Action & Adventure Anime - Winter 2018: More Of What You Love, Supernatural Fights, Assassins, Battles, and Another Fate Anime!

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Welcome to all of the Action and Adventure anime that are coming for Winter 2018! What we have done here at Honey's Anime is prepared a preview of these shows for you, the readers, and if you want to know more about the show, then be sure to check out the database page listed beneath each show. Note: The order is a ranking of the order in which we here at Honey's Anime want to watch these shows starting from the one we want to see the most at #1.

If you would prefer to see them in no specific order, please check out the winter chart here

1. Black Clover

Black-Clover-crunchyroll-333x500 Action & Adventure Anime - Winter 2018: More Of What You Love, Supernatural Fights, Assassins, Battles, and Another Fate Anime!

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Air Date: October 3 2017

There is a world where magic is everything. Asta and Yuno were raised by the church and once they turned 15 they participate in a coming of age ceremony where they are awarded grimores that will raise their innate magic power. There, it is not powerless Asta who is bequeathed a grimore, but rather Yuno, who is given the Four-leaf Clover grimore. However, Asta, in order to prove his own power, and honor the oath that he made with his childhood friend Yuno, sets out with him in order for them to become the Magic Emperor!

Black Clover PV

2. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

  • Genres: Action, Thriller
  • Air Date: January 12 2018

“You have someone that you want dead no matter what. How are you going to kill them?”

At first glance, Fukuoka seems to be a peaceful city, however, the underside is rampant with crime. Now, and in the highly competitive business world of hit men, there is an urban legend that a hit man who specializes in killing other hit men exists. Munekata, Reiko, Shinohara, and Iwanofu are four hit men hired by the mayor of Fukuoka, to eliminate all of these, according to the city, devil humans and protect his position. Lin, a hit man hired by the Kakyuukai, commits crimes in order to pay back his debt and return home to his family. Newbie Saitoh has just been contracted as a hitman from the Killer Contract Company. He finally is given a job, but failed miserably. Senji runs a detective agency gathering information and works for the detective Shigematsu as requested to expose the evil deeds of the mayor. Avenger Jiro undertakes requests for revenge and at the same time, carries out revenge alongside requests. Lurking behind the scenes of the mayoral election is a political opposition and dark conspiracy crawling around. And when there is too much evil, the hitman killer will appear.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Official PV

3. Killing Bites

  • Genres: Action, Horror, Ecchi
  • Air Date: January 13 2018

Yuuya Nomoto is a boring guy who encounters a mysterious girl named Hitomi. He then brings her to an abandoned site. Once he arrives, he encounters things that should not exist. Having both human intellect and animal powers, these creatures gather while those in the shadows bet gruesomely on them in a betting match. There, fangs and claws clash, teeth are bared wildly, and madness & desire swirl together. The name of this match is "Killing Bites!"

Killing Bites Official PV

4. Houshin Engi 2018

  • Genres: Fantasy, Suprnatural, Historical, Action
  • Air Date: January 12 2018

This is the new season for Houshin Engi created 18 years after the last season.
Over 3000 years ago in ancient China, the emperor Chuuou was a wise ruler accomplished in both the literary and military arts. However, when he welcomed the unrivaled beauty Dakki as his empress, the once-brilliant ruler turned into an empty husk of his former self.

Under the evil nymph Dakki’s spell, Chuuou became a puppet. Meanwhile, Dakki and her comrades controlled the dynasty and preyed on its people whilst living a life of luxury.

In order to save the human world, a plan to seal away the nymphs and Daoshi in the world of gods was put into action. The one who was chosen by Tenson Genshi to put the plan into action was the Daoshi Taikoubou…

Houshin Engi 2018 Official PV

5. Fate/Extra Last Encore

  • Genres: Fantasy, Action
  • Air Date: January 28 2018


Fate/Extra Last Encore Official PV


  • Genres: Action, Fighting
  • Air Date: October 7 2017

Russel City is a city that's highly developed. There, in the city that sings of its prosperity, a massive plot has begun to move that is going to shock the world. Sword, a man who first inferred the beginning movements, throws himself into a fight that no one knows about in order to expose the plot. However, the only clue he has managed to uncover is a single keyword: “El Dorado”.

In the middle of this fight, Sword meets a young girl named Sophie. Sophie is also searching for the meaning of the last message that her older brother who has disappeared: “El Dorado”. Sophie has lost her brother, and Sword lost his little sister in the past. The two who have been pulled together by the word “El Dorado”, feel a bond between them and begin to cooperate and work together. Thus, the trip that will force their memories to intersect has begun.


7. Grancrest Senki

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Air Date: January 5 2018

The story takes place on a continent where chaos rules. While the chaos creates disasters, the Lords of the continent can protect the people and stop the chaos because of the power of the Crest (Saint’s Mark). But one day, these Lords start fighting each other for the Crests to gain power and throw away their promise of stopping the chaos.
There is Silka, a hermit mage who is angry with the Lords for forgetting their promise, and Theo, a wandering knight who is training to someday free his hometown from the tyrannical rule it is currently under. As they make an everlasting vow to be master and servant, will both of them be successful in removing the chaos in the continent?

Grancrest Senki Official PV

8. Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou

  • Genres: Action, Supernatural, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Air Date: January 9 2018

The war of ninja arts has begun once more. A battle which took place over three generations of shogun in the Keichou era has led to this gruelling war between Kouga and Iga. Among the scattered flower blossoms, a man and a woman who were trying to live for love are once again parted, fleeting and beautiful.

However, these two blossoms left behind two forgotten mementos which they gave life to - Hachirou Kouga and Hibiki Iga. These two children, who have the same eyes as their father and mother respectively, were born with a certain fate awaiting them.

Now, it’s the peaceful Kan'ei​ era. Ninjas are now seen as useless, and have no choice but to retreat into the shadows. Those from the Kouga and Iga clans look towards Hachirou and Hibiki to make a change using their blood and strength.

Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou Official PV

9. Time Bokan 24 2nd Season

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Shounen
  • Air Date: October 7 2017

The 2nd season of Time Bokan 24.

Tokio is a first-year middle school student who lives in modern-day Tokyo. One day, he is suddenly appointed to be a member of the 24th Century time and space management office. Through this, he learns something shocking!

The truth is, the history written in his school textbooks is all a lie - and the real history is far more interesting! So, alongside fellow team member Calen, Tokio ends up searching for the true history whilst commanding Bokan Mecha 24.

However, in their way stands Bimajo, Tsubuyakky, and Suzukky! Also known as Akudama, they are hired by the world’s biggest textbook company History Paradise and ordered to protect history as is written in the books.

What kind of new history will be discovered next?

Time Bokan 24 2nd Season PV

10. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

  • Genres: Action, Adventure
  • Air Date: April 5 2017

The sequel to the Naruto series, which follows Naruto’s son Boruto.
The Village Hidden in the Leaves has continued to modernize while remaining at peace. Electric cars run throughout the city between interconnected districts while skyscrapers stand tall showing images on giant monitors. In this era, the Village Hidden in the Leaves is now a ninja village in name as many normal people as well have come to live here. All the while the lifestyle of a ninja changes too…

Boruto, the son of the seventh hokage and current the leader of the village, has joined the ninja academy in order to be taught the ways of a ninja. The students around Boruto all biasedly refer to him as “the son of the hokage”, but Boruto’s daring personality allows him to drive off those negative words.

Boruto will encounter new friends and allies, but how will be handle these mysterious incidents that are breaking out? The story of Boruto Uzumaki starts now!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Official PV

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