will still be able to master the ability to use fire. Sanji has already shown us that he can do this in Chapter 1031, though the drawback is that his body may not be able to sustain the damage for long. Nevertheless, Sanji ought to get a huge boost without the help of science—externally, at least—fairly soon.

Huge Progress in Kingdom of Science’s Space Exploration

Contrary to One Piece’s recent development, Senku’s Kingdom of Science is making huge progress in their space exploration plan. Why-man’s character has baffled fans since the moment he was introduced in the manga. Ever since then, Senku and the others have also marked defeating him as their primary goal. They’ve deduced that he must be in space - on the moon, specifically. Reaching him isn’t possible unless they manage to actually build a functional rocket. Well, that doesn’t seem far away now.

After a lot of trial and error, destroyed rockets, and literal years, the Kingdom of Science is finally able to send a satellite into space. They’ve also pinpointed Why-man’s possible location using said satellite and Kohaku’s superb eyesight. Now that they’re eyeing manned space exploration, they have chosen who the three astronauts will be. Obviously, the next step is making a rocket that can carry those three to space. However, it’s not just any kind of rocket. It’s a rocket that will be based on Chrome’s bold idea. It’s a rocket that will assemble itself in space, which will allow the astronauts to return back to Earth.

With these developments, it’s definitely not too much to assume that we will be seeing Senku, Ryusui, and Kohaku’s space travel some time soon. This is very exciting, as we’re also inching towards meeting the series’ enigmatic antagonist and figuring out the biggest mystery in the series—why exactly Why-man petrified the entire world.

Final Thoughts

November is famous for Thanksgiving. As such, we also want to express our gratitude to the mangakas who keep working hard to provide us wonderful stories. Also, we also want to extend our gratitude to you guys, our readers, for being with us. Anyway, this is it for this month’s manga moments. If you think we’ve missed a notable manga moment that happened this month, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below. See you next month for another monthly manga moment!

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